Property Inspection app for iPad and Android Tablet

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Property Inspection for iPad and Android Tablet
  • Conduct detailed home inspection
  • Inspect heating, air conditioning and electrical systems
  • Check building`s exterior
  • Works online/offline
  • Export to PDF report
  • Push Notification feature

Property Inspection for iPad and Android Tablet

Property inspections are a key element of the real estate industry. Over the last few decades, inspections have made a significant progress, which resulted in more efficient and accurate data processing. These positive changes were largely propelled by mobile technology. Thus, for instance, data, traditionally a result of the inspection process, is changing its look and processing methods due to mobile apps and mobile forms. Special property inspection apps offer modern inspectors a vast field for action and can set their own rules of the game.

Property inspection apps and mobile forms change the process

A typical property inspection includes a check of property’s structural and mechanical conditions but also can encompass electrical and heating systems, housekeeping and private protection, emergency and more. Almost always property inspections are connected with different types of data. There are no special capabilities to constantly move between objects and main office to collect data, process it and make reports. All these operations must be done instantly not to spend extra time and money. Fortunately, days of inspectors filling stacks of paper by hand can be forgotten forever. Everything can be accomplished on a single smartphone or tablet with an appropriate property inspection app which also transforms paper forms into convenient and powerful mobile forms.

Snappii offers Property Inspection App for iPad and Android Tablet

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, offers Property Inspection App for iPad and Android Tablet. This app is designed for property management companies, landlords and tenants to quickly and easily conduct property inspections on the tablets. With Property Inspection App for iPad and Android Tablet you can:

  • conduct detailed property inspections both inside and outside of a property;
  • inspect heating, air conditioning, electrical systems and more;
  • store the information and all necessary materials in a convenient mobile forms format locally on the tablet;
  • process the data using different features;
  • get push notifications on relevant alerts;
  • discuss any issues in special forum.

This property inspection app allows users to anticipate repair costs, accelerate processes, improve data accuracy, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, streamline the operations and improve customer experience.

Snappii apps are 100% customizable. If before utilizing our property inspection app you want to make some changes or add any features, it will be quickly done by our professionals.

Remember that specialists who can effectively reduce the costs and time without lowering the quality of work can stay on the top of the game and thanks to Property Inspection App for iPad and Android Tablet, now this is available to anyone.


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