Insurance Claim Manager app

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Insurance Claim Manager app
  • Collect accident details
  • Report accident location
  • Take pictures of damage recieved
  • Works online/offline
  • Find near-by insurance agents
  • Calculate monthly loan payments

Insurance claim manager app

Insurance claim manager mobile app allows its users to submit claims anytime from anywhere, take pictures, collect data in case of the accident, calculate loan fees, get maps and directions to the nearest insurance agency and service centers and more!

With insurance claim manager mobile app you can easily report a new claim or find a service center. All you need is to fill in the personal information with name, phone and email address, then provide accident details, another driver`s info and additional info. The additional info includes: was the police report filled, the name of police officer and police dept., were there any injuries, and was anyone taken to the hospital and other comments. You should only enter your email to get a report.

You can manage and track all reported claims inside insurance claim manager mobile app, and find a service center on a map, choosing form existing center or add the location yourself.

There is also the ability to load pdf and excel reports in insurance claim manager. You can sort, search, edit them or even share right from the app. You can totally eliminate paper usage by installing this app with pre-built mobile forms on your device.

Besides the top features, the insurance claim manager mobile app allows its users to collect accident details prior to an insurance adjuster’s arrival; report accident location; take pictures of damage and attach to claim form; store all claims locally on a device as excel and PDF files; share claims via email, message, Dropbox and other means available on device; email the submitted claim to your insurance company; find nearby insurance agencies and get directions; get directions to the nearby service centers; get answers about insurance claims faster, at any time of the day; add your own emergency phone numbers, store them and dial from the app; calculate monthly loan payments and more!

Using the insurance claim manager mobile app you will save time and money, improve data accuracy, reduce costs, eliminate paperwork and go green. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with our pre-built form solution, you can upload your own PDF form and 100% customize it to meet your specific business needs.


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