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Insurance Quote Manager App
  • Request insurance quotes
  • Manage insurance quotes in one place
  • Cooperate with insurance companies faster
  • Interactive Map feature
  • Contact list implementation
  • Calculate loan payments
  • Receive tips on car purchase

App for insurance

Insurance quote manager is specifically designed for consumers who want to have access to their insurance company anytime, from anywhere.

With this app for insurance you can easily request a free car insurance quote, get answers from insurance companies faster, at any time of the day. Fill out the form with date, name, age, education, email, address; and fill in the information about your vehicle with year, model and additional details. Simply enter your email to get a report, or even you can send it with the help of one button click. You can also find an agent, simply choose the location and you`ll get the list of all nearby insurance agencies with all necessary information; you can call or browse their site right from this app for insurance.

The insurance quote manager app includes shopping tools; read tips on car purchase, you can easily find a car service near your location area. With the help of how to`s you can find out what the dealer paid for vehicle, get an online price quote, get you paperwork in order, learn more about test drive and leasing and more.

The Insurance Quote Manager App allows consumers to:

  • Request insurance quotes anytime, from any company
  • Manage all insurance quotes in one place
  • Store all insurance quotes locally on a mobile device as Excel and PDF files
  • Email submitted quotes to your Insurance company
  • Get answers from insurance companies faster, at any time of the day
  • Find nearby Insurance Agencies
  • Get directions to the nearby Service Centers
  • Add agents and others to your phone contacts right from the app
  • Calculate monthly loan payments
  • Read tips on car purchase

You can manage, edit, print and share saved quotes right from the app for insurance. It is simple to load your existing PDF or excel form with the ability to add new fields (GPS and maps, digital signatures, qr and bar codes, pictures, photos, date stamps, etc.) The form is easy to fill out; it can be shared via email, saved and stored right on your device from the app for insurance. Share stored quotes via email, message, Dropbox and other means available on device.

You can totally eliminate paper usage by installing this app for insurance with pre-built mobile forms on your device. This mobile app helps to increase productivity, save time and money, avoid penalties and improve data accuracy.

Download and try this ready-made solution or this app for insurance can be 100% customized for your business needs.


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  • Branded for your business
  • Customer tailored for your needs
  • Integrated to your existing systems and applications
  • Cloud data backup
  • Data shared on many devices

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