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Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with It

Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with ItWhat exactly daily reporting provides

An efficient way to make employees more engaged with the company’s goals and increase their productivity is to implement a system of employees’ daily reporting. Such daily reports are documentation of a separate worker’s activities, accomplishments, and achievements in a given workday. They are usually standardized. Thanks to the information from daily reports, managers can have a better understanding of where their team members are, how to distribute workloads evenly and for better efficiency as well as to react immediately to any issues. In their turn, keeping a daily report, employees have a bigger picture of their progress, can plan their tasks more efficiently, and instantly notify managers about any important points.

Why paper-based reporting system is a bad choice

A paper-based system of daily reporting is not a good idea, especially in the current era of a variety of technology solutions. Paper-based reports require much time and effort to be created, submitted, and maintained. Moreover, this is far from the most reliable way. Paper is prone to damage and a large number of errors due to the human factor as it requires writing manually. Nowadays more and more companies of various industries and spheres of activity switch to technology method of daily reporting for the above and many other reasons.

The benefits of reporting apps

One of these technology solutions which is by far the most popular these days is mobile reporting apps. Such apps allow employees to create complete professional daily reports right on mobile devices and instantly submit them remotely. Besides the obvious advantages of convenience and speed, reporting apps can safely store all the reports and all specialists can always have them at hand. It is a real godsend from the legal aspect.

Why Daily Log Reporting app

Snappii is a provider of the best reporting apps. We try to find out and implement the most demanded requests of field workers. The Daily Log Reporting app is a pocket tool that will be useful for any worker. This app allows users to create daily reports in minutes. Fill in the pre-made mobile form and calculate the total hours. To work even faster managers/supervisors can create a database of employees and works to immediately select them from the list and pre-fill the report form. The Daily Log Reporting app is really easy to use and allows collecting information without Internet access. The completed form can be easily generated into the PDF report and submitted. Sync completed reports across multiple devices.

What’s new

We do not stop there and continue to improve the Daily Log Reporting app for you. Among the new features are:

– improved report layout;

– the ability to create a consolidated report;

– the ability to add workers right from your address book;

– the ability to search saved reports using a convenient date range option.

Hurry up to try all the features of the Daily Log Reporting app and improve your reporting process. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact the Snappii support team to discuss any app customization.

Why Reports Are Important and the Best Way of Effective Reporting

Why Reports Are Important and the Best Way of Effective ReportingThe purpose and importance of reporting

Reports are a valuable and essential document for any enterprise regardless of size or industry. First of all, it is a means for monitoring and analyzing performance as well as identifying areas and opportunities for improvement and growth. Some business reporting is a regulatory requirement. Also, different reports will provide distinct value for each area of an enterprise.

The ingredients for effective reporting

Regularity and timeliness are 2 key ingredients for successful and effective reporting. It influences directly the opportunity to instantly investigate and solve any identified issues and tasks. In addition, the accuracy, and reliability of this kind of data are also important. Therefore, any business strives to establish a stable, smooth, and efficient reporting process, especially if the staff has a large number of field workers.

Mobile reports come forward

The vast majority of businesses use mobile technologies when it comes to effective reporting. Mobile forms allow workers to replace paperwork and can significantly reduce the time for generating a report. Pre-made mobile forms are a very flexible tool that is always at hand. They can be filled in in a few clicks anywhere and convert to a PDF report. The next core advantage of this kind of reporting is the ability to submit such reports remotely. Field workers do not need to waste time visiting the office or meeting with the manager. Moreover, mobile reports are more accurate and contain fewer errors and inaccuracies.

Snappii’s unique opportunities

Snappii is a successful provider of quality mobile solutions for any industry. We can help companies switch to mobile forms and mobile reports in record time. It is extremely important that they can keep the familiar forms they already use. The Snappii team will just convert them to their mobile analog. “The company has gone from many paper items to 0 paper needed for our purpose,” says Edwin Smutt from Elevation Transport. Get rid of a paper-based reporting system and go mobile without a huge investment of time and money. Send us your forms to get started.

Regular Reporting as Key to Keeping Safety at Construction Sites

Regular Reporting as Key to Keeping Safety at Construction SitesConstruction is one of the most dangerous fields to work

According to the stats of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, out of every 5,000 private-industry worker fatalities, 20 percent are in construction. This field is also related to many non-fatal injuries that cost companies millions of dollars per year. This way, construction site safety is one of the most considerable things during a construction project.

Managers must mitigate safety hazards to construction workers through some actions. Among them are awareness of all possible hazards, regular training, and testing of safety knowledge, provision of personal protective equipment, accounting for weather conditions, keeping construction equipment in proper safe order, constant communication, and regular reporting.

Constant awareness is a way to ensure safety

Snappii can help with two points: communication and reporting. Snappii construction apps allow users to establish a steady flow of timely and accurate data. This is extremely important for constant control of the issue of safety on the construction site and other important points of the construction project.

The Construction Daily Log app is the #1 reporting tool. The app includes a one-page collapsed mobile form with the fields for contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor, and travel hours, and more. The form can be filled in with the voice-to-text feature. Users can attach pictures and make any drawing right on them to highlight progress or show problem areas. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. All workers can instantly submit the reports in various ways and safely store them in the app. Managers, in turn, can track who has not turned their report in. The Construction Daily Log app is a small but powerful solution to keep everything under control and avoid incidents and any safety issues on the construction sites.

Here is a short demo video that can give a better idea of the Construction Daily Log app. Also, the Snappii support team is always ready to answer any of your questions. Download and try the app in Apple App Store or Google Play and contact us at

The App for Efficient Operation of Tower Cranes and Coordinated Work of Lifting Teams

The App for Efficient Operation of Tower Cranes and Coordinated Work of Lifting TeamsTower cranes are among the most important and expensive construction equipment. Ineffective operation of tower crane can lead to project slowdowns, delays as well as an overpayment. It also contributes to reputational damage for the contractor.

The principles of lifting teams’ proper operation

The lifting teams may consist of an appointed person, supervisors, crane coordinator, tower crane operators, and signalers. Usually, the size and complexity of the project determine the team structure. For the effective implementation of the project, the entire team must work in a coordinated manner and with regular reporting to avoid unexpected downtime and incidents. Thanks to modern construction apps, all specialists working on the job site have an opportunity to instantly share data and be aware of any important aspect.

The best reporting app for any construction specialist

Snappii offers a smart construction app that will be helpful not just for lifting teams but for any specialist on the job site. The Construction Daily Log app is an integral tool for regular reporting and constant project progress tracking. Construction specialists can instantly capture any field-related information. They can fill in the pre-made one-page collapsed mobile form without typing, just using the voice-to-text feature. The completed form is easily converted to a PDF report and can be shared in various ways. Thus, managers no longer need to worry that important data will be lost or will not arrive in time. Moreover, managers can track who has not turned their report in. The Construction Daily Log app is a perfect way to have a clear picture of the job site operation and immediately react to any problem.

Here is a short demo video to show the Construction Daily Log app in action. The app is available on Apple App Store as well as on Google Play.

There are more other helpful construction apps from Snappii to complete construction projects on time and within budget. Find and try them here. Some of these apps can be customized to meet any specific needs.


How to Improve and Streamline Incident Reporting on Construction Sites

How to Improve and Streamline Incident Reporting on Construction SitesConstruction is well-known as a hazardous industry. The good news is that construction accidents are declining. According to OSHA, workplace fatalities have decreased by more than 65%, and occupational injury and illness rates have declined by 67%. However, still, plenty of accidents happen on construction sites and it is important to report about them instantly.

What is an incident report?

An incident report is usually used to capture injuries and accidents, near misses, health and safety issues, property and equipment damage, and more. It is a document that includes the root cause and corrective actions and it should be created at the time an incident occurs. Incident reports should be properly kept and provided when requested. Incident reports help improve the safety of the working environment and legally secure employees and a company.

The new digital format of incident reports

The completion of incident reports can be a real difficulty for workers in the field. The paper-based form of such reports is inconvenient and requires much time to fill in. Today, more and more construction companies turn to mobile solutions to streamline the completion and record-keeping of incident reports.

Nowadays, mobile devices are what everyone has in their pocket. Workers can instantly fill in pre-made mobile forms and generate them to the PDF reports to share with managers and any other specialists without leaving the site. Such an approach contributes to more timely and accurate data. Mobile incident reports can be added by photos and electronic signatures. Also, digital reports are always at hand and provide constant access.

The unique and affordable solutions from Snappii

Snappii has already managed to prove itself worthily in the market of mobile solutions. Besides the ready-made business feature-rich apps, we offer a form conversion solution. Thanks to the Optical Field Recognition system, anyone can convert the existing form or report to its mobile analog. All you need is just upload a photo of the form or a PDF file or scan it. You can find more detailed information about this simple process here. Moreover, the Snappii team can do it for you. Just send us your forms and requirements. This way, construction companies can use their existing incident reports but in a convenient and more efficient digital format.


Keeping Safety at Construction Sites during the Winter Season

Keeping Safety at Construction Sites during the Winter SeasonThe difficult season for construction sites

There are some additions to potential hazards of construction sites during the winter season. Slippery surface, high wind dangers, hypothermia, driving construction equipment in winter condition, and more. This way, construction companies have a lot more safety precautions to consider to prevent workplace injuries and keep workers safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides a bunch of safety tips for winter. Find them here.

Improve reporting during the winter season

Following these safety tips is extremely important. However, there are also increased requirements for reporting at this period. A constant flow of timely and solid data and its organized documenting help track and prove the precautions field workers take to stay safe at work. That’s why it’s important to have a smart and agile tool for regular reporting. Snappii is ready to provide you with such a tool.

The #1 reporting app

The Construction Daily Log app is the #1 reporting app. It is the simplest way to create and share professional daily reports in minutes. The app includes a one-page collapsed mobile form to instantly add necessary data. For better convenience in the field, the form can be filled in without typing using the voice-to-text feature. Users can attach pictures to highlight progress or show problem areas. The completed form can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be shared in various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime. Recently the Construction Daily Log app has been improved with the opportunity for managers to track who has not turned their report in. Learn more about this reporting app from a short demo-video. Download and try the Construction Daily Log app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Some more solutions for you

If you already have your own report forms with a familiar format and you want to continue using them, this is not a problem. The Snappii team will be happy to discuss the possibility to convert them to their mobile analog. Just send your forms and requirements to us here. You can try to do it yourself. Thanks to the smart and powerful Snappii’s Form Converter and the Optical Field Recognition system, anyone can easily and quickly convert forms to the digital format. Try it here.

No More Reasons to Avoid Daily Reporting on the Construction Site

No More Reasons to Avoid Daily Reporting on the Construction SiteThe reality for construction sites is the more steps workers need to take to document daily activities, the more likely they will make mistakes and inaccuracies and ultimately try to dodge this process. Most people don’t enjoy paperwork and this is not surprising. No field worker wants to spend time filling out paper forms and transferring them to the manager after a grueling workday at the construction site.

What Snappii can offer

Snappii has been supporting construction field workers for about 10 years. Keeping in mind the problem with paper-based daily reporting, Snappii has created outstanding solutions to solve this issue and make the life of field workers easier.

A ready-made Construction Daily Log app from Snappii allows users to create professional daily reports in minutes right on a mobile device. It is a smart and affordable way to eliminate paperwork. No more need to spend hours on this process and visit the office. The Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form to collect all necessary details of the workday and the progress of the project. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be submitted to the manager in various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime. Recently we have added one important feature to allow managers to track who has not turned their report in. Read more about it here.

If you are not ready to leave your existing forms and reports, Snappii can offer the following solution. We can easily convert your paper forms and reports to their digital analog to fill them out on any mobile device. It is affordable for anyone as well as simple and fast to implement. Send us your forms and requirements here.

It’s Time to Leave Behind Paper-Based Construction Daily Reports

It's Time to Leave Behind Paper-Based Construction Daily ReportsTime for a change

With constant evolution in the construction industry, transformation is more relevant than ever. The technologies, systems and tools have improved significantly in recent times.

Daily reports have been created the same way and had the same form for decades. Up until recently, no one really thought about creating a better process. At the end of a workday, all workers have to provide daily report. Usually they spent some time for it, using the traditional pen and paper forms. However, it’s certainly no longer the efficient way.

At this point, a lot of fields of activity and operations have gone digital, so construction also adapts to modern times. Workers don’t use archaic construction tools, and it is the turn to change outdated daily reporting process.

Mobile solutions to simplify and optimize reporting process

Today more and more construction companies move to mobile forms and special reporting apps. Their main goal is to be as simple and convenient as possible, so you can produce professional daily reports in a few clicks anytime and anywhere. Project managers will never have to keep track of messy paper documents again and workers will be happy to go home on time. Reporting apps contain pre-made mobile forms to fill out, process, share and store. Their users can forget about time consuming paperwork, unreliable paper forms and inaccurate and untimely data.

Construction Daily Log app

If you’re still filling out your daily reports with pen and paper, it is the best time to try Construction Daily Log app from Snappii. This is #1 app to create professional daily reports in minutes. Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form with contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor and travel hours and more. Also the app captures weather conditions, locations, date and time, amount of labor performed and other field related information. To make Construction Daily Log app even more convenient for any field professional, we have added the opportunity to translate your voice into text. No need to type, just hit the mike and speak into it. Make photos, attach and mark them to highlight progress or show problem areas. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report is able be shared by various ways and safely stored in the app. Download Construction Daily Log app right today in Apple App store and Google Play. It’s time for update!

Daily Reporting During COVID-19: Increased Importance and the Way to Optimize

Daily Reporting During COVID-19: Increased Importance and the Way to OptimizeIt’s hard to foresee the extent of the COVID-19 crisis and its influence on business. However, we can say with confidence that the business landscape should adapt to the current situation in order to survive.

Welcome to the new reality

Countries and cities begin to recover from the COVID-19 shutdown. All businesses have been forced to change the way in which they operate to ensure safety and compliance with new realities. Safety is, and always will be, a top priority in construction industry. Construction staff always operates in conditions of increased responsibility. However, now more than ever, documentation and reporting are critical for safe and efficient workflow.

The importance of daily reporting

Daily reports are the most powerful tool for showing how new requirements are met and their impact on the workflow. They prevent failures and delays, and help keep increased safety at the jobsites.

New safety protocols are added for construction jobsites. They may include taking people’s temperatures before every shift, social distancing, supplying personal protective equipment, etc. All of them should be documented and reported in time.

The best time for mobile solutions

Mobile solutions help create more efficient, accurate and safe reporting process. Mobile apps minimize physical contact and keep everyone safe and able to work. Workers are able to regular submit forms and daily reports remotely right with their mobile devices. Also this provides optimization and efficiency, which are so necessary now. Constant flow of timely data and its synchronization contribute to smooth workflow.

Snappii converts paper based processes to their mobile analogue. We use your existing forms and make your usual business process more agile, optimized and convenient. And this innovation may remain and benefit even beyond COVID-19. Stay in the loop even from a distance with smart mobile forms and apps. Let’s transform your daily reporting process to the digital format. Send us your forms and requirements. Get an advanced product for regular and accurate reporting. Keep on going forward!

3 Business Processes that Can Be Automated and Improved With Mobile Solutions

3 Business Processes that Can Be Automated and Improved With Mobile SolutionsAutomation plays an important role for modern businesses and helps stay competitive and successful. Mobile business apps are an active business partner and here are the major processes that can be improved with them.

Work orders

A simplified process of creation and sending work orders improves workforce and workflow management, as well as increases business efficiency. Business apps for work orders allow users to do this operation in a few clicks on any mobile device right in the field. This significantly saves time and efforts. Snappii offers ready-made Work Order Assigner app to quickly generate and assign work orders to various technicians, contractors, etc. An assigner can provide details and time frames, and track progress. An assignee can login into the app and see the tasks, as well as notify managers when they are completed. Work Order Assigner app is available in both stores: App Store and Google Play.

Estimates and invoicing

Whether you are a roofer, electrician, technician, contractor, inspector or any other professional, mobile business apps can help you save time on estimates and win more projects. Mobile apps for estimates and invoicing streamline these operations and allow avoiding time-consuming paperwork and constant visits to the office. Also, on-site estimates and invoices can be more accurate. There are Job Estimator and Invoice Assistant apps from Snappii. The first one is the best pocket tool to make professional estimates in minutes. The invoicing app allows users to create professional-looking invoices right in the field and attract more deals.

Daily reporting

Mobile business apps significantly simplify and improve monitoring of daily activities and the progress. Daily reporting through mobile apps contributes to more timely decision making and changes. It is the most convenient and safe way to keep everything under control. Moreover, daily report apps free field technicians from hated and inconvenient paperwork. Snappii offers Construction Daily Log app, which is the #1 for fast and easy daily reporting. The convenient one-page collapsed form, voice-to-text feature, instant PDF reports and more. Also, there are many other reporting apps from Snappii, which cover any industry and field of activity.

Effective solutions to improve your business

Visit the gallery and find all our major ready-made apps, most of which are customizable to any specific needs. Snappii team struggles to understand and assess modern business needs and provide the best mobile solutions. If you have any ideas to improve your operations, we are happy to discuss and bring them to life.

Mobile Reporting Apps: A Step to Deliver Better Field Service

Mobile Reporting Apps: A Step to Deliver Better Field ServiceToday many field service companies, especially such as cleaning services, pest control, plumbing, HVAC more than ever need special mobile apps to run their operations on a day to day basis. An exceeding of customer expectations by providing fast and high quality service starts from the optimization of operations. Timely and accurate data will help with this.

Daily reporting is a starting point for most improvements

Daily reporting is a key process of any field service. It provides a timely knowing of what happened, when it happened, why it happened, where it happened, who or what was the cause, what actions were taken, etc. A grasp of accomplishments and problems on a daily basis enables to avoid issues, make work faster and be more productive.

Less paperwork and more time for more qualitative service

Paper reporting is absolutely inconvenient for field services. Such documentation requires processing. Notes coming in from the field are often hard to read and data can be inaccurate and untimely. Moreover, paperwork slows down technicians’ work. That’s why mobile reporting apps are an essential tool for modern field service employees.

Mobile reporting apps are able to completely replace paper forms, clipboards and laptops in the field. Smartphones are always at hand, and with a smart reporting app, the process takes only a few minutes. Anyone can do it anytime and anywhere. Accurate and timely reports contribute to better decision making and changes, which streamlines the service.

Meet a smart reporting app in your pocket

Snappii, a leader in mobile field apps, can become the best assistant in the improvement of your field service business. Meet a Field Service Daily Log app. This reporting app is designed to create daily log reports in the field with limited Internet connection and lack of time. The Field Service Daily Log app is a digital analogue of paper daily logs and reports. With the help of the Field Service Daily Log app professionals working in the field can easily fill in all necessary details including the ability to:

– specify contact details,

– take/upload pictures,

– add location,

– perform calculations,

– put time stamps,

– add signatures,

– convert forms into complete reports.

The employees get a custom looking PDF file each time they create a new report. These PDF files can be emailed, uploaded to cloud drives and printed out. Get more information about the Field Service Daily Log app from this short video.

A significant point is that if the ready-made version of the Field Service Daily Log app doesn’t work for you, Snappii team can customize it for you. We will meet your personal needs and requirements. We offer the widest range of features. Our Snappii support team is always available to consult and guide your ideas to maximum profitability. Just contact us.

The right mobile apps offer operational improvements, and the end and the most valuable result of these improvements is better customer service. Better service – rise of a profit. Start innovative changes in your field service business with Snappii. We know how to help you move to the next level.

Construction Daily Reporting: the Way to Shift the Process

Construction reports are a daily record of activities on sites, which allows everyone, including management and clients, to stay up-to-date on progress. They are extremely important to construction projects and construction companies and act as:

– a progress and work tracker for the contractor,

– a fulcrum of payroll calculation,

– a link between the job sites and office,

– an official confirmation of activity for workers,

– and more.

Innovations are already in your smartphone

Up until recently, daily reporting was a tedious and long paperwork. The traditional methods of using paper-based forms require 2-3 hours a day. With all the pros of daily reporting, it is a huge consuming of time, efforts and money. Fortunately, nowadays mobile technology has drastically changed this process and provided the unique advantages. Mobile forms offer the replacement of paperwork, and special reporting apps allow users to perform various data operations right in the field, using their mobile devices. This way, what took 2–3 hours, now can be done in a few minutes with a minimum effort.

Increased workflow efficiency

Reporting apps provide project managers the most accurate and timely data, which allows them to make the best decisions and instantly eliminate possible problems. This offers a significant increase of workflow efficiency. Streamlined reporting process influences the whole construction project and contributes to its success and increase of company revenue.

Optimized data storage

With reporting apps, all documents are not only easy to create, but also conveniently and safely kept in one place. They are available at any time and companies can get rid of stacks of paper and file cabinets. Also it is a way to cut the costs of paperwork maintenance.

Everything construction industry ever needed

Snappii, a leading mobile business app provider, has supplied construction industry with a plenty of powerful construction apps with different features. For example, Construction Daily Log app, Construction Manager app, Constriction Timesheet app, Construction Estimator app and more. All of them are available in the App Store and Google Play. However, we understand the uniqueness of each separate business and strive to satisfy them all. Snappii can customize any of these ready-made apps or create a custom business app from scratch. The process is based on your personal ideas and needs. We’ve already helped thousands of companies and you can contact us to learn more.

And even more

Snappii offers even more opportunities for work with daily reports. Recently we have designed a solution to let anyone easily convert any paper form to mobile form app. With our brand new Form Converter, managers or other specialists can generate reporting apps themselves. Users can pick a ready-made template or upload existing PDF form or report and convert it to the convenient mobile form. Then they upload Snappii Mobile Forms app and can easily fill out their form right on a smartphone. After filling out, the app will generate the complete report. This way, reporting becomes the process of several clicks. You can fill out your forms anywhere and at any time, instantly create reports and email them. It is absolutely free to try and Snappii live support chat is available to help you.

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