How to set up ad removals in iOS

To set up ad removals in iOS you need the following information:

  1. iTunes Product Id – to get it you should have a valid Apple Developer Account. To add an app to it you at first should click to create a web2phone copy. You will see a message with a  checkbox:“This app will be added into your iTunes connect account. You will be able to configure “In App Purchase” settings for this app in iTunes connect and test it before app is submitted into Apple App store.”

    Put a check and proceed. The app will be then added to your account and you can continue setting it up.

  2. Go to and login

  3. Manage your Apps –> Click on your app icon –> Select Manage In-App Purchases on the right –> tap Create New –> Select Non-Consumable type.

Non-consumable In-App Purchases only need to be purchased once by users. Services that do not expire or decrease with use are usually implemented as non-consumables, such as new race tracks for a game app.

4. Non-consumable settings:

– Enter Reference Name

– Product Id – It should be a unique id for your app. Example: For Construction Manager App we will use: ad_removal_for_construction_manager

You will then need to copy and paste this id into a corresponding section in the Snappii Editor.

– Select the Price Tier

– Add language. It is some short information about your product.

– Upload a screenshot, it should be 640/920 pixels

5. Add your iTunes Product id in the editor and save the changes. Be sure to enable add removals in your app in the editor.

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