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This element allows to add any item to Favorites. Let’s consider a use case. There is a list of doctors in the app, any doctor can be added to Favorites. Create a datasource of doctors. Upload it and save. Add Advanced list to display the doctors. The Cell view must be “custom” mode in order to add “add to favorites” button to it. Now go to Datasource dialog. Click to Add new datasource.

A separate datasource type called “Favorites” is available in the Datasource dialog.

Once chosen, name it. The very first value that you see there is “Name”. This field will be shown in a pop-up window when the item is added to Favorites. You can insert any value that is appropriate. Then click the Plus button to add the fields to it. We will add Doctor’s name, Picture and Specialty. Basically, all the fields we want to be added to Favorites. Save the datasource. Now go back to the Doctors Advanced list, drag and drop “Add to favorites” button to the Cell view, click its settings: Select Data Source –> Favorites, Favorites fields mapping –> Change –> Map the Favorites datasource field with the Doctors datasource field; Favorites mode: “Reference” means that the Favorites datasource will only add the data the User will enter when adding the doctor to the reference, “Copy” – means that all the information on the doctors will be copied from the Doctors datasource to the Favorites datasource once added to favorites.

Now drag and drop the Advanced list where all the Favorites will be displayed. Select the Favorites datasource. Set up the list view and save. You will have:


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