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Embedded Forms

Forms can be embedded on advanced list, gallery and map detail views and also on custom tabs/button views.  In this way, multiple forms could be added on one page. You can choose if this form is displayed as a button, or as framed view, specify the element height and width.

Embedded form is used to Add/Update information that was previously filled in from the Universal Form and is stored in Advanced list. Simply add the new universal form on the Advanced list cell or detail view, select the same Datasource as you use for the Advanced list and the original Universal form. Now select if you want to Add or Update information in the Saved Advanced List. Choose an option and click OK. Now drag and drop the form fields to this embedded form, you can select only those fields you want users to actually change. Once your app users click to Update the saved data and fill out the embedded form, the data will be changed right away. No need to close the app and open it again.

Posted in: Tabs and Buttons (Elements)

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