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My Personal Medical app
  • Collect detailed health history
  • Gather patient information
  • Works online/offline
  • Update forms easily
  • Export to PDF and Excel reports

Why use a mobile business app for doctors?

The world has gone mobile. We hear this phrase too often today, but what does it really mean? According to DailyMail, people spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes on their smartphones and tablets. The majority (81 %) of smartphone users have their phones switched on all the time, even in bed, they said. This tendency shows the necessity of having a mobile app for your business.

As mobile health becomes more popular, and patients adopt health tracking apps, savvy physicians know they will get a lot of benefits from using mobile health apps in their practice. Since healthcare is among the industries that is adopting mobile technologies really fast, it makes sense to consider supplying your medical personnel with a mobile business app for doctors. Private hospitals and cabinets may be most interested in gaining additional attention from patients and potential clients. Having a mobile app, medical personnel can easily interact with patients, be found on a map, schedule appointments at a convenience of their mobile device, collect patient data, and quickly find the required information. Having a mobile app for doctors will enable your hospital personnel to save precious time, collect information quickly and eliminate paper usage. But how to select a proper app for doctors?

How to select a mobile business app for doctors?

Typing a few healthcare related keywords into the Appstore will display thousands of apps. How to choose the right app? Every doctor has to deal with patients’ medical records – paperwork seems to be inevitable. However, this is exactly where a mobile business app for doctors comes into play. It will not only eliminate paperwork, but also keep all the records in one place, ensure timely data collection, enable secure access to the data and more. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform, has developed a mobile business app for doctors called My Personal Medical App. Download this app for free and enjoy the paperless workflow. Moreover, this app can be changed to fit the demands of your medical practice. You can contact Snappii and we will create your app in a matter of a few days.

Based on the Forrester’s research, businesses should design their apps only for their best and most loyal or frequent customers – because those are the only one who will bother to download, configure and use the application regularly. However, designing a good-looking application increases businesses’ chances to be found by the right customers.


Why a Premium app?

  • Branded for your business
  • Customer tailored for your needs
  • Integrated to your existing systems and applications
  • Cloud data backup
  • Data shared on many devices

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