We love the app. Now that I have the system worked out, I can get a new form up and running in no time, and it will save us hundreds of man hours when it comes time to audit our safety program.

My name is David Banaszynski and I have worked for the Village of Hoffman Estates, IL since 1997. I was finally able to get an iPad approved in the budget a few months ago. One of the first things I did when I got it was to look for any health inspection apps that were out there. I was able to find one through Snappii and have been using it ever since. I no longer need to show up at inspections with a bevy of tools and equipment. All I need is my smartphone and/or tablet. While I use the app every day for food inspections in the future I plan to use their other apps for the rest of my checklist style inspections (pools, daycare, etc.) So far the only disadvantage is having facilities/owners that do not have email addresses. Luckily these are few and far in between. The few issues that I have had with the app have been addressed within days if not hours. I look forward to working with Snappii in the future and seeing what other offerings they can provide.

At Hyster, we integrate intelligence into our lift trucks and we wanted to deliver that same level of technology with our information for this app. Snappii provided a unique technology platform that enabled us to deliver this comprehensive app to the lift truck industry.

We are home to California’s Official State Outdoor Drama “Ramona”. We are a six thousand seat outdoor venue and historical landmark. After 92 years we knew our marketing needed to be modernized but wouldn’t trust just any one. We hired the Snappi team and have never looked back! They are fast, efficient, professional, accessible and affordable!
We love our Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre App! Thanks Snappi!

Working with Snappii was an awesome experience. The were efficient, knowledgeable, responsive, and solution seekers. In the course of our app development there were unpredictable technical issues (as can happen with technology!). The Snappii team was amazing, working around the clock to get everything resolved and running smoothly. Listen, great reviews are out there and I’m not sure how many are truthful – but this is one you should listen to. A lot of teams can get the job done, but I’m confident that none will either be as personally invested or be as phenomenal in the foxhole under pressure. They are the team you want in this process; I cannot recommend them highly enough.

My experience with this EMS app has been nothing but good! The pro’s of this app are too many to list. We tracked this data by paper until Snappii developed an app that tracks in real time. Now I get instant reports and can provide real-time feed back to the students. Snappii stands behind their product and bugs are fixed as soon as they are reported (the only problem that we have had was when Andriod sent out an update. Snappii was on it and had it fixed ASAP).

I teach a class on Business Process Redesign for business students. We are using Snappii so the students are able to do and end-to-end design, starting with a company that has problems, then doing a process redesign of the company, and then taking a portion of the new process and automating it with Snappii as a mobile application. None of the students had any programming experience.

Emergency Road Service is very important to our members. By using Snappii’s mobility platform, we are now able to give drivers instant access, through their Smartphones and Tablets, to the more than 600 NationaLease locations providing emergency road service, fuel, and substitute vehicles 24/7. The app was designed, created, and deployed by NationaLease, with no coding involved, in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development methods.

I have to say I am loving Snappii. Its really made a difference to us.
We were looking at about £12000 and 12 weeks development time which was just not an option for us. Finding Snappii has allowed us to develop a USP for our business. We are still doing a fair bit of awareness work, testing etc to get it embedded within our clients processes and daily habits but its all looking good! Have to say the support team have been amazing as well. Have been really impressed by them, especially when I was probably asking quiet simple and obvious questions and they were still very polite and helpful!

It took about 2 weeks from the first draft to until the final app version. I thought that was good considering the time difference between AU and US.
The costs are reasonable. The app is good. Nothing more you could have done. Thank you!

I started seriously on the app in January of this year. I took some training which helped immensely and have had excellent responses from your support team in fixing issues between the IOS and Android systems.
Cost wise, for the mobile business apps I have worked on, was about 80% less using your system and configuring the app myself. Now, over time this will even out as the quote was a onetime fee, the advantage with your system is the set cost/year/app and the ability to make changes.
Overall I am very happy with the company and the people who are working within it. I have had excellent communication from Sales and Support and would recommend Snappii to anyone who has no programming ability but who does have good ideas on app uses.

I am happy with my app in all respects.
The quote was very competitive. The time period to get my app designed and published with Google play was very good.

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