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Table selection

The table selection control is used to allow users to create relationships between the data entered/edited on the form, and the data selected on the table selection control.

Table selection allows to:

– fill table element with data from data source.
– replace table element with a more user friendly element.
– fill form fields with data from data source.

Use Case 1: App creator has a data source with pictures and wants his users add these pictures into table element on form. User clicks table selection element, chooses needed photos with a check box, clicks Save button and photos will be automatically added into table.
Use Case 2: In the app there might be a form for getting some company information like name, address, email, website, etc.  App user would fill out the form and the company information would be saved to a datasource.
Now there might be multiple other forms in the app where this company information needs to be filled into multiple input controls on the form so the user doesn’t need to re-type the company info every time.

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