5 Challenges to Mobile App Strategies

5 Challenges to Mobile App Strategies

for blogThe other day I got a Google alert referring to Jeffrey Hammond’s article called “9 Challenges To Your Mobile App Strategy” relating about possible challenges to mobile app strategies. I got interested what they are and if the list could be even expanded including the always growing needs of modern clients. Mobile mobile business apps should embrace every person’s needs to be customer-oriented and popular otherwise people will look for another solution and as we all know there are lots of  mobile business apps available in the Appstore and Google Play which are difficult to compete. I wondered if I could create a similar list myself and give out all the necessary features flexible mobile solutions should have.

1. The most important item and I will give it a number one in my list is device proliferation.

There are lots of big companies which specialize in mobile gadgets creation like Apple, Samsung, LG, Alcatel etc. All of them make  and sell millions of devices annually and we can see a new tendency on this market – each company tries to make their smartphones and tablets cheaper and at the same time more powerful. Now it is not a wonder to find a 5 inch big touch screen devices with great processors and equipped with 13 mpx camera allowing to take excellent pictures. Smartphones are no longer simple phones to make calls and text, they have become an indispensable tool in our lives enabling us to get in touch with our relatives, friends and business partners, read ebooks, take splendind pictures, watch movies, buy and sell online and more.

As one can see it is really important to make an app which will run on several platforms at once, the more the better. Not only iOS and Android devices are the priority, Blackberry, Windows shouldn’t be missed as well. If you are able to release an app running on all major platforms including HTML web mobile business apps your chance to be noticed increases a lot.

2.  Context and it is number 2. It is not an easy task to attract “spoiled” users who have seen and tried a lot. Your app must contain relevant information, the text should not be abundant, speak clear and short and surely catch client’s eye. In each case even if you want to say something serious it should not sound boring and tiresome. Otherwise users will lose their interest to your product at once and more likely your app will uninstalled in the next few minutes. This is not what you wanted to achieve, isn’t it?

3. App features

Your app must provide a big range of up-to-date and useful options. I will be listing only some of them which in my opinion are really significant:

– PayPal Integration

– Social Channels

– Connecting to Databases and Servers

– Photo

– Mobile Collection Forms

– QR Codes Support

– Nearby

– YouTube

– Augmented Reality

– Voice Support

– etc.

4. App Updates. You must always think about how your app will be updated when it goes live in the Appstore and Google Play. Especially if your business is constantly growing it is a necessary thing to be able to easily update your app content and provide those changes to all users’ devices instantly. To make updates on time you will need a team of developers or a good online service where you will make changes yourself.

5. App users should have an option to contact you directly or your representatives to share their feedback and ideas. People appreciate it when their feedback is valuable for business.

So we managed to list 5 top (according to our point of view) challenges which most businesses are facing today in terms of getting a custom mobile app. Missing just one of the challenges may result in losing customers and hence profit. That’s why time you will spend on making a good mobile application will pay off in the nearest future. Not having an app on your own greatly decreases your chances to be a successful project.

If you don’t want to hire expensive developers you will surely like the idea on building an app using Snappii platform. Snappii WYSIWYG editor allows making custom and flexible native mobile application without programming skills and quickly. Just check their website to figure out how to create mobile business apps on your own and make your business succeed.

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