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5 Challenges to Mobile App Strategies

for blogThe other day I got a Google alert referring to Jeffrey Hammond’s article called “9 Challenges To Your Mobile App Strategy” relating about possible challenges to mobile app strategies. I got interested what they are and if the list could be even expanded including the always growing needs of modern clients. Mobile mobile business apps should embrace every person’s needs to be customer-oriented and popular otherwise people will look for another solution and as we all know there are lots of  mobile business apps available in the Appstore and Google Play which are difficult to compete. I wondered if I could create a similar list myself and give out all the necessary features flexible mobile solutions should have. Continue reading “5 Challenges to Mobile App Strategies” »

Mobility in the Enterprise: it is up to you to decide how challenging it will be!

for blogThe ongoing growth of mobility with nearly a billion smartphones expected to be sold by the end of the year (according to Gartner) and tablets outselling PC’s makes it substantial for enterprise companies  to embrace a mobile app strategy to remain competitive. But due to the constant flow of conflicting information around mobile app development, determining what’s needed to be successful can be a serious challenge.  There is even an interesting comparison we have recently found in one of the CIO’s articles describing mobility to be “a matrix of madness for enterprise IT”. So today we are going to investigate how challenging it really is. Continue reading “Mobility in the Enterprise: it is up to you to decide how challenging it will be!” »

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