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3 Tips to Save on Technology Costs

3 Tips to Save on Technology CostsCaution became a leading strategy of most businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses closely scrutinize spending and revise budget. Different countries are in various phases of reopening, and the economy of most of them is in a recession. Analyst firms expect tech spending to shrink 8-9%. According to Randy Potter, chief architect at global consulting firm Capgemini, over the last few months, companies have focused on how to optimize and cut technology costs. In this regard, we offer 3 tips for saving on technology costs.

Not in use? Cut it off

The way to operate has changed in many companies due to the transition to remote work, staff reductions, change of work approaches and more. Don’t be afraid to cut off all unnecessary and outdated services and apps. Also take time to highlight inefficient technology and refuse them. The market of modern technology is incredibly vast and you are able to find much more suitable solutions.

Turn to vendors

It’s in the vendor’s best interest to maintain a steady customer base in the market uncertainty. As technology customers tighten budgets and refuse some technological solutions, it will also negatively impact vendor revenue streams. This way, they can offer sales, deferment of payment, or any special offers. Contact your vendors to know the opportunities.

One for all

There are multifunctional technological solutions and sets which can replace a huge number of separate services and apps. It’s not just saving of the money but also additional flexibility and efficiency for work. The main point is to thoroughly choose a complex solution without a damage for any part work.

Real savings with Snappii

Snappii presents sets of apps for one low price to save your money and supply you with useful features for productive work. Daily reports, safety documentation, vehicle inspections, job estimates and more other categories. Most of the apps can be customized for your specific needs. Moreover, Snappii is the leader in development of powerful, multifunctional business apps. We create apps in weeks, not months. You will get a product, which contains a set of chosen features and meets all your requirements. Contact us today and receive real savings for your business.

The Way to Meet All Specific Requirements of Any Warehouse Business

The Way to Meet All Specific Requirements of Any Warehouse Business“Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.”

Philip Green

Don’t settle for generalized solutions

The most warehouse management apps have the same basic structure and features. Typically these apps meet general needs and help manage a business. However, in the modern competitive field, warehouse managers and owners should pay attention to advanced features as well as individualized solutions to suit specific needs.

It’s the time of affordable customization

Features that used to be considered “extra” and require long and expensive development are now becoming commonplace in a warehouse of any size. Such warehouse management apps could change a game, cut costs, save time and improve efficiency. They provide integration throughout the entire specific warehouse. This means everything from procurement to shipping are under constant control.

The best assistant to realize all your specific needs

Take some time to consider how your current system operates and which features you would add. It may be time for upgrade. Snappii will be happy to contribute to the success of your warehouse business. We are in the industry of multifunctional business apps for about 10 years and worked with such companies as NationaLease, Hyster, GE, Yale, Allianz, Coreslab and more. Snappii offers upscale and fast custom app development process. Thanks to advanced and powerful App Builder, the apps are made in weeks, not months! Our customers can be a part of the development process, and this contributes to 100% compliance with the requirements. Here are 2 case studies about the work with Snappii and how the tasks were achieved. Snappii provides unique functions and individual approach to specific activities. Your warehouse business is in safe hands and we are ready to listen and discuss all your requirements and ideas. Contact our support team at or here.


Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This Process

Why Industrial Cleaning is Essential and How to Optimize This ProcessWhat is Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services specialize at cleaning of such areas as factories and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, power plants and other industrial facilities. Industrial cleaning is typically done by a professional commercial cleaning team with a usage of specific cleaning tools and techniques. Such specific cleaning teams must be highly skilled and operate without harming workers and expensive equipment. There are some types of industrial cleaning:

– floor cleaning,

– carpet and upholstery cleaning,

– window and glass cleaning,

– disinfection and sanitation,

– heavy equipment cleaning,

– power washing,

– post-construction cleanup and construction debris removal.

– etc.

Need to know

Usually industrial environments are busy, crowded and high-traffic, and can even operate around the clock. Industrial cleaning companies work closely with the enterprise and draw up a plan and strategy to not interfere with operations and encourage minimized delays and risk. Inappropriate work of industrial cleaning company or failure of the enterprise to employ a professional cleaning team could lead to drops in employee productivity, poor quality of workflow and products, bad reputation and even incidents. That’s why it is extremely important for industrial cleaning companies to improve their operations and implement advanced solutions such as mobile technology.

The benefits of mobile solutions

Today special mobile apps can provide industrial cleaning companies a set of useful features. For example, accurate and convenient planning and scheduling, instant work with timely data, exchange of any information, inspections and reporting, safe data storage and more. Specialists can forget paperwork and spend time more efficiently.

Inspections are an essential process in cleaning service. Confidence in proper conditions and official confirmation of this contribute to smooth and safe operation of the enterprise and successful completion of tasks of cleaning companies. Snappii offers Cleaning Inspection Checklist app for fast and convenient audit and inspection of any specified area. Users are able to fill out the form by adding evaluations, notes and photos about the quality of cleaning. Then they can generate a PDF report, print it, send it via email, or safely store it right on the mobile device. Also Cleaning Inspection Checklist app has a Disinfection Checklist with 38 checks to ensure that all the surfaces have been disinfected. The app is customizable to meet any specific needs. Contact Snappii to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and Safe Construction Jobsite

How Mobile Solutions Ensure Proper Documentation and Safe Construction JobsiteThere are a plenty of dangers and risks on any construction project. One of the main tasks of contractor is to keep everyone safe while they are on-site. Proper and accurate documentation takes part in creating a safe workflow. To achieve this, contractors complete daily construction safety checklists and generate construction safety reports. This way, contractors can make sure their sites are safe, any dangers and incidents are identified and reported so they can continue to improve workflow.

The importance of proper reporting for OSHA

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a Federal safety watchdog. All significant incidents should be reported to it. OSHA uses this information to help companies eliminate unsafe work practices. Also accessible, accurate and timely records help avoid litigations.

Advantages of mobile solutions

Today construction businesses improve construction operations through technological advances. Construction documentation also gets huge benefits from modern mobile technology, and influences on safe workflow. Mobile forms and apps allow users to fill in pre-made forms in a few clicks, generate complete, professional reports right on a smartphone, conveniently store data, share it and more. These contribute to optimized and efficient work with safety documentation. And in turn, general safety at the jobsites rises to the next level.

What Snappii can offer for construction documentation

Snappii helps construction companies create safe and efficient jobsites. We provide mobile solutions for this field that are easy to use, as well as multifunctional and smart. Among the powerful ready-made construction apps are Construction Daily Log app, Construction Manager app, Timesheet Manager app, Construction Estimator app, Construction Plans app, Workplace Safety Inspection app and more. All apps allow users to easily and quickly work with data in the field and add them to pre-made forms. Moreover, Snappii construction apps provide the opportunity to generate professional reports as PDF and Excel files.

Snappii offers Mobile Forms Converter. Thanks to it, anyone can convert existing forms to their mobile analogue. Also our team can do it for you. You just need provide your forms and requirements. Moreover, Snappii has Snappii Mobile Forms app with a set of pre-made forms which are able to be used. Download the app and choose the forms you need.

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More Optimized

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection Practices to Make the Process More OptimizedVertical transportation is becoming increasingly important as urbanization expands. Today elevators are often taken for granted, but they need regular maintenance and inspections in order to operate properly. There are several practices to help technicians ensure elevator maintenance and safety.

– Learn about the equipment history to understand the lifecycle, important details and the risk for potential issues. Having this knowledge will help you hold the equipment provider accountable if necessary.

– It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive and only respond to problems. Elevators should be inspected regularly regardless of any breakings.

– Rules and regulations are continually evolving to improve elevator maintenance practices. It is important to adhering to not only current protocol of maintenance, but also new and developing standards and always be aware of their appearance and changes.

– Keep detailed and regular records and ensure that the data you have about your equipment is accurate and complete. This will help you make the most effective decisions. Also it is a way to always have all documentation, which can be required by higher organizations. The advancements in technology have made work with data much easier. Data recording and processing can be automated. Special elevator inspection apps allow users to add necessary information to pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks. The completed forms can be conveniently and safely stored right on the mobile device and they are always available anywhere.

The best app for fast and efficient elevator inspection

Snappii offers Inspect & Maintain Elevators app from Snappii. This elevator inspection app is designed to ensure organized inspection of all units and generate a professional report. It covers each major system and component of elevators. App users are able to quickly fill in pre-made forms, add photos and signatures. Also there is an opportunity to generate a PDF report and send it. Snappii elevator inspection app is customizable to any specific needs. Learn more about Inspect & Maintain Elevators app in a short video. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact Snappii with any specific requirements and ideas for app customization.

The Most Important Points to Know about Home Inspections

Why home inspections are essential

Proper and regular home inspections can help make the most of your property. Home inspection is essential in gathering all the valuable information for right maintenance and life extension of the facility. Also it is the way to know whether the house is safe or not and the opportunity to avoid unexpected and expensive surprises. Here is what any homeowner should know about home inspections.

Home inspection covers the following areas:

– house structure and framing,

– roof,

– electrical,

– plumbing,


– exterior and interior.

Professional home inspection before selling or buying a house will naturally require a specialist services. While the expert is doing the inspection on your property, you should be involved in the process.

What about the time

The time of home inspection may differ from one property to another. Basically it depends on a property size. In case you use the services of a specialist, the time to prepare a report will be required. However, the reports are useful even if you conduct inspections yourself. An average inspection takes around 3 to 4 hours. Special inspection apps can significantly accelerate this process, as well as simplify and optimize it.

The best inspection apps for improvement and optimization

Snappii offers 2 apps which will be quite helpful for inspection of property and facilities. Building Inspection app is ideal pocket tool to perform house inspections. It covers fire prevention, building maintenance, storage, occupancy, heating and electrical systems, housekeeping, exterior, etc. Thanks to this inspection app, anyone can easily and quickly capture all necessary data and put it in pre-made mobile forms. Moreover, users are able to visualize building inspections on a map. Completed inspection forms can be instantly accessed, edited, stored and emailed. Another smart mobile tool is Building Maintenance app. This app is a perfect assistant in organization of maintenance inspection. Building Maintenance app allows users to add multiple details to the database, including personal information, timestamp, geo location, pictures and more. The data can be synced across multiple devices. Also app users are able to generate PDF and Excel reports on the base of completed inspection forms.

Both apps eliminate paperwork and make inspections faster and more organized. Snappii can create your own custom inspection app or use your existing inspection forms and convert them to their mobile analogue. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

3 Common Tips while Doing Roof Maintenance and Inspection

3 Common Tips while Doing Roof Maintenance and InspectionWith the beginning of summer it is a great time to pay special attention to home exterior maintenance, which influences its long life. That includes roof maintenance and inspection. Metal roofs are more common and well-known for being easy to maintain, long lasting and durable. Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) recommends homeowners inspect and clean their metal roofs regularly to ensure maximum performance and safety. It’s important to pay attention to proper maintenance methods and follow metal roofing manufacturer’s specific recommendations. Being proactive about your roof maintenance allows you to identify issues before they snowball into expensive repairs and replacement. There are 3 common tips while performing roof maintenance and inspection.

Safety is always the first point

Roof maintenance and inspection tasks come with certain safety risks. You have to lift some tools and materials and also protect yourself from a slip or a fall. Use ladders, slip-resistant shoes, assistant help and think of all ways to protect yourself. Safety is paramount.

Don’t forget about ventilation

Your home’s ventilation plays a key role in protecting your roof in the long haul. Keep in mind this while inspecting the roof. Check whether your ventilation is compromised. Evaluating your home’s cooling bills can also help you with it. Call a professional if you have any doubts and don’t miss this point.

Use mobile apps

Use roof inspection software to manage and schedule inspections, easily and quickly capture and add information, generate reports, safely store all data and use it when necessary. Mobile forms and checklists allow users to fill in pre-made fields in a few clicks. Completed mobile forms can be sent to anyone. Roof inspection apps are the best way to optimize roof maintenance process, make it regular and accurate.

The best Roof Inspection app

Snappii offers Roof Inspection app, which covers the following types of roof inspections:

– Asphalt shingles

– Clay tiles

– Slate

– Metal

– Wood shingles and shakes

– Built-up/Membrane/Green Roof

The app allows users to collect all required details in minutes, take and upload pictures, make notes, add digital signature and more. Completed forms can be used to generate a report. These PDF and Excel reports can be previewed and shared via email or other ways. Roofing companies are able to use the address book and choose clients from it to instantly share any report with them. Upload all inspection details to cloud drives and have a constant access to all data. This video can provide more information about Roof Inspection app and show how it works. Download the app for iOS and Android devices and start using it right today. Need any app customization? Contact us and let’s discuss it.

Mobile Solutions to Maintain Heavy Equipment

When it comes to demolishing or deconstructing, there is specific heavy equipment that helps get the job done efficiently and effectively. Such equipment includes excavators, track loaders, feller bunchers, skid steer loaders, dozers and more. These machines also usually use special hydraulic tool attachments. It is important to carry out regular and proper maintenance of such complicated equipment, because its repair and replacement are extremely expensive.

Advantages of mobile solutions for heavy equipment maintenance

Modern mobile solutions can simplify and optimize heavy equipment maintenance. Where you once used reams of paper and depended on paper checklists, you can now know at a touch of a button what state your equipment is in. Heavy equipment inspection and maintenance mobile apps actively become a standard tool for keeping machines active and avoiding unnecessary downtime and expenditures. This way, heavy equipment is able to operate at its full capacity and workers can complete jobs faster and smarter.

Advanced and reliable heavy equipment inspection and maintenance mobile apps

Snappii offers several powerful apps for heavy equipment maintenance. Heavy Equipment Inspection app allows users to conduct inspections without tedious and unreliable paperwork. First of all, this app ensures safety of people and machines working in the field. Heavy Equipment Inspection app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. Inspectors can quickly indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance and instantly eliminate it. Construction Equipment Inspection is more specific app, which can become a useful assistant for maintaining various construction heavy equipment. Also Snappii is able to create any custom app from scratch. We meet the requirements and build an app in weeks.

Having your equipment ready for work is a key factor in winning and fulfilling contracts. Make heavy equipment inspection and maintenance mobile apps a part of your maintenance strategy.

Why Proper Daily Reporting Matters and the Way to Achieve This

Why Proper Daily Reporting Matters and the Way to Achieve ThisOne of the major tasks of any manager is to make employees more engaged with the company’s goals and aid in actually reaching them. They should weave this engagement into the employee’s daily routine. The best way to do this is to implement a system of employees’ daily reporting of fulfillment, accomplishments and achievements. Such reports are usually standardized.

The importance of regular daily reporting

Regular, accurate reporting is key for successful operation and development of any business. The major value of having the whole team document their daily activities and accomplishments is that it provides a view of the progress towards the achievement of the entire goals of the whole company. This also contributes to more timely and efficient decisions and right and productive direction of development.

Given the amount of paperwork while generating the report, daily reporting can become a true strength test and sometimes this process takes a back seat or it is performed irregularly and improperly. This, unfortunately, is a vital problem for most companies with prevailing field operations and field teams.

Putting mobile solutions to improve daily reporting process

However nowadays tiresome daily reporting can be avoided. Modern mobile solutions provide great opportunities to easily and quickly log events and activities in real time and generate complete professional reports right on a mobile device. Mobile daily log apps and reporting apps provide not just access to real-time data and its constant flow, but also it is the elimination of duplicitous data entry and various errors that cost time and money. Unfortunately, litigation is common situation in project work. Mobile apps enforce safe and optimized storage of reports and all important data. There is documented evidence which is always at hand and is crucial to substantiate and defend in case of litigations.

Turn to the expert

Snappii offers powerful daily log apps, as well as reporting apps. We cover a huge number of industries. For example, Construction Daily Log app, Field Service Daily Log app, Precast Erectors Reporting app, Quick Expense Reporting app and more. Also we are able to create your own custom app from scratch. Snappii offers a lightning fast app development in weeks. Start moving towards improvements right today. Contact us with any questions.

Win Better Field Service Business with Mobile Apps for Estimating and Quoting

Win Better Field Service Business with Mobile Apps for Estimating and QuotingModern mobile solutions and extension of coverage

Mobile solutions provide huge opportunities for modern field service. Many field service providers successfully use efficient mobile apps to coordinate and sync their field activities, as well as manage documentation. Mobile technology is developing at an amazing rate and now mobile apps offer quite unique features. Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, predicts that 75% of field service organizations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps that go beyond simplified data collection and add capabilities that help technicians succeed. Now mobile apps can affect so many different areas of service delivery for the better.

Why mobile apps for estimating and quoting

Regardless of the nature of the job, field service operation starts with estimating and quoting. Special mobile apps can help adjust estimates faster and more accurately, instantly provide quotes and be more organized in front of customers. Moreover, such apps allow users to efficiently manage business assets, monitor sales and service performance and save money.

Smart and multifunctional Job Estimator app

With so many field service companies still not on board with mobile apps for estimating and quoting, it’s the perfect time to get in front of the competition and start to change these processes into automated ones. Snappii offers a powerful, ready-made app for simple estimate creation right in the field. Job Estimator app allows users to collect company’s information, work description, labor hours and rates as well as all parts that are necessary. All the calculations are made automatically, so the user can instantly show a customer the estimated cost in labor, parts, and the totals. There are a speech to text feature and an ability to import clients from the address book or Excel file. Also Job Estimator app allows users to preview the estimate as a PDF prior to sending it to the client. The estimate can be sent via texting or email.

You can download Job Estimator app in Apple AppStore and Google Play. If you need any customization of the app, Snappii team is ready to learn your requirements. Send them here.

The Top Tips for Home Care Agencies to Improve Management of Field Employees

The Top Tips for Home Care Agencies to Improve Management of Field Employees

Employees of home care agencies spend most, if not all, of their time working in the field. This way, homecare managers face a unique challenge to manage employees and operations which are rarely in their sight. These simple tips can help home care agencies build a solid infrastructure for managing their employees, and take the agency to the next level.

A culture of transparency and interaction

Encourage a culture of transparency and honesty. Keep employees up to date with all the important points of the agency’s operation. Make sure everyone understands and accepts the work policy, instantly notify employees about any changes. Clarity in the workplace helps keep interactions with employees. Create a reliable and confidential channel for employees to approach their managers with concerns. Approachable and encouraging managers contribute to more pleased and efficient field team.

Meeting and career advancement opportunities

While homecare employees conduct most of their work outside of managers’ physical view, it’s important to hold regular meetings. They are an opportunity to discuss any issues and offers, as well as show an interest in developing and work improving. Also, home care agencies that offer their employees career advancement educational and other opportunities have a much greater chance of more productive team.

Mobile technologies

Modern mobile technologies can help organize a workflow of home care agencies. Special mobile apps are a great solution for managers to constantly keep in touch with field employees. Also they provide a lot of advantages for caregivers and make their work faster, more convenient and efficient. Utilizing mobile apps for home care, managers are able to optimize the work with documentation. Paperwork is time consuming and tedious. Thank to mobile apps, managers get a constant flow of timely and accurate data and can easily and quickly process it right on their mobile devices.

In Home Care Providers app

Snappii offers In Home Care Providers app to optimize work of any home care agency. It is the best way to manage all usual documentation and save time, effort and money. In Home Care Providers app provides 30+ ready-made mobile forms for caregivers and clients, which allows slashing the documentation time in half. Focus on business growth instead of paperwork. This app allows managers to be ready for any audits and compliance. It is easy to train how to use the app.

Here is what John Bennett, Executive Director of Sunny Days In-Home Care company says: “The app saves time and money by giving our field staff the ability to submit documentation from anywhere in our territory. We continue to grow our territory size, and are able to run everything out of one office because we can submit documents instantaneously with our app. Also, the state is constantly changing policies and we can make quick adjustments to our documentation within the app so that our staff is immediately using documents that meet the requirements for compliance.”

Watch the video about In Home Care Providers app to learn how it works. Download and try the app. Need any customization? Let’s discuss your requirements. Send them here.

Reopening of Business is Happening. The Tips to Make It Successfully and Safely

Reopening of Business is Happening. The Tips to Make It Successfully and SafelyTime to move on

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by every single person and business in the world. The pandemic has changed many aspects of our life. Everyone wants to believe that the worst is over. The governments around the world announce reopening plans for businesses. And the issue of reopening success confronts all companies. Here are some tips to help businesses reopen successfully and safely.

Once again about safety

It is obvious that safety of employees and customers has to come first. So, it is important to determine proper safety rules and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This is our new reality for near future and possibly longer. Ensure strict enforcement of these safety measures.

Learn and try

Keep in mind that you will be stepping into a new world. It can require more efforts and learning of something new each day. For the most part, there is no guide on a successful strategy. Get ready to take different approaches, instantly analyze and implement them.

Constant communication

Now a constant communication and flow of timely data are extremely important to set up smooth workflow. This also contributes to fast and timely response and decision making.

Digitize everything

Many companies have moved to a course of digital. This became the best way to do some work remotely. Moreover digital solutions significantly simplified, accelerated and optimized some operations. Businesses should consider the future implementation of these solutions. It is a great opportunity to gain momentum.

Flex the shifts

The new shift patterns provide reduced contacts between workers. Organize start and finish times in this way, while still allowing the company to meet production volumes.

Snappii is there to help

Snappii can become your assistant in reopening process. Snappii apps are able to optimize, simplify and accelerate different operations. Also you can reduce face to face interaction and group meetings using business apps and mobile forms. Perform fast and accurate inspections of safety and compliance with new regulations. Mobile forms and special business apps allow users to instantly collect various data, process and share it, generate professional reports and store all necessary information. Find ready-made business apps here. Most of apps are customizable. Fill out mobile forms and create reports in a snap with Snappii Mobile Forms app. It offers 100 ready-to-use form templates for your business. Also you can use your own forms. We will convert them to mobile forms for you. Send us your forms and any requirements. Today the world is going through a tough situation. However, we believe that businesses could survive successfully against all odds.

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