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I teach a class on Business Process Redesign for business students. We are using Snappii so the students are able to do and end-to-end design, starting with a company that has problems, then doing a process redesign of the company, and then taking a portion of the new process and automating it with Snappii as a mobile application. None of the students had any programming experience.

Emergency Road Service is very important to our members. By using Snappii’s mobility platform, we are now able to give drivers instant access, through their Smartphones and Tablets, to the more than 600 NationaLease locations providing emergency road service, fuel, and substitute vehicles 24/7. The app was designed, created, and deployed by NationaLease, with no coding involved, in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development methods.

I have to say I am loving Snappii. Its really made a difference to us.
We were looking at about £12000 and 12 weeks development time which was just not an option for us. Finding Snappii has allowed us to develop a USP for our business. We are still doing a fair bit of awareness work, testing etc to get it embedded within our clients processes and daily habits but its all looking good! Have to say the support team have been amazing as well. Have been really impressed by them, especially when I was probably asking quiet simple and obvious questions and they were still very polite and helpful!

It took about 2 weeks from the first draft to until the final app version. I thought that was good considering the time difference between AU and US.
The costs are reasonable. The app is good. Nothing more you could have done. Thank you!

I started seriously on the app in January of this year. I took some training which helped immensely and have had excellent responses from your support team in fixing issues between the IOS and Android systems.
Cost wise, for the mobile business apps I have worked on, was about 80% less using your system and configuring the app myself. Now, over time this will even out as the quote was a onetime fee, the advantage with your system is the set cost/year/app and the ability to make changes.
Overall I am very happy with the company and the people who are working within it. I have had excellent communication from Sales and Support and would recommend Snappii to anyone who has no programming ability but who does have good ideas on app uses.

I am happy with my app in all respects.
The quote was very competitive. The time period to get my app designed and published with Google play was very good.

We recently completed an app that took us approximately 3 months to put together. Much of that time was in gathering the content for the app and we used a contractor to complete much of the Snappii-related elements.
We had used Snappii for a previous app, so it proved to be more cost effective to use it again instead of going with another provider.

Very happy with my new Snappii app! Service from the start through getting online was outstanding! Very easy to use web services allow me to keep app updated quickly and with little effort. Customer support is quick to respond and very knowledgable.

I am a professional pilot for a major airline and not a professional programmer. It’s an easy to use Interface. Very nice support. It´s an easy way to develop your own App.
You can build it 24/7 wherever you want.
The customer service is awesome. They try to fix everything within 1 day and they are very friendly at all time.

With no background in App development, I searched and found Snappii through reading numerous favorable reviews. Their patience and help–with hours of assistance in App design, approval for and submission to App Store and Android–has been endless. Their customer support/service is positively outstanding! Absolutely wonderful experience!”

As a nonprofit trade association WWPI has been educating architects, engineers, code inspectors and government officials on how to use treated wood for over 60 years. This typically requires a scaled down 50 page document, that gets put on a shelf and forgotten. Snappii proved we could replace this document and do much more in one app.
Snappii took the data on treated wood we provided and created an interactive app with full functionality to: search and sort for any end use, answer any questions, find information on preservatives and connect with us through social media. They even added our custom end-tag images with each summary page so that everything could be personalized for each project, removing any doubt and confusion on how to select the treated wood needed. Doing an app through Snappii allowed WWPI to give out more data while keeping it simple and user friendly enough that anyone could find the right information quickly.
I did my homework on all the different app development programmers and platforms out there and Snappii was by far the best value for the cost. The ability to create an app was a scary prospect to me but I was able to play with Snappii’s free software enough to become comfortable, that I could create the app and make most of the changes without fear. I opted to hire Snappii to do most of the work as I did not have the time. They met all my budget and time requirements and the professional services team did not disappoint. In fact they went beyond the original scope and improved the app beyond my vision. To get our app out of the gate there was nothing better than Snappii and as our app continues to gain interest, we can begin to start coding even more advanced features to enhance the app and take it to the next level.

I wanted to thank everyone at Snappii for your tremendous assistance in building our Mill City Dart League App. We couldn’t have launched this app, the world’s 1st ever true mobile app for a steel tip dart league, without a great company and product like yours behind us. We are the 2nd largest steel tip league in the U.S. with 1,200 players and 146 teams and we needed an app that could be a single point for a wealth of information and player tools. Most importantly, we needed a cost effective and easy platform that allowed us to launch our app in both the Android and Apple stores. This app is already turning heads in the US and internationally and as Mill City continues to expand our league and our app, we are confident that the Snappii platform will easily scale to our needs.

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