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Why Inventory Management is Essential and the Best Mobile App for This Activity

Why Inventory Management is Essential and the Best Mobile App for This ActivityInventory management is essential regardless of industry

Some businesses, regardless of their industry, often ignore inventory control. It’s a delusion to think that inventory management is only related to the retail sector. It is an essential activity for numerous industries. The main goal of inventory management is to maintain optimal stock levels and a seamless supply chain. A lack of inventory control can result in severe losses for businesses.

The choice in favor of mobile solutions

Nowadays more and more companies switch to mobile solutions for inventory management. It is much more convenient than paperwork and speeds up the process several times. Mobile inventory management apps allow users to collect accurate data instantly right in the field. Moreover, it is the most reliable way and the obtained data is always at hand. According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the inventory management software market size is set to exceed USD 5 billion by 2026.

Inventory Anything app: a small but smart pocket tool

Despite the wide variety in the inventory management app market, it is extremely difficult to find the optimal and affordable solution. Therefore, Snappii took into account all the basic user requirements and created a smart, user-friendly, and absolutely affordable Inventory Anything app. With the help of this app users can to:

– fill out the pre-made mobile form;

– capture photos, text, cost, etc.;

– scan bar codes;

– calculate sales, costs, and profit;

– search and edit saved inventories;

– generate the PDF reports based on completed forms;

– share the reports via all available sharing options.

The Snappii team has created a short demo video to show the Inventory Anything app in action. The app is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you have your own familiar and well-established forms and don’t want to refuse them, the Snappii team is able to convert them to the app. It’s fast and affordable. Send us your forms and requirements and get a free quote to start.

The Highlights of Custom App Development

The Highlights of Custom App DevelopmentAs the demand for mobile business apps continues to grow, so does the market of companies developing them. The apps engineered to provide a highly-tailored experience and containing specific functionality to meet the unique needs of businesses are the most popular nowadays.

What to look for

Choosing the right custom app development company is a key decision that will significantly influence its success. Besides a stable performance, the app users should get an adequate, user-friendly, and intuitive UI. Moreover, the development process itself and clear interaction between customers and developers are extremely important.

Snappii is a powerful custom app development company that has been operating in this field for 10 years and meets all the most demanded requests. We are a high-performing, talented team to bring the most ideas to life. “Snappii has moved mountains to bring my vision to reality. I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”.  Regardless of what I asked of Snappii they always tried,” says Robert Gulino, from Modern Niagara Toronto about the work with Snappii. What main features help us to be at our best and provide high-quality solutions?

Lightning-fast custom app development process. Thanks to the codeless system of app creation, Snappii makes apps in weeks, not months.

Great practice and development of unique skills. Snappii works with plenty of industries and this way, we have excellent experience in developing specific functionality.

Affordability. This advantage follows the above. The speed and excellent skill base allow the custom app development by Snappii to be extremely affordable and not require huge financial investments.

Excellent support. It is important for us to be in touch with customers throughout the development process and clearly follow all requirements.

If the above interests you and you would like to discuss the development of your custom business app, contact us here. We are glad to answer all your questions.

4 Tips to Increase Employee Productivity in Any Business

4 Tips to Increase Employee Productivity in Any BusinessA whole host of issues can follow low productivity and ultimately the business may stop developing and profits won’t be able to exceed costs. Therefore, businesses often face the question of how to increase employee productivity. Here are some tips that will be useful in this matter.

– Limit distractions

To achieve a stable workflow and keep employees focused throughout the working hours, managers need to understand where main distractions come from and limit their exposure. Such restrictions must be adequate and spelled out clearly. For example, allow personal phone calls only during formal breaks.

– Improve time management

It is important to thoroughly study how employees spend their work time. After that managers can start prioritization. Elon Musk has the following secret to his effective time management – the method of time blocking. This is the method of committing a certain number of hours to just one priority task and blocking off time for other tasks. Such a way to organize the workday through time blocks is quite popular and efficient. To increase productivity, it is extremely important to identify a competent and effective distribution of work time for a particular business.

– Establish constant communication

Timely and reliable information goes a long way toward a greater decision-making process. And this contributes to the improvement of efficiency and productivity. Thanks to modern mobile technology, any business can easily establish smooth communication and has a constant flow of accurate data.

– Digitize all possible operations

Probably the largest productivity black hole is that some businesses continue to rely on paper-based processes. Productivity is about having an organized system of operation without unnecessary tedious actions. And modern digital solutions can offer all the necessary points for this. Mobile business apps are one of the most popular representatives of digital solutions among businesses of any size. They eliminate paperwork with ease and make any operation faster, more streamlined, and more efficient.

The loyal ally on the path to increased productivity

Snappii is a great provider of powerful business app nowadays. We cover plenty of industries and focus on various operations with data, for example, inspections, reporting, estimations, creation work orders, invoices, timesheets, and more. Thanks to Snappii apps all these operations become an action of several clicks. We help businesses get rid of paperwork forever, improve workflow, increase productivity as well as profit. Here is the gallery of our ready-made apps which are available to be downloaded and used. Moreover, most of Snappii’s business apps are customizable. Our team of professionals will modify the apps for your personal needs. Send your requirements here. App customization from Snappii is an extremely affordable and fast solution.

Choose the Most Suitable Way to Switch to Mobile Forms

Choose the Most Suitable Way to Switch to Mobile FormsThe time of mobile forms

Professionals across various industries regularly utilize paper forms. However, many workers often have to collect data outside of the office and this way, paperwork becomes rather embarrassing. Given this, today paper forms are actively replaced with mobile forms which have become very popular thanks to the spread of smartphones and tablets. Mobile forms allow users to easily and quickly collect and submit data in real-time from any location. In addition to the obvious benefits, they also contribute to:

– higher data accuracy,

– reducing paper storage costs,

– faster decision making,

– more streamlined and organized operations,

– better legal protection in case of litigation,

– etc.

Find out more advantages of shifting from paper to mobile forms here.

The best ways to switch to mobile forms

Snappii is a company that allows various industries to improve the work of their field staff thanks to mobile forms and mobile apps for over 10 years. Today we offer some solutions to switch to mobile forms.

– Ready-made apps. Snappii has a great gallery of ready-made apps covering many industries and fields of activity. You can find ready-made apps for estimates, invoices, work orders, inspections, daily reporting, timesheet creation, and more. Most of these apps can be customized to meet some specific needs. The Snappii team will add your own forms and make necessary changes.

– Form Converter and OFR. Snappii allows users to keep their usually used forms and reports. A smart and powerful Form Converter will help convert the existing forms to their mobile analog. Thanks to the Optical Field Recognition system (OFR), Artificial Intelligence will do all the main work itself and instantly build a digital version. Also, the users can make necessary changes or create any mobile form from scratch. Here is a demo video with some instructions.

– Snappii Mobile Forms app. Perhaps, it is the fastest way to switch to mobile forms. Snappii offers the Snappii Mobile Forms app that already contains 100+ pre-made mobile form templates for plenty of activities. All the users need is just download the app in Apple App Store or Google Play and start using the forms. The Snappii Mobile Forms app also has the in-built form converter to utilize the users’ existing forms. There is more detailed information about the app in this blog post.

– Request. The Snappii team is ready to convert any forms or create them from scratch. Users just send us their forms and requirements and get a ready-made product. It is ideal for heavily-loaded companies.

Improved Estimation Process with Updated Job Estimator App

Improved Estimation Process with Updated Job Estimator AppFor project managers, accurate estimates are a core for effective project planning and execution. Without proper estimating of duration, costs, resources, risks, etc. managers can’t make timely and efficient decisions. There are typical events that may impact the validity of estimates. Here are some of them:

– poor definition of work scope,

– lack of information,

– inflated optimism and bias,

– poor risk management,

– and more.

There is no more room for paperwork in the estimation process

To make accurate estimates managers need a constant flow of timely data. Moreover, the estimation process should not be complicated by time-consuming paperwork. That’s why special mobile solutions for estimations are extremely common today. Many companies offer ready-made estimation apps to use on-the-go. Such apps allow managers to always work with timely data without any paperwork and look more professional in front of clients.

The Job Estimator app from Snappii is a real godsend to generate professional job estimates in minutes and provide them to clients. The pre-made mobile estimation form can be filled in in a few clicks. The app automatically makes all calculations. Here you can learn how the Job Estimator app works in more detail. Also, we created a short demo video to show you the app in action.

On the way to improvement

Recently the Job Estimator app has been updated with some new functions. Here they are:

– Increased number of lines for the equipment table.

– All jobs, tasks, items, and equipment are now automatically saved from all the forms for future usage.

– The app users can choose between hourly rate and sq ft rate.

– The time spent and project items costs are summed up when generating the invoice.

– The app users can edit and delete client info.

Try the Job Estimator app with these new features right now. Download it in Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Snappii team is ready to consider the possibility of customizing this app for your specific needs. Contact us here to discuss.

Paper No Longer Has a Place in Dealing with Bills of Lading

Paper No Longer Has a Place in Dealing with Bills of LadingBill of lading is a contract that establishes an agreement between a shipper and a transportation company for the transportation of goods. It contains a record of the traded goods which have been received on board. Bill of lading also makes sure that the shipper is paid. Here you can learn about the types of BOLs. Companies using bills of lading are used to their paper-based form. However, now we are living in the digital world and actively take advantage of modern mobile technologies. These benefits can also apply to dealing with BOLs.

No more paper involved

Snappii is the leader in powerful mobile solutions for business. We could not ignore such a field of activity as cargo shipping. Snappii has developed an app to let users create digital bills of lading right on a mobile device and instantly provide them to third parties. The Bill of Lading Manager app contains the pre-made mobile form to fill in in a few clicks. Moreover, the app allows users to use the existing client database, auto-fill the saved information, calculate total costs, instantly email the bills in PDF format, and more. All data is conveniently stored in the app and is always at hand. Watch this video to learn more about the Bill of Lading Manager app and see it in action.

Download and try the app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Your specific needs will not be left out

If the ready-made app does not fully satisfy your needs, we offer a custom solution. The Snappii team can customize the app to meet some specific needs. It is faster and more affordable than creating software from scratch. We can use your existing paper forms and convert them to their mobile analog. Contact us here to discuss your requirements and opportunities for app customization.

Snappii Apps to Include in Next Year Business Plan

Snappii Apps to Include in Next Year Business PlanIt’s tough to add another task to your current already overwhelming to-do list, but we urge you to take time to write your new business plan. Here are several elements to include in this plan:

– executive summary,

– team and management

– performance and operational plan

– revenue goals

– budget

– PR and marketing

– new business tools.

Snappii is ready to help you with the last point. We offer a list of ready-made business apps you should include in your business operation the next year.

Job Estimator app

Estimation is the key before hiring certain services or starting a project. Delivering an accurate, timely estimate can be the difference between a job won and a job lost. Most estimates are done out in the field, that’s why estimation apps are an essential business tool to look professional and win more jobs. Snappii offers the Job Estimator app which is a real godsend to generate professional job estimates in minutes right on a mobile device and email them to clients. We wrote about this estimation app in more detail in this blog post. Also, you can see the Job Estimator app in action in this demo video. Hurry up to download, try, and include the Job Estimator app in the list of business tools for the next year. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Work Order Assigner app

Work orders are the engine of the operations. They power the team and start a process. If you still deal with paper-based work orders, the next year is the best time to turn to a special mobile app from Snappii. The Work Order Assigner app allows users to create paperless digital work orders, instantly assign them to any worker and get a progress report as well as a notification about its completion. It is a real must-have for modern specialists spending most of their working time in the field. Find more information about the Work Order Assigner app here and download it in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Disinfection Checklist app

People all over the world continue to struggle with the COVID-19 infection and build a life and business in the pandemic situation. The activities against the spread of infection and ensuring safety at the workplace will definitely be included in any business plan. Disinfection is one of them. Snappii offers the Disinfection Checklist app to make this process more efficient and organized. The app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines and helps individuals and businesses perform 38 checks to ensure proper disinfection. Here is the blog post with more details about this app. Also, there is a video about the app. Download and try the Disinfection Checklist app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Inspect Anything app

It is important to take care of other inspections that are integral to different businesses. Snappii offers a universal inspection app – the Inspect Anything app. The app makes any field inspection a breeze. Users can easily capture any data they need and create full-length PDF and Excel reports. This video shows how the Inspect Anything app works. The app is also available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Please note that most of Snappii’s apps are customizable and can be modified to your specific needs. There is no need to settle for not quite suitable functionality. Send us your requirements here.


Extend the Longevity of Heavy Equipment

Extend the Longevity of Heavy EquipmentHeavy equipment is crucial to a construction company’s success. It takes on the toughest jobs and speeds up the workflow. However, even the most powerful and dependable heavy equipment requires constant attention to ensure it provides a long service life and unmatched productivity. Also, it is worth noting that construction heavy equipment is extremely expensive and its repair will also cost a large sum for the company. And don’t forget about the expensive downtime. Given the facts above, professionals likely want to keep their heavy equipment running at peak efficiency for a long time. And here’s what they should do.

How to keep heavy equipment running

Heavy equipment maintenance consists of the steps to identify, fix, and prevent problems. It can be split into two different categories: preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance. Of course, it is better to be proactive when it comes to heavy equipment. Regular heavy equipment inspections help predict when failure is likely to occur, allowing professionals to find a solution to problems before they happen. However, such inspections are complicated by the fact that they occur in the field. Working with paper inspection forms and checklists in such conditions is inconvenient and unreliable. That’s why often heavy equipment inspections are postponed, poorly conducted, and contain inaccurate and untimely data.

Heavy Equipment Inspection app for paperless inspections in the field

Taking into account these difficulties, Snappii has developed a mobile solution for fast, simple, and paperless heavy equipment inspections. The Heavy Equipment Inspection app allows users to conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. The pre-made mobile inspection form can be filled in in a few clicks on any mobile device. Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance, and instantly notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required. As soon as the inspection form is completed, it gets saved locally on the device and there is a PDF and an Excel file generated. These files can be printed and shared via email, text message, cloud storage and other options. Watch this video to learn more about the Heavy Equipment Inspection app. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Heavy Equipment Inspection app can be modified if you are not completely satisfied with its ready-made version. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss the customization.

How to Keep Distancing While Working on Your Workplace

How to Keep Distancing While Working on Your WorkplaceWherein is the greatest risk?

COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact for some period. This way, limiting face-to-face contacts and meetings is the best way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus disease. However, not all companies can move to remote work and people are forced to visit workplaces and interact with each other somehow. In this difficult situation, mobile apps come to the rescue.

The benefits of mobile apps and mobile forms

Thanks to mobile apps, many operations with data can be made remotely without any face-to-face contacts. For example, creation estimates, work orders, invoices, reports, various inspection forms, and more. Mobile forms allow users to collect all necessary information, instantly process it on a mobile device, and send it via email and other ways. The completed mobile forms are convenient to store. Also, all employees have constant access to any data.

Even more than safety

Do you know that work with paper-based documentation provides risks of COVID-19 infection since the infection is also spread by contacting contaminated surfaces and paper is one of such surfaces? Learn more about it here. In addition to safety, mobile apps have a positive impact on the workflow. They improve the efficiency of many activities, increase data accuracy, save costs, ensure better meeting deadlines, and more. Mobile apps and mobile forms contribute to a paperless office, help avoid littering and favor the environment.

Snappii’s mobile solutions

Snappii is ready to become your easiest and fastest way to turn to mobile apps and mobile forms. Try our ready-made apps for plenty of industries and fields of activity. Most of them can be modified to meet your specific needs. Also, you can convert your existing and familiar forms to their mobile analog with Snappii’s Form Converter. Learn more about how to do this here. One more opportunity is to download the Snappii Mobile Forms app and use pre-made mobile forms. And of course, the Snappii team is ready to convert or create mobile forms for you. All you need is to send us your forms and requirements.

Keep the distance to stay safe and Snappii will try to help you.

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management Apps

Why You Should Hurry Up to Adopt Warehouse Management AppsThe key benefits of warehouse management apps

The traditional way of managing warehouse inventory is outdated. Today, it is all about mobile solutions in the working environment using an automated system for tracking and managing the goods. Warehouse management apps allow employees who are on the field to be “on the same page” and operate with real-time data. Warehouses that are slow to adopt modern mobile solutions, relying on outdated processes, lose competitive advantages as well as revenue. Here are the key points of the positive impact of warehouse management apps.

– Warehouse management apps reduce most of the mundane processes as well as make inventory management workflows simpler and faster. This way, employees can work more efficiently.

– Warehouse management apps can eliminate most paperwork. Using a mobile app, employees can perform any inventory interactions and document them in the digital format. Any data can be instantly accessed anytime and anywhere right on a mobile device.

– Due to the acceleration and optimization of the operations, warehouse management apps significantly cut costs. Accurate and timely data and activities help avoid delays, inaccuracies, errors, over hours, etc.

– Warehouses must strictly follow some standards and regulations. Warehouse management apps help ensure consistent compliance and keep this point under control.

Why Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii

Snappii offers to automate warehouse inventories and optimize work with various warehouse data using a ready-made Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app. Make warehouse inventories in minutes by filling in a pre-made mobile form. Also, make quick pick lists and supply records. Track goods that are shipped in and shipped out by scanning bar codes. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn how the app works. Download and try the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form of the app, we can add your own one and customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app to meet your specific business needs. Contact us here to discuss it.

Job Estimator App: Look Professional and Win More Jobs

Job Estimator App: Look Professional and Win More JobsEstimation is the key before hiring certain services or starting a project. Delivering an accurate, timely estimate can be the difference between a job won and a job lost. Snappii offers a powerful app to make great estimates and win more jobs.

Quick estimates without paperwork

Job Estimator app is a real godsend to generate professional job estimates in minutes right on a mobile device and email them to clients. Replacing a paper-based process with mobile solutions provides more accuracy, speed, and agility. You can get paid faster and optimize the workflow for better results and more profit.

Here is how Job Estimator app works.

– You can instantly select the report type: estimate, invoice, or work order.

– Here is the home page for estimates. Start creating a new estimate.

– Add the job info. Fill in pre-made fields. You can use the voice-to-text feature. Also, add client info. Create a new one, select the existing contact or import clients from your address book or Excel file.

– You can always find saved estimates and see their status.

– Record time and expenses spent on a particular client or project.

– Preview the estimate report in a PDF format before sending it to the client. It can be sent via texting or email.

Job Estimator app automatically makes all calculations. Also, it allows users to add photos to the invoices – items. Quickly fill in invoices with previously entered data. Sync collected data across multiple devices as well as store all the data locally on the device. You can try all these features and even more yourself with a 30 days free trial. Download Job Estimator app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Create estimates on the spot and generate invoices with a couple of touches. Contact us with any questions and feedback about Snappii’s mobile solutions.

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