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DA Military Forms
  • DA forms for different occasions
  • Latest army news and events feed
  • Video tutorials for forms
  • Export to PDF report
  • Works online/offline
  • Push Notifications alerts

Snappii introduces its mobile military app

As the world turns to mobile technologies more frequently today, more and more people use mobile business apps to fulfill daily job tasks. The BYOD approach has proved itself for the past two years as the best mechanism to speed up workflow and improve team collaboration. You may think that mobile business apps are needed in the industries like HR, Healthcare, Construction or Inspection. But in fact, mobile business apps work in every industry because every industry uses forms, hence, multiple form apps can be created to substitute original paper-based approach. Government industry embraces tons of operations to use form apps, for example, a military app. Military industry deals with many DA forms that can be easily turned to mobile form apps. Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development platform, has created a mechanism that allows anyone upload fillable PDF forms right on their mobile devices, edit them and share. Soldiers can easily use the military app from Snappii to fulfill their daily tasks.

Key features of military forms and mobile form apps

Mobile form apps are a great assistant to help collect required data in the field. Having no internet access is not a problem to deliver the data anymore. With the military app from Snappii, its users can collect information in real time, save it locally on a device, and share once the Internet connection is re-established. Mobile form apps are the future of how you will collect and deliver data. Form apps are very hot today as they help save time and money on paperwork and all the processes associated with paper documentation flow. So what are the key features of the DA Military app from Snappii? First of all, this app contains 12+ DA forms that are available for free and can be filled in anytime from anywhere. Secondly, this military app allows its users to upload any PDF form, edit it and use. Lastly, the app is 100% customizable to meet the needs of your business. The Military app from Snappii was built on an ultra-fast codeless mobile app development platform, so making changes to it is a matter of just a few days and requires no programming skills. You will not get disappointed using this app, as it is a real time-saver with free functionality and great features. The DA Military app from Snappii is available on Google and Apple Stores.


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