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Creating Apps

No. You can make your own app in Snappii using one of our hundreds of pre-built app templates allowing you to add your own content and have your own native app built in minutes. Just sign up to access these templates and begin developing your app.

If you want to start from scratch, you will be able to leverage our easy-to-use, drag, drop and configure WYSIWYG Visual Editor.

With either option you can simultaneously build your app and view it on your smartphone or tablet.
For more information, please, read the User Manual.

WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. WYSIWYG Editor gives you total control over the User Interface (UI) of your app. Continue reading “What is WYSIWYG editor and how does it help me build my app?” »

It’s easy to customize your app and make it look nicer changing the fonts inside it.\nYou can choose among various fonts that can be found under “Color theme” in Editor.\n\n- Set up Default font for your app\n- Choose to change font for all controls with one button click\n- Use different font for different elements in the app\n\n

Snappii professional service staff or our partners can make an app for you. The turn around time and cost will depend on the complexity of the app but we can often have it build for you in a few days. Please contact for more information.

When you make the app with Snappii yourself, you pay maintenance fees. When you have us make the app for you, you do not necessarily pay maintenance fees. Snappii can create the app for you – just send us your requirements here.\n\nDIY only makes sense if:\n\n- You will build lots of apps\n- You don’t want to rely on us\n- The app is very complex and it would be too expensive if we do it\n- You will be making lots of changes and it would be too expensive to do it

To submit an Android app to Google Play within the Snappii platform is a straight forward process, just click the “submit” button in the WYSIWYG editor and follow the directions. Android apps are usually available immediately after submission. Read more here.\n\nFrom the Snappii platform, the process to submit your app to Apple is the same, just click the “submit button” and follow the directions. However, Apple requires a review process by their engineers which may delay the release of your app. We strongly recommend utilizing our pre submission review service to increase the odds of your app being approved. Please contact to get more information.

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