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How QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business

How QR Codes Can Benefit Your BusinessQR codes are two dimensional quick response codes that can be scanned by smartphone cameras to instantly pull up text, photos, videos, URLs, etc. Such codes can contain a huge amount of information, which makes them quite popular all over the world. Nowadays many businesses use QR codes as a means of marketing. “QR codes demonstrate just one of the ways in which mobile marketing can effectively be integrated into existing media and marketing campaigns to help reach desired consumer segments,” says Mark Donovan, the Chief Marketing Officer at comScore, Inc.

Scanning a QR code can trigger a range of actions, such as connecting to a website, downloading an app, sending a message or email, adding contact info, and direct purchasing. Here are additional ways to utilize QR codes in your business.

QR Codes to Promote Your Business

We all know that to make things easier for your customers means to show concern for them. When placing a QR code on your business card, you give them a quick and ingenious way to reach your website or mobile app with the click of a button, thus saving them time and improving their overall experience.  However, it’s important to remember that QR codes are scanned by smartphones, so whatever you link your QR code to should be optimized for mobile devices.

QR Codes as a Call to Action

QR codes can be used for quick and convenient registrations, sending emails, booking, mobile payments, etc. For example, people can find a QR code at the Pizza Hut website and instantly download its app, thus avoiding visiting the Google Play or Apple App Store.

QR Codes for Data Analysis

You can track the number of people who have scanned your QR code to identify potential customers and modify your business strategies.

Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers Snappii QR and Bar Code Scanner App, which can become an indispensable tool for both businesses usage and personal needs. It is an ideal app for scanning QR and Bar codes at any time and from anywhere. Moreover, most Snappii’s business apps have the QR code scanning feature. Please visit our website and learn more about various mobile solutions for your business.

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