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Conference app
  • Interactive map feature
  • Display event and trade show schedule
  • Pay for events through the app
  • Collect feedback from attendees
  • Take and share pictures
  • Send push notifications

Mobile app for conference

The eliminating of paper forms is very popular for any business industry nowadays. And conference is one of them. There exists the solution which helps to save time and money, stop paper usage, increase business productivity and more. The organization of conferences and events isn`t a simple business, cause there are a lot of processes which must be controlled and managed.

The best solution for conference and event processes is a mobile app for conference. Anyone can buy mobile app for business and improve productivity nowadays. Mobile apps for conference includes interactive map feature; allows to display event and trade show schedule, pay for events through the app, collect feedback from attendees, take and share pictures, send push notifications and more.

Snappii introduces Conference Mobile App. Use it to see and add company events. This mobile app for conference is designed for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to big corporations. Collect all the event information needed, including contact information. There is an ability to call right from the app, to visit conference website, to write an email or to send a feedback.

Why Conference App?

All the conference or event topics are collected in one place of mobile app for conference-agenda. You can track, add or edit them anytime from anywhere. Just tap on the topic and you can see the representative and other details.

Conference Mobile App makes the process of registration simple and easy. Submission form in this mobile app for conference consists of first name, last name, address, phone number, email and company. You can save, clean or reset the form with the help of one button click.

Conference Mobile App also has the discussion forum, where you can start conversation with the others who are using this mobile app for conference. There you can find all questions, your questions, questions matching user or phrase; or sort by most recent, most activity or nearest user location.

This mobile app for conference allows sending a photo from your favorite conference or session. All you need is only to take a picture right from the mobile app for conference and leave your comments. If you work offline your data will be saved locally and when an internet connection becomes available, your data will be submitted.

Conference Mobile App is designed on Snappi feature-rich mobile app development platform for any business, so it can be fully customizable for your business needs in just a few days. Download and try this app today or let us know your requirements and we will customize it for you.


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  • Branded for your business
  • Customer tailored for your needs
  • Integrated to your existing systems and applications
  • Cloud data backup
  • Data shared on many devices

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