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Loyalty app
  • Generate coupons
  • Save coupons on your own device
  • Scan QR and Bar codes immediately
  • Export data as custom PDF and Excel reports
  • Work in online and offline modes
  • Share captured information with anybody

Loyalty mobile app

Custom loyalty schemes are an effective way to improve your customer-retention levels. If you want to build a loyal clientele, keeping the customer satisfied isn’t always enough. You need to recognize and reward your best customers that in turn can do wonders for your profitability. The rewards you offer to regular customers can vary from fixed discounts to extra goods or prizes. Also, through your regular customers you will be able to increase the popularity of your business.

Customers' loyalty through mobile solutions

Loyalty schemes take many forms. The customer reward cards that clutter wallets and clog key chains of many shoppers may soon be no more, as retailers move from physical to digital forms of loyalty program member identification. It’s a smart decision. QR code coupons are really very popular nowadays.

With a modern domination of mobile solutions, loyalty mobile apps become quite popular. More and more customers prefer to use digital coupons and QR code scanners on their mobile devices. Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, focuses on creating useful and powerful mobile business solutions. It offers a significant amount of ways to improve any business through mobile business app. Also, there is a platform for DIY mobile app development which allows toy to become a real app maker.

Loyalty mobile app from snappii

Snappii offers its Loyalty mobile app which will be a useful tool for any retail company, make it more popular and profitable. Among the main features of this loyalty mobile app are:

  • the ability to generate coupons;
  • coupons’ convenient storage;
  • instant scanning of QR and Bar codes;
  • creating reports, their editing and sharing;
  • work in offline mode.

This is just a ready-made version of the app which can be changed in accordance with your needs and wants. Our team can add necessary features and re-design the loyalty mobile app in a few days. Snappii takes care of the full satisfaction of its customers.

DIY mobile app building and custom app development

Both full app development service and DIY mobile app development approach are available thanks to Snappii. Order a custom mobile app development and you will get a unique feature-rich app in a few weeks. Also, you can use our codeless drag and drop platform and build DIY mobile app. Our support team will be glad to assist you. Nowadays it is more than real, it’s extremely easy and quickly.


Why a Premium app?

  • Branded for your business
  • Customer tailored for your needs
  • Integrated to your existing systems and applications
  • Cloud data backup
  • Data shared on many devices

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