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3 Tips to Make Business Travel and Expense Reporting Policy More Efficient

3 Tips to Make Business Travel and Expense Reporting Policy More EfficientWe want to believe that the worst is over and the world is recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are on the road to resume business activities. Business travelling is one of them. In this blog post we will discuss such essential point as business travel expenses.

Frequently, employees turn a blind eye to following the company travel and expense policy. It may be due to the fact that keeping track of all that expense information is tedious and time consuming for both employees and managers. However, there are 3 ways to make it more efficient.

Clarity, simplicity and fairness

Avoid ambiguity while creating a business company travel and expense policy. If employees aren’t sure whether they need to do this or that, they’ll probably wind up doing neither. Clarity and simplicity are the main key. Fairness is another important component. The same conditions regardless of seniority will help avoid controversial situations. Existence of different classes of service for different job levels requires delicate and careful elaboration to avoid infringement, abuses and protests.

Strict separation

Prevent business expenses from getting tangled up with personal expenses. It is important to have a strict separation and constant adherence to it. Create a dedicated credit card for business travel expenses. Enter into special cooperation agreements with the most frequently visited places in order to resolve financial issues directly with your company.

Mobile solutions

Special mobile apps can significantly simplify and optimize business travel expense reporting. Such apps allow users to instantly add receipts and bills, submit them for approval, generate reports and more. It is an incredibly convenient and flexible tool that is always at hand. No data will be missed or lost.

Snappii is a leader of business apps, which automate and optimize a plenty of operations. Now we want to present Quick Expense Reporting app to help you instantly create expense reports, capture and insert images of checks, receipts, invoices and bills, and share this information as PDF and Excel reports on the spot. Track and report such business expenses as travel, lodging, meals, phone, conference fees, materials, etc. on the go with the convenience of your mobile device. Quick Expense Reporting app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Snappii is able to customize most of its business apps. Contact us to discuss it.

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