Taxi Cab App for Dispatchers

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Taxi Cab App for Dispatchers
  • Register your taxi company
  • Provide customers with information
  • Easy access to ordering a taxi
  • Update your live status
  • Community page feature

How a mobile app for taxi boosts sales

In the 21st century when people are always in a hurry, the ability to get to any place fast is priceless. Taxi companies compete with each other and want to make the most visibility to a client. As a result, we can see a great amount of different taxi apps out there, but how can a mobile app for taxi help boost sales? The answer lies on the surface: accessibility. People always have their smartphone with them, and they can easily open a taxi app and quickly order a taxi anytime from a company they trust. There are many taxi companies people got used to calling, hence, it makes sense for a taxi company to create a custom-built mobile app for taxi and deliver it to the customers. The number one reason to do so is the following: customers are looking for services via their smartphones, and if they don’t find your company, they will call your competitor who appears to be in the taxi app your customers are using. There are tons of mobile applications people use every day and a mobile app for taxi can be found on practically any device. That being said, your taxi company will boost sales by increasing its online visibility.

How to select a taxi app

When doing a search on a mobile app for taxi, you should consider the most popular ones and make sure your company is listed. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, has created a Taxi Cab App for Dispatchers as a convenient tool for any taxi company to show on the map and get noticed by thousands of app users.

This mobile app for taxi companies allows its users to:

  • Register and show up on the map
  • Receive orders
  • Show maps and directions to the office location
  • One button call and email

A taxi app is a must-have these days when there’s no time to look up taxi info in the yellow pages. Snappii introduces a revolutionary approach to help taxi business expand and get more customers. A taxi app from Snappii can be downloaded and used at no cost. Any taxi company can create a free account and instantly start gaining all the benefits from this taxi app. Snappii is proud to be the creator of one of the most popular app among taxi apps. Download Taxi Cab app for Dispatchers and boost your business.


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  • Branded for your business
  • Customer tailored for your needs
  • Integrated to your existing systems and applications
  • Cloud data backup
  • Data shared on many devices

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