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Ted Hanley, Wigan Easicampers

Snappii has been vital in bringing our company into the technological future. Doing away with paper. Instead, we have a digital copy. We all need to do our part in saving the environment. Snappii has solved our problem.

Darleen and Anatoly have been amazing advocates for their brand. It’s given me a way to push my ideas to different venues that help management control each aspect of our business.

Snappii is one of the Top iOS App Development Companies in 2022

Snappii has been climbing fast through the ranks of iOS developers. Which is a hard accomplishment with the intense competition in the market. Snappii has stood out for many reasons, some including their devotion to serving the community and their team of highly skilled mobile development experts.

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Snappii Further Enhances its DocuMate Scanner App with New Features

This saves hours of work each week spent on filing, sorting papers and organizing electronic documents, and trying to find documents and photos. 

April 6, NH. Snappii is a leading Mobile Business Apps company that enables organizations to go digital with mobile apps and forms.

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Snappii Introduces a FREE DocuMate Scanner App to help people and organizations find their photos and documents instantly with just a few letters

This saves hours of work each week spent on filing, sorting papers and organizing electronic documents, and trying to find documents and photos. 

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How to Get a Custom Mobile App for Your Business Quickly and Affordably?

App Stores count thousands of productivity apps, however, it is not easy to find a universal app that will meet the needs of all businesses. That’s when businesses start looking for mobile app developers.  Hiring a mobile app developer may be too costly because the developers need to write code from scratch and the development process will last several months. Developers charge for their time, so several hours of app development result in thousands of dollars.

While the competition already uses mobile apps to win more customers, you should also consider the ways to get a custom mobile app for your business quickly, and, most important, affordable. In order to meet this demand of getting affordable custom apps quickly, many companies have developed low or no-code app development platforms to speed up the process. Since the speed of the app development can be decreased, the time spent on this development can be decreased as well, which means that the price is less than what mobile app developers offer.

Snappii has created its mobile app development platform that allows creating apps easily with low or no code at all. Snappii already has 200+ ready-made apps for different business niches. The majority of apps are fully customizable. The process takes just a couple of weeks. Take a look at the ready-made apps here. Why Snappii? Check out what our customers are saying:

We love Snappii! Our field staff is able to collect documents and have them emailed to our office staff and stored in our cloud instantaneously. This has reduced travel back and forth to our office, mailing of documents, and scanning of documents. This has saved our company both time and money. It has enabled us to scale our business at a rapid rate. We have grown quickly enough to be an Inc. 5000 company four years in a row, that wouldn’t be possible without Snappii.

~J. Bennett

Truly amazing customer service! CSRs are wonderful to work with. Stream line Purchasing in our construction field as well as putting controls and cost measures in place.

~R. Gulino

Our lawn care business used the Snappii team to custom build an app to record the properties visited that day. Works great.

~Michael V.

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Contact us to get a free quote for your custom business app, and we will get back to you.

Clutch Recognizes Snappii as a Leading Mobile App Development Company in New Hampshire

From the time that we wake up to the last minutes before going to bed, most of us are probably using a mobile app. Whether it is social media, games, or something else, these apps have taken a significant part in our lives. Snappii understands this need for incredible mobile solutions that’s why we are here to help you with your mobile development needs. 

Today, we are sowing the seeds of our hard work and determination as we share a very special award with every one of you. Without further ado, we are very excited to announce that we have been recently named as a leading mobile app development company in New Hampshire. In a recent report by Clutch, it is stated that our company was able to deliver stellar results and incredible services to our clients.

To formally accept this award, here is our Founder and President Alex Bakman:

“We are very excited to be recognized as one of Clutch’s top firms in New Hampshire! Being dedicated to our customers and providing the best support is what our clients value us most. We have been in the app development business for over 11 years and have helped thousands of people to be successful and productive at what they do.” 

Just in case this is your first time hearing about Clutch, they are a leading resource for information and knowledge in the B2B industry. They are the go-to resource for buyers looking for the best company to hire and for businesses seeking qualified leads and new projects.

Mobile app development shouldn’t be so hard! Contact us today and let us help you make your ideas into reality.

Can you find you photos and documents in seconds?


Hope you had wonderful summer, and are full of energy to meet Autumn. We at Snappii have worked hard to introduce you to a completely new app that will help you find your photos, documents, and other information in seconds – the DocuMate Scanner app. See a quick demo of the app here.

See for yourself the super useful  features we offer:

*Scan anything from anything*

Use your phone camera to scan invoices, receipts, notes, photos, business cards, certificates, documents, labels, whiteboards, etc. You can also import from local and cloud drives.

*Sign, Initial or Stamp documents*

Use the built-in sign feature to place a signature, initials, or stamps on documents and share or print them in seconds.


Screenshots, photos, email attachments and share them right into DocuMate Scanner so that you can instantly find them when needed.

*Instant Smart search*

Find Photos and Documents in seconds. DocuMate Scanner uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to understand what ís in the pictures and can find any text. No more scrolling your image gallery endlessly to find photos or browsing cloud drives! You can easily find your scans, screenshots, documents, photos with just a few letters.
*Make PDF Reports and Share*

Easily create PDF files from scanned documents, photos, screenshots, etc., and share PDFs via texting, email, etc.

*Secure content*

Assign PIN code to the entire app or protect individual documents and photos.

*Mark up with text and arrows*

A great way to draw attention to a specific area.

*One-touch call or message phone numbers*

Touch a phone number in any picture or document and instantly text or dial the number.

*Extract and copy*

Touch a section of the document you need and copy to another app, search the web, or share.

What users are saying:

“I use this App every day”

“Saves me a ton of time”

“It’s my office on the go”

“I wish my co-workers had it!”

The DocuMate Scanner app will save you many hours of work. Your productivity will go through the roof!! The DocuMate Scanner app is available for free download from the Apple app store here.


Robert Gulino, Director of Procurement Modern Niagara Toronto Inc.

Since starting down this path of converting a form into a User-friendly APP back in 2015, Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality.  We have progressed way passed a simple form and now have a full-scale Purchasing APP, basically an ERP system in the palm of our hands.

With every request I put forward and some with very complicated codes and algorithms, the Snappii Team has always pulled through.  I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”.  Regardless what I asked of Snappii they always tried.

Again, Snappii has taken a simple basic form and turned into an APP.  Our Purchasing APP is feature rich that there are just too many features to list, here are just a few,

  • Total Control of who uses and has access to your APP
  • Able to Purchase directly from the APP
  • Able to Return product from the APP
  • Able to do Receiving from the APP
  • Able to set Approval levels within the APP
  • Able to run Reports within the APP
  • Able to receive Feedback from Users straight from the APP
  • Able to constantly develop APP further
  • Etc, etc,.

The most important factor for my team when choosing a business partner, is that no matter how complicated the request, Snappii has always presented a work-around and a solution.

Thank you Team Snappii, for all of your continued support and excellent customer service over the years.

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