Taxi Cab App for Drivers

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Taxi Cab App for Drivers
  • Register your taxi and create an account
  • Provide customers with detailed taxi description
  • Have your taxi visible on a map
  • Quick and easy taxi ordering
  • Update your live status for clients

Taxi app for drivers from Snappii

Snappii codeless app development platform introduces its app for taxi drivers – Taxi Cab app for drivers app that is available for a free download from Apple and Google Stores. This app is a perfect find for any driver and allows drivers to:

  • create driver account
  • appear on the map
  • update status and attract more clients
  • change location on a map as you are driving
  • let clients easily get in touch with you
  • update your profile by adding your photo and the photo of your car

Taxi app for drivers from Snappii will help you start your business right away.

Why use Taxi app for drivers?

Taxi companies have gone mobile to make sure they catch up with the times. Young generation uses mobile apps to order a taxi, because calling a company is not enough anymore. The consumer wants to have the ability to view all the drivers nearby, make a choice and see the drivers’ availability in real time. It is important to have the ability to contact the driver directly, and a taxi app for drivers gives consumers such an opportunity. A taxi app for drivers can help any driver start their business anytime. There’s no need to be attached to any taxi company: the driver can decide if he or she wants to take an order, or not. It is very convenient to receive immediate orders via a mobile device without involving the third party. Snappii understands the needs of taxi drivers and also mentions that its Taxi Cab app for drivers mobile app is completely free, and customizable. This app can be branded in case your company wants to have a taxi app of its own.

The need for taxi apps is exploding. Everybody is aware of the success of Uber mobile application that has hundreds of thousands of downloads all over the world. Small companies and individual drivers started to realize that mobile technologies are the new trend that has to be followed. It comes as no surprise today that companies and individuals want mobile apps that simplify the process of taxi ordering and communication with the clients and drivers. Mobile app developers feel the demand and make taxi apps to meet this demand. A taxi app for drivers is among the most looked after, so mobile app developers have already created lots of such apps, and Snappii is not an exception. Snappii’s Taxi app for drivers will be a good assistant in your taxi business.


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  • Branded for your business
  • Customer tailored for your needs
  • Integrated to your existing systems and applications
  • Cloud data backup
  • Data shared on many devices

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