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Billable Hours Tracker
  • Track billable hours
  • Automatically calculate earnings
  • Invoice your customers
  • Create employee database
  • Work online/offline
  • Export to PDF form

Billable Hours Tracker

Business is an economic activity which is related to continuous and regular production and distribution of goods and services for satisfying human needs. Business professionals are required to have mobility, flexibility, quick reaction and self-confidence. Therefore, most business people nowadays use mobile business apps.

Apps for time tracking in business

Proper time management is an important point in any business on which a lot of processes are dependent. Have you ever felt like you don’t have a good handle on time – when you have to be tracking employee working hours or your own billable hours for clients? Nowadays you can use your smartphone or tablet to easily and quickly access the apps for time tracking.

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company (RMAD), offers one of such apps, this is Billable Hours Tracker. The app is designed for contractors, lawyers, consultants and other on-the-go professionals to track and bill time accurately and effectively. Calculating billable hours often helps businesses to save money, make more profit and be more productive. This powerful app for time tracking also allows employees to calculate their earnings. There is an option to create fast timesheets, specifying working hours including overtime or brake time (billable and non-billable hours). All the data gets saved on your mobile device. These data can be printed and shared via email, text message, cloud storages (Drop Box, Google Drive, One Drive) and other sharing options.

Snappii app for time tracking Billable Hours Tracker is also a great database. Convenient mobile forms allow users to collect and process all necessary data. No need to use bulky paper forms, PCs or laptops, all you need is just your smartphone. Moreover, our RMAD company offers an opportunity to use your existing PDF forms and customize them into mobile forms, changing and adding necessary features.

Snappii offers RMAD and 100% customization

If you have specific needs and ideas in accordance to your app for time tracking, Snappii RMAD company will customize Billable Hours Tracker to meet all of them. Snappii offers an opportunity to choose necessary features from our great collection and get the transformed powerful app in days thanks to the unique RMAD approach. You can have your own design, add your own forms and calculations, your logos, your style. App for time tracking is truly a great solution for modern business specialist and Snappii’s Billable Hours Tracker is a great solution among this type of business apps as has unique capabilities and provides convenience, high quality and flexibility. At our website you can find more useful solutions, acquainted with our RMAD platform and ask any question.


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