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How Mobile Solutions Benefit Facility Management

How Mobile Solutions Benefit Facility ManagementToday’s facility manager is under pressure to keep everything under control. Complying with strict regulatory standards, regular inspections, maintaining assets and more are among the major duties. The facility manager who relies on outdated manual processes of operations with data is not equipped to succeed in this field and maintain a high level of service quality. Here are a few ways that modern mobile solutions can help overcome challenges of facility management and elevate service quality.

Data accuracy

Data accuracy is a key. All data needs to be correctly captured, processed and managed, and mobile solutions allow managers to simplify and optimize these processes. This contributes to ability to respond immediately and by the best way to customers or regulatory authorities.

Optimized inspections

Mobile solutions streamline the facility inspection process. They allow users to perform high quality inspections right in the field. No more tedious paperwork required. There is an opportunity to instantly generate complete reports and share them with any specialists.

Improved communication

There are always team members who work remotely, and communicating efficiently through traditional methods can get a tricky. Using mobile solutions, managers can contact any employee anytime and anywhere. Also it is even possible for different members of a team to efficiently work and collaborate on the one project remotely.

Increased safety and security of assets

It is extremely important to keep all the assets within the organization safe and secure. Trying to achieve this manually is not is not reliable and is prone to human mistakes. Using mobile facility maintenance solutions, managers have the ability to track their assets in real time and always keep them on hand. The increased control over the assets ensures that they are safe at all times.

High quality mobile solutions from Snappii

If you are ready to move to mobile solutions to improve facility management, Snappii is ready to help you. We create powerful, multifunctional business apps for various industries and fields of activity. Read the testimonials of our customers here. We hold every business app we make to the highest standard. Snappii services are available for businesses of different sizes. Let us know your requirements and avail the enormous benefits of using a well-designed business app.

The Tips to Find and Hire the Right Business App Developer

The Tips to Find and Hire the Right Business App DeveloperMobile business apps are a significant advantage for any company. There are a plenty of tasks to be monitored while doing a business. Having an app means you can provide your employees with a digital experience to optimize and accelerate usual operations, as well as get an overview and a complete control over the entire workflow.

An acute question

If the question of necessity and benefits of mobile business apps has already been resolved for everyone, then the question of finding a qualified app developer is very acute. According to Evans Data Corporation, there are 23 million people working as desktop, web, and mobile app developers worldwide. If you just pick one of them without putting too much thought into it, you may lost money and even harm your business. Here are few tips on how to find and hire the right app developer.

Where to start

There is one major question you should ask to yourself: what specific business challenge would I like to solve? This is the starting point, which everyone should always keep in mind.

There are three ways that you can go about when hiring an app developer:

– in-house team,

– freelancer,

– outsourcing team.

The choice of the way depends on the resources of your business, time and financial component.

The best approach

App developers come in different skill level and expertise. It’s hard to determine a suitable one just by the resume in the Internet. Search by the experience of previous customers. Ask them for any comments. However, you still should examine the developer’s portfolio and look into the culture of the company. Such method can save a significant amount of time, and it is more reliable. Also there are special platforms and service with the lists of developers and their level according to different criteria. For example, Clutch, Capterra, Goodfirms and more.

Before hiring an app developer, make sure and discuss constant transparent communication. Developers should be upfront with their capabilities, limitations and unforeseen moments.

The choice is obvious

If you are looking for mobile business app developer, Snappii is a strong leader in this field for about 10 years. We offer lightning fast codeless app development in days, not months, from idea to delivery. We cover a plenty of industries and fields of activity. Snappii combines the highest standard, availability and agility. Contact us to discuss your needs and start our successful collaboration.

4 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Workplace Inspection

4 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Workplace InspectionRegular inspections of workplace are essential. It influences safe and efficient work process. Inspections are traditionally performed with paper forms and checklists. However nowadays businesses realize the inconvenience and unreliability of paper and prefer digital analogue, such as inspection apps and mobile forms. Recent study showed that companies are increasing efficiency by about 50% after going digital. Here are the major benefits they will get from mobile apps for workplace inspection.

Accurate and timely data

Inspection apps allow specialists to collect more thorough and reliable data. No need to spend time on poor-performing manual writing, which contributes to mistakes and inaccuracies. Inspection apps provide timely and reliable information to ensure safe and proper workplace easily and quickly.

Increased speed of inspections

Mobile inspection apps allow specialists to perform better workplace inspections in less time. Instead of filling out forms manually, printing them, transferring them to the central office, etc., any worker can fill in pre-made mobile forms in a few clicks, share them with the team and have instant access to all completed forms from any location.

Compliance with all regulations

Workplace safety is extremely important and highly regulated task. Mobile inspection apps ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures or external regulatory standards. The apps make that part easy with preconfigured mobile forms and specific features.

Instant reporting

Inspection apps offer not just data collection opportunity but also the way to process and analyze any data. Moreover, there is an opportunity to generate professional reports on the base of the completed mobile forms right on the mobile devices. Instant reporting contributes to better and faster decision making process. This way, the process of maintenance and inspection of workplace rises to the next level.

Mobile inspection apps from Snappii

Snappii is the leading provider of powerful apps for various inspections. We have a gallery of ready-made apps to inspect workplaces, equipment, safety measures, workflow, product quality and more. All Snappii’s inspection apps are empowered with a set of useful features and professional pre-made mobile forms. Most of apps are customizable and can be modified to meet any specific needs. Find ready-made inspection apps here and contact us if you need any customization. Snappii team is able to create any inspection app from scratch in accordance with the requirements of your business. Contact us here to learn more about custom app development and to discuss your needs.

4 Ways Mobile Construction Apps Are Transforming and Improving the Industry

4 Ways Mobile Construction Apps Are Transforming and Improving the IndustryPeople use apps in almost every facet of their life and work. It should come as no big surprise that modern mobile construction apps provide huge impact on this industry and change the way different construction operations are being done. Construction projects require a serious amount of coordination of people and resources in the field. Special construction apps do an excellent job of this task, as well as provide many other benefits, helping construction companies of all sizes be more efficient and cost-effective.

Reduction of delays

Delays and rework in construction projects can cost millions of dollars and negatively affect a company’s reputation. Construction apps allow workers to collect and use real-time information. This contributes to timely prevention of issues, which might provoke delays and put projects on hold.

Improved communication

Mobile construction apps give employees the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. It makes the entire team feel involved and better understand where the project is and what resources are needed. Instant communication also contributes to acceleration and optimization of various operations, saves time and cuts expenses.

Accurate project documentation

Mobile construction apps provide the ability to work with project documentation right in the field. The apps improve accuracy and reduce potential issues arising from illegible handwriting, information gaps, untimely information, loss or damage of paper documentation, etc.

Safety compliance

Construction is a high-hazard industry. Construction apps can help control ensuring regulatory compliance. They also facilitate regular safety inspections and immediate reporting of all safety concerns to mitigate risk and keep job sites safe and optimized.

Mobile solutions for construction industry from Snappii

Snappii works with construction industry for about 10 years. We provide multifunctional mobile solutions to optimize, simplify and accelerate various operations with data. Today anyone can streamline the work with flexible ready-made construction apps from Snappii. Find them here to learn more and try. Most of Snappii apps are customizable to meet any specific needs. Contact us here to discuss app customization. Snappii is the leading custom app development company. We create powerful business apps from scratch. High quality, speed and absolute compliance with requests are our forward advantages. Send us your requirements here. Contact Snappii support team with any questions at

Helpful Tips for Proper and Efficient Cleaning and Disinfection of Commercial Elevators

Helpful Tips for Proper and Efficient Cleaning and Disinfection of Commercial ElevatorsIn view of recent events and the spread of COVID-19, effective cleaning and disinfection of facilities, property and various objects are now more important than ever. Businesses are reopening and it is essential to ensure safe and healthy workplaces. Let’s pay special attention to elevators in this blog post. It is one of the most demanded and frequently used places. People may only be inside an elevator cab for a few seconds, but it only takes one press of a button to spread illness-causing germs and infection. This way, cleaning and disinfecting elevators properly and frequently is key. Here are some tips for efficient cleaning and disinfection.

Some general points and preparation

First of all, ensure all precautions have been put in place. The doors should be isolated and warning signs are places. Clean the elevator starting from the inside going outside and from top to bottom. This prevents already cleaned surfaces from re-contamination.

Focus on cleaning products

Before disinfecting, remove dirt with soap and water. Use cleaning solvents due to the manufacturer’s and elevator service provider’s recommendations. Be sure the products are safe to use and will not damage the surfaces and various details. For most elevator surfaces 70% alcohol solution is recommended. However, avoid using alcohol based cleaners for lacquered surfaces and some plastic components. Use disposable cloths.

Contact a specialist

From time to time you should resort to outside special cleaning company services. There are some components of elevators, which are available just for competent and certified engineers. For example, moving parts of the elevator require prevention from rusting and pest infections. It should also be taken into account and agreed upon.

Focus on regularity

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of commercial elevators depends on the type of building, daily traffic, the season and climate. It is very important to monitor the regularity, especially if there are a large number of elevators. It is necessary to develop a schedule and also conduct regular checks.

Mobile solutions

Modern mobile solutions can significantly help with elevator maintenance as well as their cleaning and disinfection. Special mobile apps are used for fast and convenient inspections, work assigning, creation and sharing schedules and other important data, etc. Pre-made mobile forms allow specialists to conduct instant inspections of elevator conditions and quality of cleaning and disinfection.

Snappii is #1 provider of custom business apps and mobile forms. We create multifunctional apps in accordance with your specific needs. Also we can convert any existing form to its mobile analogue or create any mobile form from scratch. You can even try to do it yourself. Thanks to Snappii Optical Field Recognition solution, it is simple and affordable.

3 Tips to Make Business Travel and Expense Reporting Policy More Efficient

3 Tips to Make Business Travel and Expense Reporting Policy More EfficientWe want to believe that the worst is over and the world is recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are on the road to resume business activities. Business travelling is one of them. In this blog post we will discuss such essential point as business travel expenses.

Frequently, employees turn a blind eye to following the company travel and expense policy. It may be due to the fact that keeping track of all that expense information is tedious and time consuming for both employees and managers. However, there are 3 ways to make it more efficient.

Clarity, simplicity and fairness

Avoid ambiguity while creating a business company travel and expense policy. If employees aren’t sure whether they need to do this or that, they’ll probably wind up doing neither. Clarity and simplicity are the main key. Fairness is another important component. The same conditions regardless of seniority will help avoid controversial situations. Existence of different classes of service for different job levels requires delicate and careful elaboration to avoid infringement, abuses and protests.

Strict separation

Prevent business expenses from getting tangled up with personal expenses. It is important to have a strict separation and constant adherence to it. Create a dedicated credit card for business travel expenses. Enter into special cooperation agreements with the most frequently visited places in order to resolve financial issues directly with your company.

Mobile solutions

Special mobile apps can significantly simplify and optimize business travel expense reporting. Such apps allow users to instantly add receipts and bills, submit them for approval, generate reports and more. It is an incredibly convenient and flexible tool that is always at hand. No data will be missed or lost.

Snappii is a leader of business apps, which automate and optimize a plenty of operations. Now we want to present Quick Expense Reporting app to help you instantly create expense reports, capture and insert images of checks, receipts, invoices and bills, and share this information as PDF and Excel reports on the spot. Track and report such business expenses as travel, lodging, meals, phone, conference fees, materials, etc. on the go with the convenience of your mobile device. Quick Expense Reporting app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Snappii is able to customize most of its business apps. Contact us to discuss it.

Some Tips to Motivate and Unlock the Full Potential of Employees

Some Tips to Motivate and Unlock the Full Potential of EmployeesField service managers can do much to encourage and progress their employees. With the right management and support, they could build new leaders who will take a company to new heights.

Recognition and encouragement

Eventually, the human experience thrives on praise. A fair, clear and equitable recognition system usually encourages everyone into going the extra mile. However, managers also should leverage the rewards. This doesn’t have to be a monetary form. This can be an opportunity to instill and develop a dedication and a desire to improve, when the employee feels like they are appreciated at work.

Proper mentoring

The first introduction to the company for new employees should be from those who have good attitude to work and work ethic and can give them a boost to develop and succeed. This way, managers should pay special attention to those workers, who introduce new-hires to the field. It makes sense to think and plan a special mentoring program.

Constant communication

Managers should provide open discussions with their employees to hear their voice and get their feedback. It is an opportunity to discuss each technician’s role as a team member and identify his or her strengths.

A role of modern mobile solutions

Following and integration of modern technology solutions help keep employees interested and active. Moreover, it is the most efficient way to unlocking the full potential of employees and avoid them from routine, useless operations. Modern mobile business apps are successfully and profitably used in various industries. They allow employees to accelerate and optimize a plenty of activities and make them more efficient and beneficial. This way, business apps contribute to better motivation.

Snappii is a leader of mobile business apps. We are able to automate and improve any operation. Empower your employees with powerful and unique features, and get great benefits for your business. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss them. The time, when mobile business apps were available only for large companies able to spend thousands of dollars has gone. Now it’s available for anyone. It’s time to act!

Optimization of Document Management in Utilities Sector

Optimization of Document Management in Utilities SectorPaper documentation steps back

With the utilities industry under constant control from regulatory organizations, it’s quite important to have accurate and organized documentation. To achieve this, utility businesses need efficient and robust data management tools. Some years ago data management processes based on manual paperwork. Today, most of utilities are responding to various tasks with mobile technology solutions. Modern mobile business apps increase productivity and efficiency in daily operations, support business strategy, and help utilities thrive in today’s environment. Digital data and special mobile apps for its management and processing contribute to generation of reliable, accurate and timely documentation, which is always on hands.

It’s time of mobile solutions

Mobile document management equals less paper handling. A single piece of paper is copied an average of 5 times, just imagine how much money is usually spent on it. An automated document management with mobile apps saves time, as well as money and improves the overall efficiency of any utility business. Field technicians can avoid constant office trips and focus on performing their direct duties. Moreover, mobile apps allow businesses to safely store all necessary data in the cloud and have a constant and fast access to it.

Join Snappii on the way of business improvement

Utilities must become more like the products they sell – constant and seamless. It is obvious that mobile apps are imperative for utilities to develop and raise their success. Snappii, a mobile business app development company, offers the foundation for growth to any utility business. We offer custom business app development in weeks. Snappii team is ready to meet your specific needs and create a product to support and optimize any operation. Send us your requirements to discuss your ideas and needs and schedule a quick demo. Let your utility business get the advanced benefits and provide better service.

The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection Apps

The Types of Maintenance Inspections and the Benefits of Inspection AppsA maintenance inspection is the process of evaluation the condition of facilities and equipment. The purpose of such inspection is to determine what is needed to keep them in good working condition. Also, maintenance inspections can identify issues before they turn into costly repairs, as well as prevent downtime. Every enterprise or facility must conduct regular inspections as part of the entire maintenance program. It’s important to note, that inspections should be documented and stored.

Here are some major types of maintenance inspections:

– Quality inspection

Catching and identifying critical defects and issues can help avoid rework, repair and downtime.

– Safety inspection

Safety inspections can include various aspects, from checking fire protection equipment to monitoring compliance with safety measures by employees.

– Vendor inspection

Vendor inspections are essential to ensure compliance with local and international standards, reduce cost and increase quality.

– Failure finding inspection

This type of inspection checks the operation of back-up or protective devices that cannot be checked unless a primary system fails. Failure instances are simulated to specifically test these components.

Inspection apps to improve and accelerate the process

With the advanced mobile technology available today, special inspection apps can make inspection process simple and efficient. They allow users to easily collect data, process them and generate professional reports right on the mobile device. Inspection apps cover a lot of specific industries and fields of activity. Snappii is the leader in mobile business apps and offers a plenty of powerful inspection apps. For example, Workplace Safety Inspection app, Building Inspection app, Inspect Anything app, Quality Inspection app, Heavy Equipment Inspection app and more. The apps provide advanced features and agility to operate right in the field. Most of Snappii’s inspection apps are customizable to meet any personal needs.

3 Tips to Save on Technology Costs

3 Tips to Save on Technology CostsCaution became a leading strategy of most businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses closely scrutinize spending and revise budget. Different countries are in various phases of reopening, and the economy of most of them is in a recession. Analyst firms expect tech spending to shrink 8-9%. According to Randy Potter, chief architect at global consulting firm Capgemini, over the last few months, companies have focused on how to optimize and cut technology costs. In this regard, we offer 3 tips for saving on technology costs.

Not in use? Cut it off

The way to operate has changed in many companies due to the transition to remote work, staff reductions, change of work approaches and more. Don’t be afraid to cut off all unnecessary and outdated services and apps. Also take time to highlight inefficient technology and refuse them. The market of modern technology is incredibly vast and you are able to find much more suitable solutions.

Turn to vendors

It’s in the vendor’s best interest to maintain a steady customer base in the market uncertainty. As technology customers tighten budgets and refuse some technological solutions, it will also negatively impact vendor revenue streams. This way, they can offer sales, deferment of payment, or any special offers. Contact your vendors to know the opportunities.

One for all

There are multifunctional technological solutions and sets which can replace a huge number of separate services and apps. It’s not just saving of the money but also additional flexibility and efficiency for work. The main point is to thoroughly choose a complex solution without a damage for any part work.

Real savings with Snappii

Snappii presents sets of apps for one low price to save your money and supply you with useful features for productive work. Daily reports, safety documentation, vehicle inspections, job estimates and more other categories. Most of the apps can be customized for your specific needs. Moreover, Snappii is the leader in development of powerful, multifunctional business apps. We create apps in weeks, not months. You will get a product, which contains a set of chosen features and meets all your requirements. Contact us today and receive real savings for your business.

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