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Product Catalog
  • Display product catalogs
  • Add goods to shopping cart
  • Send up to date, targeted promotions
  • Show stores on the map
  • QR-codes feature
  • Social Media integration

Snappii’s Product Catalog mobile app for retail management

Retail management is one of the most complicated structures in the modern business. Retailers have to make sure their product info is up-to-date, the prices are in line with the existing offers, store locations are accurate and more. There is lots of retail management software out there that works on a PC, but it can’t be accessible when you may need it. Unlike your mobile device which is always with you. If you browse Apple app store or Google Play you will find many retail management mobile apps. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development platform, has created a feature-rich mobile app for retail called Product Catalog. This retail management app is a great solution to help you organize all the items in your store and not just that. You can sell goods via a mobile app, show maps and directions to your stores locations, and send push notifications with offers to your app users. Update your product catalog right in the app, no need to sync with your PC for inventory.

Another colossal aspect of the mobile app for retail is customer satisfaction. Customers are expecting to quickly and easily find the information about the product online, otherwise, they will walk away and you will never see them again. Having a mobile app for retail keeps your customers close to you – you can even create a database of customers, ask for their feedback, conduct surveys and engage them with Push Notifications. Making it easy for your customers to browse your products will provide a favorable impression on your business and attract new customers.

Mobile App for retail saves time and money

Any retailer understands how expensive it is to hold a store, manage inventories, prepare invoices, and organize the workflow. With a mobile app for retail major part of expenses will be cut down. With a mobile retail management app you can save time on inventory, eliminate paperwork and save money here, too (in fact, paper is considered to be #1 office expense that is proved to be reduced with mobile apps), accelerate business workflow and increase your business productivity.

Product Catalog mobile app for retail management can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play Stores at no cost. This app can also be changed to meet your business needs. Snappii can create an app for your retail business in a matter of a few days. Contact us today to get the app you need.


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  • Cloud data backup
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