Enable/Disable and View/Hide formulas

All controls in the “Elements” section and the “Form and Calculator Fields” section have the viewing formulas.

There are four options for viewing formulas:

  • use formula to disable field
  • use formula to enable field
  • use formula to hide field
  • use formula to show field
  • Automatically move other controls up to fill space when this control is hidden

2.2. Viewing formula for tabs.

You can include following variables into a formula to show/hide the tab:

  • <user.userName>
  • <user.emailAddress>
  • <user.memberId>
  • <user.userType>
  • <user.location>
  • <user.location.latitude>
  • <user.location.longitude>
  • <user.location.textAddress>
  • <user.location.textAddress.address>
  • <user.location.textAddress.city>
  • <user.location.textAddress.region>
  • <user.location.textAddress.country>
  • <user.location.textAddress.zip>
  • <device.version>
  • <device.model>
  • <device.language>

Use cases:

Example 1: Show new questions to user depending on his answer on forms.
Example 2: Display different pictures to users depending on what you have in data source. If a pilot is unavailable, we can highlight him with red color. If he is available – with green.
Example 3:App creator can give some users access to a form (or any other button) with a password – the form will not be visible or accessible until the user enters a valid password.
Example 4: Display different background pictures for users depending on what country they are from.

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