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The Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Mobile Apps

The Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Mobile AppsIn the past years, businesses and individual specialists have been successfully adopting mobile technologies. Mobile apps are now a part of everyday personal as well as business life. Every enterprise is trying to mobilize their existing systems, employees and activities to amplify their efficiency, cut expenses, generate more revenue and grow the business. To give mobile enterprise apps the best chance of success, there are major pitfalls to avoid.

Understanding the app users

One of the fundamental error businesses make is the implementation of the app without talking to the people who will use it.  Today there are enterprise apps with significant narrow focus. It is essential to observe all the details for maximum benefit. Before starting to create an app, businesses should ask the employees “What’s the right app for this field of activity? What tasks it should solve and what improvements and simplifications it should bring “, reproduce the work plan taking into account the use of the app Companies must avoid the assumption that they know what is needed and enter into the dialogue with their employees, they know their own needs best.

The app UX

The underlying concept of a mobile app is different from a desktop app. User interface and navigation of any enterprise app should be worked out in this regard. Frequently such apps are used in the field. The interface must be simpler and more user-friendly. It is necessary to pay attention to such features as voice-to-text and autofilling. A lot of technical aspects of the applications should be taken into account. Maximiliano Firtman, director of training firm ITMaster and author of books about app development, notes an example. When you press the home button on the phone, your previous app stops. If an app needs to do something continuously, like monitor a GPS position, it has to create a background process. But background processes can burn through power. And you want your users to have a phone with battery life that lasts the whole day. This way businesses should beware of background processes.


When it comes to security, unfortunately all enterprise apps are at risk. Nonetheless there some areas to focus on to avoid the most common security failures. Mobile security starts with the device itself.  iOS and Android operating systems require a separate approach for hardening the device. Learn the security features of your device based on this. However simply controlling the mobile device itself doesn’t protect the data that the device accesses, transmits and stores. Also you should pay attention to the security of wireless communications, the data center and cloud services. A comprehensive approach to mobile enterprise app security is required.

Avoid all pitfalls with Snappii

Snappii is a leading mobile business app development company. About 500,000 people use Snappii business apps in 30+ industries around the world. We’ve helped thousands of enterprises to optimize, accelerate and simplify usual work processes. Thanks to considerable experience, we will help you to avoid pitfalls and save your money on creating the app. Our Snappii support team is always available to consult and guide your ideas to maximum profitability. Get your enterprise app in weeks, not months and start getting significant benefits.

Mobile App Industry Trends for 2020. What to Bring to the Attention

Mobile app industry is one of the leading fields that is growing at the fastest pace. Apps are expected to generate $189 Billion US dollars in revenue by 2020, according to Statista. The trends are structured around the automation of more various tasks and processes to let people develop businesses instead of performing routine daily operations.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the top trends in 2020 is AI-powered solutions. It significantly impacts daily business life and creates new opportunities to accelerate operations, increase accuracy, identify and prevent risks, improve the customer experience and more. According to Statista, by the year 2025, the global market for Artificial Intelligence will exceed $89 billion. AI solutions help gear up and understand the users’ engagement, foresee their needs and simplify their experience as much as possible.

Programmers and developers assemble, arrange and mass the data to feed it in the machine learning algorithm. Using AI technology, Snappii, an innovator and perceptible stakeholder of the business app market, has turned the app creation into the process of several clicks and choices. And nowadays anyone can become a developer of a complete mobile app.

Augmented Reality

People have long been using the Augmented Reality apps for fun, such as playing games, creating 3D pictures and videos and so on. However now Augmented Reality offers a relatively new direction and unleashes a completely new world of possibilities to business. Many industries can leverage AR apps’ benefits to provide something unique and more advanced to their customers. For example, real estate sector. The app with AR technology can give real-time open house experience to the customers right on their smartphone.

Voice search and voice to text

A voice has become a tool of searching, purchasing, managing devices and more. The voice technology brings the new opportunities to businesses, significantly accelerates and automates processes. We think that this trend will receive even greater development and demand the next year. Voice-to-text feature provides special benefits for industries with physical work at the jobsites, such as construction. Snappii Construction Daily Log app already offers this. Field employees usually don’t have the opportunity to fill out paper documents. With this app, all you need is just hit the mic and speak into it. It translates your voice into text and fills out the fields.

Snappii innovations

Mobile apps are a competitive space. To make mobile app development successful it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies. Snappii is proud to be ranked one of the Top iOS App Development Companies. Techreviewer, a research and analytics platform, has published a list, where Snappii is numbered 17 in the top 60. We do not stop there and constantly continue to develop and promote new unique mobile solutions for businesses. Our top recent innovations are Precast Erectors Planner app and In Home Care Providers app. This way, Snappii covers various industries. Moreover, the most anticipated solution will be released soon. Anyone will be able to convert their forms to mobile forms right in a Snappii Mobile Forms app in a few clicks. We invite you to develop and achieve greater success with Snappii in 2020.

Precast Concrete: Reliable Delivery, Smooth Erection and Optimized Workflow

Delays and risks steal your time and money

Precast concrete passes through several stages, from order placement, production stage, to delivery to project site. The last mentioned stage requires good supply chain management to ensure timely erection process. Disruptions can stop the work of the entire construction site. All delays and risks should be anticipated to eliminate loss of time and money. Special mobile apps help ensure that the correct elements are delivered error-free to the right place at the right time and the whole project team operate in time and budget.

Not so long ago Snappii, an outstanding business app development company, had the pleasure of working with a large enterprise from Texas – Coreslab Structures. The task was to improve project documentation, reduce delays and synchronize the entire field workflow. The collaboration has resulted in creation of unique and extremely useful Precast Erectors Planner app.

Precast Erectors Planner app. Timely, safe and professional operations

Precast Erectors Planner app provides a real time view of all the field activity, helps in planning, following up the progress, management, scheduling of labor and equipment, keeping all parties of the project well informed at all the stages, as well as ensures timely and accurate reporting. Coreslab Structures noticed that this app can save $4,000 per hour on delays!

Utilizing the real-time status information is an effective way to coordinate the project and ensure its progress according to the schedule. Moreover, such information allows generating the necessary project documentation to identify valid causes and hold certain people accountable due to any inconsistencies (in case they nonetheless occur). Precast Erectors Planner app enables better project understanding and defending the actions.

Among the features of the app are:

– the ability to load erection sequence from Excel;

– 4 day look ahead form with delivery dates and delivery times, which can be filled out automatically;

– calculation of number of pieces that are erected on any given day;

– instant notification about schedule changes;

– the ability of fast creation daily and anytime status reports, their sending and storage;

–  unlimited photos.

No more wasting labor hours, expensive equipment, sitting idle, waiting pieces from manufacturing. Plan any erection phases and achieve clear execution. Increase in efficiency of the project executions can lead to the growth of the whole business.

The way to succeed

The precast concrete industry is showing a solid growth worldwide. These products use in house building, as well as bridges and highways building. The global precast concrete market size is anticipated to reach USD 149.1 billion by 2026, according to a new study published by Polaris Market Research. The best way to succeed in this field is to keep up with modern mobile solutions. Snappii is ready to realize any needs of your business. Our short video can give you a general overview of the existing structure of Precast Erectors Planner app. However, the app is fully customizable and can be modified to meet your personal requirements. This approach is also financially beneficial. You don’t need to hire developers for large-scale, long-term and costly process. Contact us today to discuss any questions, schedule the app demo and get a free quote of app customization.

The Main Issue of Modern Home Care Industry

Almost 54 million seniors today make up approximately 20% of the total U.S. population. Senior care industry undergoes a significant transition. A majority of seniors prefer to be cared for in their homes. Home care services may include nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, and social work. Such care is more individual and less expensive than nursing homes with accommodation fee. This way, this field is huge and growing rapidly.

Documentation requirements and paper captivity

To be successful and productive, any home care agency should have skilled and job loving staff. However, this is not all. Modern home care agencies must be legally executed and operate in a strict accordance with the following:

– State and federal homecare regulations,

– Medicare certification or accreditation,

– Area business laws,

– and more.

All these compliances, inspections, reports, etc. require constant paperwork, costing agencies precious time, money and resources. The question is how to make sure your documentation complies with the terms and regulations and not to drown in paper? And the next question is how to focus on the patients, improvement of the care service and business growth at that very moment?

Paper-based processes hold agencies back. They should look for opportunities to streamline and automate their operations. And modern mobile technologies have a smart solution for this. Snappii, a leading mobile business app developer, is introducing an In Home Care Providers app. The app allows users to work with various documentation right on their smartphones or tablets.

Avoid paperwork and focus on the main thing

Some time ago Sunny Days In-Home Care company contacted us and asked to help optimize their work with documentation. Here is what John Bennett, Executive Director says: “Our field staff is able to collect documents and have them emailed to our office staff and stored in our cloud instantaneously. This has reduced travel back and forth to our office, mailing of documents, and scanning of documents. This has saved our company both time and money. Also, the state is constantly changing policies and we can make quick adjustments to our documentation within the app so that our staff is immediately using documents that meet the requirements for compliance. It has enabled us to scale our business at a rapid rate. We have grown quickly enough to be an Inc. 5000 company four years in a row, that wouldn’t be possible without Snappii.” This way, one app helped to cope with a significant problem and get the opportunity to focus on business development.

In Home Care Providers app is now available for everyone. It provides 30+ ready-made forms for caregivers and clients, which allows slashing the documentation time in half. Also you can add your own forms. No need to hire people to process and move paper around. It is easy to train how to use the app. Learn more and try In Home Care Providers app already today.

Paper-based documentation is inefficient and error-prone. Home care agencies that strategically implement digital technology attain significant success like Sunny Days In-Home Care.

In Home Care Provider App: How Snappii helped Sunny Days Home Care Agency Get into the Inc. 5000 List

Where we are now regarding the elderly population

While the size of the world’s elderly population has been increasing for centuries, it is only in recent decades that the proportion has caught the attention of researchers and policy makers. Now North America and Oceania have relatively high aggregate percentages of elderly, and these are projected to increase substantially in the coming decades. Also the fastest-growing age segment in many countries is the oldest old. In the United States, the oldest old increased from 374,000 in 1900 to more than 9 million today. And the stats predicts its stable increase (Consensus Study Report “Preparing for an Aging World. The Case for Cross-National Research”).

What that means is that there will be an increase in the need for various institutions of working with the elderly. This demand can be observed already today. Thanks to modern advances in medicine, technology, social sphere, etc., we can provide the elderly decent care and assistance and continue to develop and increase build on the momentum in this field.

How not to drown in paperwork

Today each home care agency needs a technology infrastructure that sets them up for success in a rapidly developing industry. The main difficulty agencies deal with is paperwork. Quite often this significantly slows down the growth of the business. Every process of daily operations should be documented and taken into account. Let’s talk about various inspections in particular. It is a key point in such field as home care. Agencies must be strongly sure of every aspect of the services they provide, and report to the higher authorities. Modern mobile technology offers a solution to avoid drowning in paperwork and focus on improving the service.

Snappii is in a hurry to help

Sunny Days In-Home Care company provides professional, affordable, and caring in-home living assistance for seniors in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding regions. Its management staff is constantly in the field and deal with many forms. John Bennett, Executive Director, has turned to Snappii, a leading business app development company, to optimize their work with documentation. Here is what they got “The app saves time and money by giving our field staff the ability to submit documentation from anywhere in our territory. We continue to grow our territory size, and are able to run everything out of one office because we can submit documents instantaneously with our app. Also, the state is constantly changing policies and we can make quick adjustments to our documentation within the app so that our staff is immediately using documents that meet the requirements for compliance.” This way, Snappii has helped Sunny Days not just digitize operations and avoid paperwork but also grow the business.

Grow the business

Paperwork optimization and a way to get to Inc. 5000 list

Now Sunny Days is in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list. The list is a compilation of the fastest-growing private companies in the country across more than 30 industries ranging from logistics and media to manufacturing and health. Companies such as Microsoft, Dell, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and many other huge names gained their first national exposure as honorees of the Inc. 5000. Snappii is proud of Sunny Days and happy to participate in the achievement of even greater success by them.

In Home Care Provider app for your business. Fast and affordable

Snappii is ready to help you achieve greater results just as we did for Sunny Days. We will customize In Home Care Provider app for you according to specific requirements of your business. What you will get:

– Collecting documentation electronically on your own app

– No need to hire people to process and move paper around

– Constant readiness for audits and compliance

– Use-friendly app to easily train people to use it

In Home Care Provider app will provide you even more benefits to keep up with the fast-paced industry, be competitive and successful.

In Home Care Provider App Forms

Effective and Reliable Solutions for Precast Concrete

Effective and Reliable Solutions for Precast Concrete New materials, approaches, as well as advances in digital technology, are creating a wave of innovation within the construction industry. Concrete is critical to most construction projects, and this is a part which is given special attention. Specialists try to get a way to make precise strength estimates, which can save time and money of the entire project. Modern tools for temperature monitoring allow revealing concrete strength in real time. This influences a speed of build and ensures quality and safety. And because this knowledge also provides optimization, the reducing of material costs can be achieved.

Advances in concrete strength monitoring: what new technology can offer

Construction companies often relied on traditional method of wired thermocouples to monitor temperature in concrete pours. However they can easily become disconnected or damaged, while the construction process. Modern technology provides the alternative – wireless concrete sensors and mobile apps. Contractors are able to get critical information for real-time monitoring of concrete properties and make timely, efficient and informed decisions. Also this allows knowing immediately when the project is ready for the next phase of construction, preventing project delays, and cutting overall operational time.

More flexibility and accuracy for managing precast concrete

One more useful feature of modern digital technologies for concrete erection – planning, management and reporting apps. It allows increase of efficiency, and significant time and money saving, just like concrete strength monitoring tools do. Engineers need to integrate a vast number of pieces into building designs, while complying with regulations. Special mobile app can become an extremely powerful assistant in planning and tracking of all erection activities. They will prevent mistakes and delays. Mobile apps for precast erection can synchronize the entire field team for maximum efficiency.

Precast Erectors Planner app: Avoid expensive delays and get detailed project documentation

Snappii strives to keep up with the development of advanced industries. Construction is a central focus of our attention. Recently we have created a Precast Erectors Planner app and already there is a satisfied customer – Coreslab Structures from Texas. “An app like this can save $4,000 per hour” – says Mark McGee, Field Operations Manager. Precast Erectors Planner app helps avoid expensive delays and snowball from there, synchronizing the entire field team, contractors, and backoffice. This App provides a real time view of all the field activity and project reporting, which enables office and management to schedule labor, equipment and materials just in time. Specialists are able to get detailed project documentation for defending their actions. Precast Erectors Planner app is absolutely customizable and Snappii team can meet specific requirements of any company. Contact us to learn more.

The demand for concrete will continue to grow, due to the growth of the construction industry. In addition, the demands on strength, durability and workability will continue to increase. The rapid development of advanced technologies will help meet these new demands. Special mobile apps will help you optimize your project’s potential, while at the same time ensuring it is completed on time and with a required quality.

4 Practices to Improve Field Service Operations

In a highly competitive field service market, it is extremely important to pay special attention to customer retention and brand differentiation. Although field service is often unpredictable, there are many ways to improve your operations and provide the best customer service.

Be punctual and reduce travel time

Showing up on time is a common requirement for technicians. Despite the fact that technicians don’t always know how long each job will last, they should try to keep their schedules. Optimizing schedules to that all technicians are traveling small distances between jobs is key. Also it’s important to notify clients if technician is running late.

Schedule management and tracking mobile app is the most effective solution to this task. The constant communication channel between the technicians and managers provides timely information flow. Managers can track all employees as well as notify customers about any delays or changes.

Prevent failures and repeat of problems

Focus on preventing service failures from occurring. Conduct regular inspections of equipment, staff qualification and service methods. And once again mobile solutions can help and become a multifunctional tool to optimize and accelerate inspection process. Inspection apps allow anyone to instantly capture information right in the field, process it, generate specific lists and forms, create reports, share them and more.

However if the failure occurred, it is quite important to make every effort to prevent it from repeating. Quick small analysis, determine of errors and problems and their register can help in future smooth operation.

Tempting bids

The question of accurate bid can’t be unambiguous. However, the right one should be the one that is competitive with other bids, not at the top or the bottom of a client’s price range. The clients aren’t looking for the cheapest or the most expensive bid. They need a balance of price and quality. Analyze pricing data and the subsistence level of your area. Remember about the accordance of price and quality of services.

The Power of Reporting

It is common that you should do reports of service done. Reporting is important for statistics, analysis, improvement directions and possible external inspections. Also your clients may ask for reports, wanting to know how they spent their money and why. Having real time reports can be an invaluable tool for a business owner to make better business decisions. And the best opportunity to get such reports is mobile apps. Gone are the days when technicians used paper daily logs and had to generate paper reports and drive them to the office. Now all they need for quick accurate report is a smartphone and a reporting app. Mobile reporting apps make it easy to access the information you want, when you want it. They save time of all employees and the company’s costs.

Snappii, a leader of mobile field apps, can become the best assistant in the improvement of your field service business. We offer the widest range of features for any job operation. Are you interested? Let’s discuss your needs. Contact us here.

Elevator Maintenance: Mobile Apps for the Main Operations

Today we cannot imagine our life without elevators. Each day billions elevator journeys are taken in buildings all over the world. And a number is expected to jump to 70 percent by the year 2050. Nowadays we deal with “green” elevators, smart elevators that are connected to the Internet and other amazing innovations. In elevator construction and service, demand and competition are forcing the industry to constantly develop, improve and rationalize. Elevator service contractors confidently move to mobile solutions in elevator preventive maintenance, inspections, control of equipment, reporting, etc.

Checklists as an accuracy provider

Elevator constructions can differ greatly and changes to the designs are often made. This way, it is extremely beneficial to use and refer to checklists of the products and components requirements that vary from project to project. It increases efficiency during the design phase and safety. Thanks to the modern mobile software, such checklists can be used right on the mobile device. Mobile checklists contribute to the more accurate and timely data and provide the opportunity to avoid piles of paper, mess and mistakes.

Optimization of elevator service in a few clicks

Task scheduling, distribution and timely notification can provide more optimized service. This is both company productivity and image. Efficient work means more customers and more profit. Elevator service management apps allow users to generate schedules, change them, assign tasks, track their progress, send notifications, instantly get any details and more. And all of these can be made just in a few clicks anytime and anywhere.

The most tedious work and elevator inspection apps

Elevator inspection is an extremely important process with wide coverage, which delivers a great benefit to operational performance and prolongs its lifecycle. Nowadays this tedious, labor intensive and manual paper process can be replaced by an all-in-one elevator inspection app. Inspection of elevators are typically based on the special standards and regulations. Elevator inspection apps allow companies not just to collect various data conveniently and fast, but also to be sure they follow all these standards and the data is always at hand.

Make reports clearer and more helpful

Accurate, timely reports are a guarantor of the effective elevator maintenance. Elevator service management apps are able to generate professional reports for complete visibility and maximization of productivity. Mobile reports simplify their storage and transfer. Moreover, they are available 24/7.

Snappii knows a lot about mobile solutions for elevator services

Snappii, a leading business app development company, has a significant experience in work with elevator services. Not so long ago we created a mobile solution for Vision Elevators from Southern Africa. Here is the challenge they were trying to address with Snappii.

“Two of our key business processes, time management recording and preventative maintenance recording were reliant on administrative capturing into our ERP system. Not only was this time consuming and prone to inaccuracies but also resulted in delays in information being available for decision making.

The main business reasons we needed to address were:

  1. To collect better information from customer sites so that more proactive maintenance services could be offered to clients
  2. Timesheets to keep our employees honest.” (Nicholas Wareing, CEO Vision Elevators)

Read more about the collaboration and the benefits Snappii has provided to Vision Elevators here.

Snappii offers fast and high quality custom app development for a variety of fields. Our team is always available to consult and guide your ideas to maximum efficiency of your business and its profitability. Snappii is able to find the ideal concept to meet any specific requirements. Also, thanks to the unique Snappii Mobile Form Converter anyone can generate an app just converting the existing paper forms. It doesn’t require any special skills.

Elevators are one of the most high value assets, and the cost leak from lack of proper maintenance and control can soon become a flood of wasted money. Elevator service management apps can significantly help eliminate financial losses, reduce operating costs and extend the lifecycle of your equipment.

How to Maximize the Lifecycle of Construction Heavy Equipment

How to Maximize the Lifecycle of Construction Heavy Equipment

The management of construction heavy equipment is a difficult task. However, the proper management will help get the most from the investment and enjoy the safe operation of the machine. The lifecycle of equipment depends on preventative measures, regular inspections and well-trained operators and technicians. These contribute to higher productivity and cost reduction.

Why inspection is a key

During a heavy equipment maintenance, inspection is a fundamental process. By conducting thorough heavy equipment inspections, specialists ensure that the necessary components are in working and safe order. Construction businesses will save hundreds or thousands of dollars and maintain consistent workflows when their heavy equipment needs less time on repairs and stays in better shape for long-term use.

Checklists and data accumulation

A good inspection process relies on the proper capturing and processing of information. Inspection checklists help operators and inspectors streamline inspection process and always remember what to look for. These lists can be processed and let mechanics refer to them to determine service requirements and possible repair situations. Also they serve as the basis for reports. All this data will help identify bigger issues before a major breakdown occurs, and it is instrumental in keeping costs down and production up.

Mobile solutions in heavy equipment inspection process

To avoid inconvenient paper-based checklists and difficulties associated with them, modern specialists move to special mobile software, which contains all lists and forms in the digital format. Mobile checklists and heavy equipment inspection apps provide the following benefits:

– Access anytime anywhere

The whole team have instant access to collected data. Any issues can be immediately reported to the right people. It reduces time, eliminates unnecessary moving and operations, and optimizes the workflow.

– Accuracy and reliability

Paper is unreliable and there is a high risk of errors when manually filling out the lists. Mobile checklists and heavy equipment inspection apps reduce human error and ensure accuracy of data.

– Legal security

Regulatory standards and rules can be built into the mobile inspection form, ensuring that all safety and other regulations will be addressed during the inspection process and reporting. Moreover, heavy equipment inspection apps allow safely storage of all the data for instant providing at the request of higher authorities or if necessary. This is an additional way of the legal security of the construction company in case of various proceedings and issues.

People are still the main resources for cohesive operations, however modern heavy equipment inspection apps can become a good pocket assistant to free up some time and make life easier. Keeping this in mind, Snappii, a mobile business app provider, has developed several mobile solutions for the construction industry and construction heavy equipment inspection in particular.

Heavy Equipment Inspection app from Snappii allows users to conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. As soon as the inspection form is completed, it gets saved locally on device and there is a PDF and an Excel file generated. These files can be printed and shared via email, text message, cloud storages (DropBox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive) and other sharing options available on your mobile device. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints for inspecting heavy equipment. Heavy Equipment Inspection app is 100% customizable as most Snappii apps. It can be supplemented by specific features.

One more solution from Snappii is Mobile Form Apps. Specifically developed Snappii Mobile Form Converter allows anyone to create mobile form apps using their existing PDF documents. Also the users are able to choose from the pre-made form templates for various industries. For example, a heavy equipment inspection form. It can be easily customized to meet special requirements of the company. There are 2 options: do it yourself or let Snappii do it for you.

There is a new era of construction heavy equipment inspection and management. Hurry up to join it!

How Precast Erectors Can Avoid Expensive Delays and Increase Efficiency

How Precast Erectors Can Avoid Expensive Delays and Increase EfficiencyThe erection of precast concrete elements requires a very thorough choice of lifting equipment, personnel and management tools. These contribute to efficient and quality installation and allow reaping the full benefits of precast construction. A clear process plan, with the exact sequence, timely reporting, instantly notification of any changes, supporting system is a significant part of precast works. Also saving time and money on any construction project is essential. To synchronize and manage all the activities, modern erectors use mobile software.

Mobile solutions’ breakthrough in precast erection field

Changes during construction are inevitable and can cause errors and delays. Special mobile apps help prevent these. The apps become a bridge between the job sites and office and allow companies to stay in time and budget.

Recently Snappii, a leading mobile business solutions provider, has released Precast Erectors Planner App. We worked with Coreslab Structures in TX to create the app. We learned about the forced downtime and financial loss and tried to create a tool to coordinate the activities with strong accuracy and efficiency.

Why Precast Erectors Planner App from Snappii

No more delays waiting for pieces to be delivered to construction sites. No more wasted labor time. No more equipment sitting idle. Precast Erectors Planner App provides a real time view of all the field activity and project reporting, which enables office and management to schedule labor, equipment and materials just in time. The main features of the app are:

– Load erection sequence from Excel

– Automatically fills out a 4 day look ahead plan with adjusted delivery times and dates so that everybody can adjust their plans

– Automatically calculates the number of pieces that are erected on any given day

– Team members are instantly notified about schedule changes

– Easy to create Daily and Anytime Status reports with notes about why delays happened, safety info, pictures.

– No need to type. Conversion of speech to text.

– Unlimited photos

– Email the daily report to manufacturers, contractors, etc.

The main benefits of using Precast Erectors Planner App are:

– Avoid of wasted time and money on labor, equipment and materials

– Streamlining of supply chain between the erectors and the manufacturers

– Keeping all the team members on the “same page”

– Fast and accurate coordination of project needs for project managers and contractors

“An app like this can save $4,000 per hour,” said Mark McGee, Field Operations Manager at Coreslab.

Try the innovative solution already now

Snappii team have collected all information of the app to one-page PDF document that you can share and print out. Also there is a detailed video with a visual demonstration of Precast Erectors Planner App. You can always request a demo of the app with our support team.

Stop getting blamed for delays! The app will become an essential pocket assistant for precast erectors, foremen, manufacturers and other specialists and help raise the business to the next level. Contact us anytime with any questions about Precast Erectors Planner App.

OSHA Violations: How to Avoid the Accusations

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) was established in 1970 and companies must be in compliance of its safety standards to this day. Failing to be in compliance and violating these standards can be very costly to both the lives of employees and the business itself. And the question is who’s to blame for OSHA violations, employer or employee?

Forewarned is forearmed: protect employees and your business

In an interview with NBC2 News last month, safety director of Crown Roofing, a Florida company specializing in new construction, re-roof, maintenance and roof service (the firm has contested more than $500,000 in fines), said the incidents occurred because some employees were not obeying company safety rules. Sometimes even if a contractor has trained its employees on safety rules a few workers may simply refuse to follow procedures. Anyway, employers need to make sure they make some basic measures to protect their employees and their business.

– First of all, any employer should provide employees with a written policy of general safety rules and procedures as well as violation consequences. Forewarned is forearmed and this works for both sides.

– If employees have a full understanding of the tools, equipment, substances they may be working with and of the emergency behavior, the chances of accidents will decrease. Regular reminders and training and their reporting will protect employees from injuries as well as protect businesses from violations and fines.

– Employers should pay special attention to a system of verifying that the rules are being enforced. This is usually accomplished by visual observations, timely documentation of any violations and punishment. It’s extremely important to discipline the person who was committing the violation by special measures.

Smart assistant in your pocket

To successfully implement all the measures above, businesses need a tool for optimization, inspection and reporting. Special mobile apps are the best assistant, which allow users to communicate, track, collect data, process it, generate reports, send and store them anytime and anywhere.

Snappii, a mobile business app provider, have helped thousands of companies in such industries as construction, field service, warehousing, transportation, logistics, fire safety, fleet management and more. We try to focus on the most required operations and help specialists improve and optimize them. OSHA case reporting mobile app is designed for individuals to instantly report any violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations right on the spot. It can help employers save their business and streamline workforce management. Snappii team is able to modify OSHA case reporting app for any specific needs. For example, you can use your existing forms right in this app. We will convert them and make necessary changes. Just contact us to discuss.

The maximum citation for serious safety hazards is $12,471 per violation. It’s beneficial both in terms of employee health, and business finances and legal security to stay up to date on OSHA safety standards and make efforts to identify and negate possible safety hazards. Employers can find more useful information about OSHA regulations and get a consultation here.

Digital Transformation: a New Way of Legal Department Operation

Digital Transformation: a New Way of Legal Department OperationDigitalization changes the dynamic

Nowadays industries are under a digital transformation that reshapes usual business processes. This provides tremendous opportunity for innovation, competitive advantage and business growth. Gartner notes that 87% of senior business leaders identify digitalization as a key priority. However, some businesses still concern about risks associated with digital initiatives. Mostly it concerns legal departments. They accustomed old manner business operations with paperwork to have a paper confirmation of any process. This can represent a critical gap in the whole workflow.

Digital readiness pushes forward legal departments

According to Gartner, legal departments that successfully achieve digital readiness can increase on-time project delivery by 63%. “When legal departments successfully achieve digital readiness, it can better support business agility while maintaining rigorous governance.” Let’s consider in the details how it works.

A step to the digital future: the benefits for businesses

Saying “digital transformation”, we mean mobile solutions. And their main focus is data and communication. Mobile data is more safe and subjected to better control. It contributes to more organized and accurate data work. Modern companies should consider digitalization as a convenient way to legally save their employees and the business itself. One mobile business app can contain all work documentation in a convenient mobile format at the fingertips. Legal departments can replace huge amounts of paper files with just one app and avoid losses, mess, and other issues, which can lead to serious consequences. This way, digital solutions provide significant benefit when it comes to legal-specific data security. Thanks to mobile technology, legal departments are able to work timely with any decisions, regulations and changes in decrees, track regulatory requirements compliance and get any reports for further provision to higher authorities. The reporting requirements continue to advance, so mobile apps are the best solution for acceleration and optimization of this process.

A step to the digital future: a strong assistant

To realize the full potential of digitalization, companies and especially legal departments should start by keeping current on technology and embracing new ways of working. Snappii deals with mobile business solutions about 10 years. We help businesses of various industries streamline and automate tasks and processes, and in turn reduce costs and increase productivity. Our focus is a close interaction and consideration of specific requirements of a separate company. “Thanks to Snappii we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it,” says Steven Koski from Harold Brothers Mechanical.

Thanks to Snappii codeless conversion platform, anyone can generate mobile form app without special skills or big bucks. Our brand new AI powered solution allows users to upload a PDF file or image with form and get a converted mobile form. Also our team can convert and customize any form for you.

Strengthen your legal department practices with powerful mobile solutions, develop stronger business strategies, minimize legally regulation risks and better deliver services. Contact us for free consultation at


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