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With the help of this button app creator can upload his own PDF form to be used in the app. App creator can allow app users to upload their own PDF forms that can be filled out, saved, edited and shared with others. There are 2 ways to upload a PDF file:

  1. From Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google drive, etc)
  2. From local storage (on Android device)

Once forms are uploaded they can be instantly:

– Used to enter information

– Filled out and shared with co-workers via email or cloud drives

– Stored locally on device or on cloud drives such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and MS One Drive;

– Printed

What’s more is that users can add additional capabilities (fields) to forms they have imported.   The additional capabilities include:

– Signature capture fields

– photo capture fields

– time and date stamp fields

– additional fields to capture text and numbers

– show GPS location om the map,

– add bar code QR code scanners

– add radio buttons, multiple choice buttons, checkbox

Use Case. Fire inspector needs to inspect a fire extinguisher. The inspector opens the Fire Inspection app created by Snappii, clicks “Upload Form” button and loads a fire extinguisher inspection form that is used in the office. The form opens on the inspector’s device, and the inspector can easily fill out the data on inspection. The inspector can not only fill out the necessary details, but also add such data as location, date, signature, text, radio buttons and more.

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