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    Every Business Needs No Coding Apps

    By Snappii

    Why No Coding Apps Will Save the Day

What Do We Have?


For a long period of time small business was struggling with a lot of inconveniences. As the technical progress evolves, customers demand a vast variety of new, advanced services. This goes for mobile platforms too. Imagine yourself being a young and promising entrepreneur with a good start-up. Back in time, to promote a business of yours, you would have to jump through hoops: different kind of advertisement in newspapers, on TV, radio and other media. Although, it is rather effective, modern world already considers this old fashioned. Needless to say, most of these services have already gone mobile.

It goes without saying that if you want to get customer`s attention, you must be flexible. It is worth mentioning that flexibility is the key to success nowadays. You have to adapt to an ever-changing environment as fast as you can, or you go off the grid this instant. This simple rule applies to everybody, but it is valuable for business people the most. As you can see, browsing Kickstarter or other trending fundraising service, an urge to build a startup or establish a small local business is tending to grow. As all these newbies are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, they need a cheap and promising way to popularize their cause. Obviously, the major factors here are time and money. This means they are not interested in spending much, but they do want to have a tremendous boost of people’s interest in their cause in no time. Is there anything that can help these people to achieve their goals, do you think?

It is about time to break cover. There is one thing that can help you for sure. As it was stated above, we are living in a new world full of technology which is a huge part of the big picture now. You are able to perform different kinds of actions using your mobile device anywhere, any time – a broadband internet connection is a plus – having only one device instead of many. This simple fact makes lives of common people easier, as far as it is vital for entrepreneurs too. Instead of working with all types of local media, you can perfectly make a no coding business app to cover all the requirements of yours. Of course, this doesn`t mean that other media is completely worthless; senior generation tends to read newspapers more than surfing the web, however, there is a huge percentage of computer literate seniors nowadays. By the way, many papers have gone mobile to decrease paper usage to minimum, so it is possible to look through your favorite issue even if you are in another country.

This applies to almost every other media nowadays. You buy a fancy new smartphone, you`ve got it all in one: phone, notebook, alarm clock, photo camera, newsstand, internet, maps, traveler`s guide, video games, television, and even a flashlight! Mobile devices are making other traditional devices obsolete, and the list goes down to infinite; the amount of various applications is growing from day to day in the blink of an eye. In other words, “All you need is phone. Phone is all you need.” Don`t forget about phablets! As a result, we have a growing need for mobile applications, and business sector is not an exception.


Why Low Code?


Low code mobile apps are useful for any kind of business: startups, small business or a big corporation. The average person spends nearly 90 minutes a day on their mobile device. It is strange, but using our mobile device to actually call people is the sixth most used function after other activities. Web browsing came top of the list with people spending 24 percent of their time browsing the web, closely followed by time spent on apps. What can we get from this situation, if we have a business to run? Let`s say, there are a lot of opportunities, you just need to use them wisely, but you have to make a no coding app first.

No matter what kind of business you have, a basic approach is ultimate for every field: from a taxi service or a lawyer company to a local supermarket. It is possible to apply an app either to promote your business among your customers, or to organize a workflow in your company, for example, with a simple inventory app you can unify the process for good. Surely, it depends on what you want form your future mobile app. The thing is how to determine what exactly people want to have in a no programming app, and how to kill two birds with one stone?


What Do We Need?


A recent survey by eVoice, a virtual phone service for small business, titled Survival of the Fittest: New eVoice SMB Survey Uncovers Evolving Trends in Mobile Apps for Business shows what kinds of apps are popular among small business professionals. According to the survey, 50 percent of surveyed people stated that communication apps are the most important type of app for their business. Nearly 27 percent of respondents have between 6 to10 business apps on their mobile device. In general, 44 percent of them are more selective and only have between 1 and 5 business apps on their device. In the same way, thirty-seven percent of people reported that the main reason to delete an app from their mobile device is that the app doesn’t perform as advertised. In addition, forty-five percent of the respondents claiming they only pay for nearly 10 percent of the business apps on their phone. The question is which kind of app is most suitable for business?

Here are some following facts:

  • – Fifty percent of surveyed people report communication apps as the most useful type of apps on the market.

This represents the necessity of business communication, you simply can`t sell your services if you don`t advertise enough. That is why these apps are so popular.

  • – Productivity apps rank second among the respondents. Education apps go third.

Productivity apps like Awesome Note or Evernote are great, but they are mostly developed for organizing a workflow, not promoting your goods. It is easy to deduce why education ones go third: it is always good to learn, but it is business effective only if you start selling services like memberships or additional packs.

  • – Freemium model apps receive more purchases than apps without. Only 39 percent of the respondents want to buy a business app.

Generally speaking, Freemium model is a double-edged weapon. On the one hand, you don`t pay a thing. On the other, you don`t have a full functionality, and to get it you should pay anyway. If you don’t want to pay, they are going to send you all of these annoying notifications every single hour. Why not to buy it in the first place, then? To buy, or not to buy: that is the question.

  • – Last but not least, fortyseven percent of people like their apps to be constantly evolving.

This means that a developer should constantly update his apps to satisfy clientele`s wishes and needs. Fixing bugs is a fine option too.

Here at Snappii we develop no coding mobile apps to suit every need of any kind of client. Our goal is to maintain a productive pace of making robust, but simple apps for a variety of businesses. Sometimes people don`t want to spend big sums on apps, time is an issue too. Choose Snappii, and you`ll get native iOS and Android apps in no time, with no additional costs. If you feel worthy enough, you can make an app yourself. It will take only few days to build a sophisticated low code app, no programming at all. You don`t have to learn all of these complicated programming languages to get a “Hello, world!” message on your screen.


Do We Have a Solution?


If you stick with Snappii, the first thing you will receive is increased flexibility of development cycle. It is easier to change and publish your business app on the go. Also, you will be able to speed up your payments, increase profits, improve data accuracy, save time, and reduce costs. Not a bad starter pack for one tiny app, is it? If you are one of those good-looking nature lovers, eliminate paperwork and go green with Snappii; it is such a promising way to improve customer service and satisfaction. “If he cares about trees, he, surely, cares about us,” they may consider.

“Every business needs a no coding app,” a bold statement worth to hold as a guideline. Whatever you are into – inspections, surveying, retail or even some serious government work – we can build an app for you. Try our apps for free and decide where to start.

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