Public Safety Provider App

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Public Safety Provider App
  • Report incidents and crimes
  • Call Emergency services
  • Policemen fill out reports on site
  • Reports are stored in the app
  • Send and receive alerts
  • Works online/offline

Public Safety Provider App

With increasing evidence of climate change, there has been a rise in the severity and frequency of floods, fires, hurricanes and tornados. There have also been numerous instances of recent civil unrest, criminal activity and terrorism. Modern citizens must take good care of their security. Fortunately, new mobile technology covers this direction and offers users emergency service apps to protect themselves from accidents, attacks and violence.

Emergency service apps

Smartphones almost always accompany modern people and a demand on different mobile apps increases applying a pressure to app making platforms. We are used to the fact that they are our communication means, entertainment and business tool. But also nowadays they are our self-protection solution. Emergency service apps are an ability to take care of yourself without any special measures.

Why Public Safety Provider app from app making platform Snappii

Snappii, a rapid mobile app making platform, takes care not only about the safety of employees at work by offering special enterprise safety apps, but also about the safety of any ordinary citizen. Public Safety Provider app is specifically designed to report any incident that may happen during the day. With this emergency service app you will not be caught off guard by emergency situation and be able to respond in a timely manner. Easily and quickly contact special services, family or closest ones and report necessary details with photos and videos. All app’s users have an opportunity to instantly see the location of the incident on the map. Each incident has a corresponding icon so it is easy to sort all incidents out and respond properly. You can easily work online/offline, send and receive alerts, add multiple emails and send group messages.

Public Safety Provider app can also be utilized by different safety departments. They can get notifications, create quick reports, store them on the device, process and share in multiple ways.

Do not neglect your safety and safety of your relatives. Emergency service app is a great opportunity to be always prepared for emergencies as well as to prevent them.

It is worth noting that all Snappii mobile app making platform’s apps are 100% customizable and Public Safety Provider app is one of this huge collection. Just per your request our team will make necessary changes to meet your specific needs. Relying on Snappii, you will never be disappointed.


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