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    What’s the buzz about Codelless?

    By Snappii

    Yes, You can Build Mobile Apps

The App Dilemma


  • Users want more apps than IT can realistically deliver
  •  Mobile App Developers are
    •  hard to find
    •  expensive
    •  want to work for Google and Apple
  •  100s of thousands of Enterprise Windows Applications and Web Apps need to be reworked into native Apple an Android
  •  Build native Apps is hard programming. It is not HTML


How to solve it?


  •  Some people think HTML5 is the answer, but
    •  Cross browser differences
    •  Performance issues
    •  Security issues
  •  More training ?
    •  Low level programming takes many months Avg 3 to 6 months
    •  Will it really address the backlog of apps?
  •  Offshoring?
    •  Language and cultural issues
    •  Time zone issues
    •  Loss of control
  •  Onshore Outsourcing: Too expensive


Leaders have found a solution


  •  Gartner Analyst Richard Marshall in “Adapt a Bimodal Approach To Mobile App Development Strategy” recognizes the need for codeless, agile app platforms
  •  Salesforce.com spent 75% of Dreamforce conference talking about and promoting their codeless platform called Lightning
  •  Kony is betting their company on a new offering called the “Modeler” which is a codeless app platform
  •  Snappii has offered a codeless app platform for the past 4 years


What’s the buzz about Codelless?


  •  Codeless App Platform
    •  Visual assembly of app components: drag, drop, configure
    •  “Canvas painting” and not templates
    •  Configuring rather than coding
    •  Business people can use, not just programmers
    •  Cloud based
    •  Generate native apps
    •  Automate deployment and updating
    •  Should be feature rich and complete
    •  Should have built-in connectivity to system and data


Codeless Platform Advantages


  •  Speed. Apps in days, not months
  •  Rapid prototyping to gain user acceptance
  •  Used by all: Business Analysts, Project Managers, Digital Marketers
  •  Ease of maintenance and updating
  •  Gets users to focus on solving business problem
  •  Great at new and unproven projects
  •  Saves massive amount of $$$


Come see for yourself


  •  Ask us for a Demo. Email sales @snappii.com or call 603 651-0066
  •  Let’s “livebuild” any app you need in the demo
    •  We build it app in the browser you see it run on your device
  •  Go to Google or Apple Appstores and search “snappii”. We have built over 80 business apps. We can customize them for you in a matter of days

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