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Why Proper Daily Reporting Matters and the Way to Achieve This

Why Proper Daily Reporting Matters and the Way to Achieve ThisOne of the major tasks of any manager is to make employees more engaged with the company’s goals and aid in actually reaching them. They should weave this engagement into the employee’s daily routine. The best way to do this is to implement a system of employees’ daily reporting of fulfillment, accomplishments and achievements. Such reports are usually standardized.

The importance of regular daily reporting

Regular, accurate reporting is key for successful operation and development of any business. The major value of having the whole team document their daily activities and accomplishments is that it provides a view of the progress towards the achievement of the entire goals of the whole company. This also contributes to more timely and efficient decisions and right and productive direction of development.

Given the amount of paperwork while generating the report, daily reporting can become a true strength test and sometimes this process takes a back seat or it is performed irregularly and improperly. This, unfortunately, is a vital problem for most companies with prevailing field operations and field teams.

Putting mobile solutions to improve daily reporting process

However nowadays tiresome daily reporting can be avoided. Modern mobile solutions provide great opportunities to easily and quickly log events and activities in real time and generate complete professional reports right on a mobile device. Mobile daily log apps and reporting apps provide not just access to real-time data and its constant flow, but also it is the elimination of duplicitous data entry and various errors that cost time and money. Unfortunately, litigation is common situation in project work. Mobile apps enforce safe and optimized storage of reports and all important data. There is documented evidence which is always at hand and is crucial to substantiate and defend in case of litigations.

Turn to the expert

Snappii offers powerful daily log apps, as well as reporting apps. We cover a huge number of industries. For example, Construction Daily Log app, Field Service Daily Log app, Precast Erectors Reporting app, Quick Expense Reporting app and more. Also we are able to create your own custom app from scratch. Snappii offers a lightning fast app development in weeks. Start moving towards improvements right today. Contact us with any questions.

Win Better Field Service Business with Mobile Apps for Estimating and Quoting

Win Better Field Service Business with Mobile Apps for Estimating and QuotingModern mobile solutions and extension of coverage

Mobile solutions provide huge opportunities for modern field service. Many field service providers successfully use efficient mobile apps to coordinate and sync their field activities, as well as manage documentation. Mobile technology is developing at an amazing rate and now mobile apps offer quite unique features. Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, predicts that 75% of field service organizations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps that go beyond simplified data collection and add capabilities that help technicians succeed. Now mobile apps can affect so many different areas of service delivery for the better.

Why mobile apps for estimating and quoting

Regardless of the nature of the job, field service operation starts with estimating and quoting. Special mobile apps can help adjust estimates faster and more accurately, instantly provide quotes and be more organized in front of customers. Moreover, such apps allow users to efficiently manage business assets, monitor sales and service performance and save money.

Smart and multifunctional Job Estimator app

With so many field service companies still not on board with mobile apps for estimating and quoting, it’s the perfect time to get in front of the competition and start to change these processes into automated ones. Snappii offers a powerful, ready-made app for simple estimate creation right in the field. Job Estimator app allows users to collect company’s information, work description, labor hours and rates as well as all parts that are necessary. All the calculations are made automatically, so the user can instantly show a customer the estimated cost in labor, parts, and the totals. There are a speech to text feature and an ability to import clients from the address book or Excel file. Also Job Estimator app allows users to preview the estimate as a PDF prior to sending it to the client. The estimate can be sent via texting or email.

You can download Job Estimator app in Apple AppStore and Google Play. If you need any customization of the app, Snappii team is ready to learn your requirements. Send them here.

The Top Tips for Home Care Agencies to Improve Management of Field Employees

The Top Tips for Home Care Agencies to Improve Management of Field Employees

Employees of home care agencies spend most, if not all, of their time working in the field. This way, homecare managers face a unique challenge to manage employees and operations which are rarely in their sight. These simple tips can help home care agencies build a solid infrastructure for managing their employees, and take the agency to the next level.

A culture of transparency and interaction

Encourage a culture of transparency and honesty. Keep employees up to date with all the important points of the agency’s operation. Make sure everyone understands and accepts the work policy, instantly notify employees about any changes. Clarity in the workplace helps keep interactions with employees. Create a reliable and confidential channel for employees to approach their managers with concerns. Approachable and encouraging managers contribute to more pleased and efficient field team.

Meeting and career advancement opportunities

While homecare employees conduct most of their work outside of managers’ physical view, it’s important to hold regular meetings. They are an opportunity to discuss any issues and offers, as well as show an interest in developing and work improving. Also, home care agencies that offer their employees career advancement educational and other opportunities have a much greater chance of more productive team.

Mobile technologies

Modern mobile technologies can help organize a workflow of home care agencies. Special mobile apps are a great solution for managers to constantly keep in touch with field employees. Also they provide a lot of advantages for caregivers and make their work faster, more convenient and efficient. Utilizing mobile apps for home care, managers are able to optimize the work with documentation. Paperwork is time consuming and tedious. Thank to mobile apps, managers get a constant flow of timely and accurate data and can easily and quickly process it right on their mobile devices.

In Home Care Providers app

Snappii offers In Home Care Providers app to optimize work of any home care agency. It is the best way to manage all usual documentation and save time, effort and money. In Home Care Providers app provides 30+ ready-made mobile forms for caregivers and clients, which allows slashing the documentation time in half. Focus on business growth instead of paperwork. This app allows managers to be ready for any audits and compliance. It is easy to train how to use the app.

Here is what John Bennett, Executive Director of Sunny Days In-Home Care company says: “The app saves time and money by giving our field staff the ability to submit documentation from anywhere in our territory. We continue to grow our territory size, and are able to run everything out of one office because we can submit documents instantaneously with our app. Also, the state is constantly changing policies and we can make quick adjustments to our documentation within the app so that our staff is immediately using documents that meet the requirements for compliance.”

Watch the video about In Home Care Providers app to learn how it works. Download and try the app. Need any customization? Let’s discuss your requirements. Send them here.

Set Up Work Hours Tracking System with Mobile Solutions

Set Up Work Hours Tracking System with Mobile SolutionsPaper time cards and log books are still the most common way businesses are tracking workers at their workplace. Unfortunately, it is also the most time-wasting and unreliable way, and the flaws continue to reveal themselves. There are some reasons why modern businesses may want to reconsider their approach to the employee work time tracking and try a more efficient method.


Handwriting is typically hard to decipher. Moreover, paper is unreliable and can be easily damaged or lost. Paper time cards and log books require costs for maintaining, supplying and storage. These are human resource costs, as well as the costs of materials and storage facilities. This paper system is deprived of synchronization. Employees have to constantly transfer information to electronic database on the office PC. It’s time-consuming and inefficient. Paper log books and time cards provide an old-fashioned feel to the business. Potential sponsors and investors are unlikely to appreciate such system.


Modern mobile solutions such as mobile apps for time management and tracking are the best alternative to paper time cards and log books. They allow businesses to go paperless, boost the workflow efficiency, save time and money. Special mobile apps can streamline and automate the check-in process and replace paper time cards. Workers use just their smartphones. It also contributes to instant synchronization of all data. Mobile apps provide the ability to view and verify how much any worker has spent on site. All information is safely stored and is available at any time.


If you’re ready to implement the digital system, try Punch In/Out Timesheet app from Snappii. This app enables anybody to track work time for any project or job code and generate a professional time card. Employees can punch in and out on their mobile devices anywhere, add breaks and details, generate powerful time card reports, send them to the management or accounting, store and print them, analyze their progress with the Dashboard and more. Punch In/Out Timesheet app is already used by 10,000+ employees and managers to improve time management. You can try the app free for Android and iOS devices. Please contact Snappii support team if you need any app customization. We will discuss your requirements.

The Right Priorities and Focus While Looking for the Field Mobile Solutions

The Right Priorities and Focus While Looking for the Field Mobile SolutionsJobsites are the places, where a project’s most important data is generated and the main activity takes place. The field provides the most critical assets a company can have. For a long time there was a gap in the flow of communication between the field and the office due to the office-focused technology solutions. Fortunately, nowadays field-oriented mobile apps actively appear. However, it is extremely important to choose the right mobile solution for the field workflow. Here are some tips for it.

Simple and to the point

The traditional paperwork has long been proven to be inefficient in the field, but mobile apps can waste just as much time if they are not built in a proper way and with the end user in mind. If the app is not intuitive for the field, or overloaded, no one out there on the jobsite will have any opportunity or interest in using it, so the investment will turn out to be a waste. It is quite important to find the balance between the power and simplicity of the app. The functionality should be developed due to the actual requirements of the field specialists and clear to use. Clear and helpful app is a right way to a rise of productivity.

Keeping all parts of the workflow on the “same page”

Synchronization is critical to choose a field solution. The app should tie together data from all field professionals of all jobsites. When every worker uses a different system for work with data and reporting, it is difficult for managers to keep track of data and the whole workflow. The best field apps offer a synced system, so that all information is submitted in one place, and data is accessible at any time.

Specific features

Mobile apps for a field workflow should contain specific features. For example, frequently, field workers don’t have opportunity to type. This way, voice-to-text feature becomes an inalienable component of the field app. Find more other required features for field work here.

Snappii puts needs of field workers at the first place and offers the intuitive, easy-to-use field operation apps. We try to focus on the needs of the end users and provide exactly what they need for efficient and smooth work. You can find and try Snappii’s ready-made apps here. Also we are able to create a custom app in accordance with your specific needs. Just send us your requirements. Don’t settle for less and increase your efficiency, as well as the efficiency of your business.

The Top Ready-Made Business Apps to Improve Major Operations

The Top Ready-Made Business Apps to Improve Major OperationsToday it seems near-impossible to think of some daily work operations without a help of modern mobile solutions. The advantages of mobile business apps in today’s workplace are numerous. They are designed to meet the needs of workers in countless industries, especially those, which deal with field operations. Constant communication, real-time and accurate data, agility, instant reporting, acceleration of processes, time and cost reduction, etc. – this is just a small part of the capabilities of mobile business apps. Snappii is a leading provider of multifunctional apps for a plenty of industries and fields of activity. We help companies to increase their efficiency and revenue for about 10 years. The gained experience allows us to move forward and improve our solutions. Snappii offers a set of key ready-made business apps, which will be helpful for any business.

Instant professional estimates

Most estimates are done out in the field. Snappii offers an app to make this process simple, convenient and agile. Job Estimator app allows contractors, service companies, sales people, estimators, etc. to quickly create professional project estimates that cover company’s information, work description, labor hours and rates as well as all parts that are necessary. The app can also do all the calculations, so the user can instantly show a customer the estimated cost in labor, parts, and the totals. To make Job Estimator app even more smart and nimble, we added a speech-to-text feature and an ability to import clients from the address book or Excel file. Download Job Estimator app to try (iOS and Android).

Regular inspections

Conducting regular inspections is essential for many businesses. Mobile inspection apps allow employees to perform inspections faster and more effectively, thanks pre-made mobile forms and checklists. Snappii provides multifunctional inspection apps for specific industries and fields. However, there is a general app, which can become an inalienable tool for any inspection process. Inspect Anything app allows users to easily capture various data, as well as add photos, signatures, drawings, QR codes, barcodes, etc. Collected data can be instantly generated to the PDF and/or Excel inspection reports and emailed. Completed inspections are saved and safely stored to be edited and provided at any time. Inspect Anything app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Daily logs and reporting

Constant tracking of job progress and regular reporting are essential for streamlined workflow, as well as in case of litigation. Daily logs and reports become easier and quicker to fill in and provide with special business apps. Field Service Daily Log app is one of them. Professionals, working in the field can fill in all necessary details about the job in a few clicks. Also users are able to create their own profile, sync collected information across multiple devices, work online and offline, create daily reports on a base of the daily log form and more. Download the app for iOS and Android devices.

Optimized management

Mobile management apps provide convenience, as well as great time saving. Snappii’s Task Manager Tracker app allows managers to assign tasks to the team and track when they are completed. They can create a database of employees and pick them from the list when assigning tasks. Task Manager Tracker app is also can be used by workers. They are able to get the task, update task status and time of completeness. Additionally, both managers and employees can filter tasks that are really important for tracking. Task Manager Tracker app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Most of Snappii ready-made business apps are customizable. Our team can modify them to meet your specific needs. Contact us with your requirements.

4 Features to Optimize Field Operations

4 Features to Optimize Field OperationsIf you want to achieve great customer experience, successful business development and high revenue, you need a field workforce that can quickly respond, and operate smoothly and without delay. Outdated or static tools and solutions lead to time wasting, high expenses and untimely operations. Modern mobile technology offers a functionality specifically to improve field productivity and meet all modern requirements. Special field service apps empower field workers to complete work efficiently and in time.

Field service apps as an essential pocket assistant

Constant communication, instant estimates, convenient data collection and processing, regular reporting and more. All these features make field service apps an essential tool for any field technician. Fortunately, mobile business app industry develops rapidly and can please us with new solutions quite often. Let’s consider some of them in this post.

Digital signature

If your company is dealing with various documents on a daily basis, digital signatures are a must-have. Thanks to digital signatures, documents can get signed off almost instantly, from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. The major benefits of this feature are the ability to make the workflow more optimized and secure. The use of digital signatures will also help to cut down expenses due to the reduction of paper and elimination of trips. Some modern field service apps offer the feature of digital signature, and this has a great response among the users.

Voice-to-text feature

With modern field service apps any technician can experience the benefits of cutting back on typing. Voice-to-text feature boosts the speed of text adding by nearly 4 times. Moreover, field workers are able to record any information with greater accuracy. No need to worry about typing mistakes and corrections. Voice-to-text feature is essential for operations with high risk and increased attention, as well as for the areas with special uniform. Special field service apps with such feature can be used by roofing specialists, various inspectors, construction staff, plumbers and more.

Automatic calculations

Some field service apps allow users to make automatic calculations. Thanks to this feature, field workers can be calm about the accuracy of various data and estimates. It is several times more convenient and agile than using a separate calculator. The feature of automatic calculations can be customized for specific operation.

PDF reports

One of the great benefits of field service apps is the ability to submit digital reports. Many companies have already enjoyed the pros of this opportunity. Read more about the benefits of reporting through mobile apps here. However, there is a more unique feature, which is able to provide even more advantages to modern businesses. Snappii offers a feature to generate the completed mobile forms into the PDF format report. This is the more professional-looking and convenient reporting process. Thanks to powerful Snappii Form Converter, our team can convert your existing forms to their mobile analogue and create a pre-made report template, which will meet the requirements of your company. All you need is just fill in the forms and click the button to generate the report. It will be generated instantly in the PDF file, which is looking exactly you need. The PDF files are easier to print and safer to store. This Snappii’s feature can raise your company to the next level and help win more business. Contact us to learn more and discuss this.

Extend Life of HVAC Systems with Regular Inspections and Special Apps for This

Extend Life of HVAC Systems with Regular Inspections and Special Apps for ThisThe importance of regular HVAC maintenance is well known to building managers and any individuals. Heating and cooling systems are expensive to replace and specialists are always searching for the ways to keep HVAC systems running better for longer. Regular HVAC inspections can reduce the odds of downtime, prevent the breakages and increase the life expectancy of equipment.

The best way to conduct HVAC inspections

The best way to conduct regular, fast and efficient inspections is a right piece of technology. Today this is mobile apps. They have allowed technicians to replace paper forms and manual collection and movement of data. HVAC inspection apps cover all necessary operations with data and not only this.

Snappii offers multifunctional mobile solutions for field services to think proactively and provide better service. HVAC inspection app is one from the number of Snappii’s ready-made apps. HVAC Inspection Checklist app allows users to make complete inspections right on their mobile devices. There is a mobile checklist to instantly fill it out in a few clicks. Users can generate the report on the base of this checklist and send it via email as a PDF file. The app enables users to find all small problems that turn into major expenses. This video shows how it works. HVAC Inspection Checklist app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Snappii’s HVAC Inspection app was built with an average service company in mind. However, our team can customize it specifically for your business. Eliminate paperwork headaches and impress your clients with excellent service. Contact us right now to discuss your requirements and get a free quote. If you are just a homeowner, whether there’s a problem with your HVAC system or not, it’s wise to conduct regular, proper inspections.

Traditional heating and cooling systems can last about 20 years with proper maintenance. Regular inspections with HVAC inspection apps will prove this.

Why Mobile Inspection Apps Are Vital Nowadays

Why Mobile Inspection Apps Are Vital NowadaysInspection is a synonym for a headache

Conducting regular inspections can be a pressure for some businesses. This process is usually accompanied by stacks of paperwork and extra trips to the office and can be a huge burden for field technicians.

Growing competition urges businesses to improve the efficiency of all of their operations, especially inspections. That’s why many companies of various industries have already found a lot of reasons to use mobile inspection apps.

Accuracy, timeliness and consistency

Mobile inspection apps allow users to perform inspections faster and more effectively with pre-made mobile forms and checklists. They make technicians being able to capture a more complete analysis and collect more thorough, timely and accurate information.

Quality and compliance

Businesses always have to comply with internal and external policies, procedures and regulatory standards. Standardized and preconfigured mobile forms are the best way to comply with all regulations through the inspection process.

Acceleration and simplification

One of the best parts of mobile inspection apps is that they allow users to perform better inspections in less time. Office visits and re-entering the data are not required.

A universal inspection app

Snappii has a plenty of specific inspection apps for different industries and fields of activity. However, Inspect Anything app can be used in any of them. This app allows users to easily capture notes, photos, signatures, drawings, QR codes, bar codes, locations, audio and video files. It makes any field inspection a breeze. Technicians can instantly create full-length reports as PDF or Excel files and send them. Store collected data on the mobile device and access it anytime, anywhere. Inspect Anything app helps save work time as well as the costs. Download the app and try it right now (for iOS, for Android).

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built version of the app, Snappii team can customize Inspect Anything app for you to meet your specific needs. We are able to add your own forms. Just send them to us and let’s discuss.

Revolutionize your inspection process by removing the burden of routine paperwork. Read more about the benefits of inspection apps here.

The Top Benefits of Digital Transformation and Mobile Business Apps

Mobile Business Apps

Our business life is dictated by the latest technologies. Dynamically developing industries require improvement of workflow process efficiency for field staff. Also they are searching for the opportunities to achieve competitive advantage by embracing the new digital tools. Special mobile apps offer the opportunity to revolutionize the operations completely and make business more demanded and attractive. We’ve identified some benefits of digital transformation and optimization of business.

Increase business agility

Most companies have malleable processes and field staff should operate on the go. This is primarily associated with data work. Mobile business apps allow workers to make various manipulations with different data using a smartphone or tablet. Increase of business agility can contribute to its better productivity.

Streamline data entry and improve its accuracy

Mobile business apps and mobile forms reduce errors and omissions during data collection. Instead of unreliable paper forms and hand-writing, mobile forms contain pre-made fields, formulas, and layouts to ensure an efficient and accurate data capture process in a few clicks. Mobile apps contribute to more accurate and timely data.

Centralize and optimize data storage

Ensuring data security, safe storage, and availability is vital for every organization in the current regulatory environment. Outdated or insecure systems can lead to data loss and damage. Mobile business apps allow users to safely store various data right on mobile devices and have constant access. Any report or document can be presented when necessary. No need to contain and maintain file cabinets.

Automate notifications

Leverage push notifications in the workflow to improve operational efficiency and customer service. Mobile business apps allow managers to notify field staff about any changes, emergencies, etc. It’s the most convenient and streamlined way. Avoid extra work, delays, mistakes and more with instant push notifications.

This is just a part of the benefits of mobile business apps. Any business can get even more advantages. Snappii is a top provider of custom mobile solutions for various industries. We offer a set of powerful and multifunctional ready-made apps. Most of them are customizable to any specific needs. Get the full range of benefits right today. Visit the app gallery. Also Snappii is able to create a custom app from scratch according to your personal requirements. Just send them to us and get a free quote.

Resist Coronavirus Pandemic with Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention App

Disinfection Checklist

Disinfection as a part of basic infection-control practices

COVID-19 is the respiratory disease that is spreading from one person to another, and since there is no vaccine yet, the illness is considered to be the latest pandemic today. Coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person through droplet transmission in close contact. However, the virus can survive on surfaces and can also be transmitted as a contact infection by handling materials or surfaces contaminated with the sputum of an infected person. Maintaining good hand hygiene, avoiding face to face contacts and group meetings are the main ways to reduce the risk of infection, but also you shouldn’t forget about the cleaning of premises. People need to make sure that the houses, offices, equipment and facility in general are properly disinfected. Snappii has specifically developed Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app to help control it.

Meet Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app

Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines. The app contains a comprehensive checklist with 38 checks to ensure that all the surfaces have been disinfected. Also the app collects photos, signatures and dates, and submits the inspection report into a convenient PDF file that can be shared with your clients via email or other means available on your device. Store and edit saved inspections anytime.

Watch a short video about Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app. Download and try the app right now (for iOS and Android devices).You can contact us for more information and in case of any questions.

More actions to protect yourself

For more safety, please make sure you follow the everyday preventive actions from Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

– Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

– Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.

Also always remember the symptoms: fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, which can appear anywhere between two days and two weeks after exposure. Stay informed. There’s a lot of information flying around, and knowing what is going on will go a long way toward protecting you. Don’t let the infectious disease outbreak affect your mental health. Keep calm.

What else Snappii can do for you

Snappii is here to provide all possible assistance during this difficult time. We can convert any forms to their digital analogue for you. Various inspection, disinfection, reporting forms and more. Submit the forms and reports remotely. Just send your forms to us to get a free quote.

Let’s hope and believe in the best and take care of yourself and your closer.

4 Tips to Keep the Business Afloat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Tips to Keep the Business Afloat During the COVID-19 PandemicThe COVID-19 crisis has forced most businesses to reach a new critical phase. Certainly, the main aim is the containing and mitigating the disease itself, but the economic impacts are also significant. Many companies already react to the rapidly unfolding events and try to adapt to them. Here are some tips for keeping the practice in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clear plan and rapid decision-making

It is imperative to establish a clear plan of actions, chain of command and rapid response in the current unstable and dynamic environment. Constant evaluation of the situation and assigning a response team or a person to navigate in arising issues faster and more efficiently, and giving them enough leeway to make rapid tactical decisions are a must to consider. Timely and accurate data and decision making will help avoid delays, errors and extra work.

Safety precautions and health maintenance

All managers primarily are concerned about employees’ health and workplace safety. Now this issue is most acute and significantly affects the entire workflow and the business. If possible, transfer employees to remote work. (Read the post with essential tips for remote work). As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, many special practices and protocols of the virus prevention and workplace safety appear. Use them for stable and safe operations. Pay particular attention to verifying compliance with these measures and the reporting.

Financial contingency plan

Revise the financial plan. Consider delaying some payments, temporary suspension of bonuses or other encouraging payments. Consult with creditors and monitor any special solutions of financial support and economic relief packages for businesses and workers affected by the outbreak. For example, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has begun to administer the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)-COVID-19 related assistance program. Also such organization as the United Way has created COVID-19 relief fund which may provide additional funding.

Digital tools’ support

Digital tools such as mobile apps can support a lot of operations and sync the whole team outside the confines of a physical office. Task assigning, management and tracking; generation of work orders, estimates and invoices; data collection, processing, analyzing and reporting; etc. Business apps can help continue some projects, work with various types of data, and also keep the team up to date.

Business apps for continuous and efficient operations

Snappii is the leading provider of multifunctional business apps for such industries as construction, warehousing, field service, transportation and more. Thanks to Snappii apps specialists can fill in pre-made mobile forms with various data, generate and submit reports, communicate, track operations, etc. Empower your workers with a small, smart tool to avoid face to face interactions and group meetings. Snappii team is able to create your own app according to specific needs. For example, we can easily convert your existing forms to the app.

When the urgent part of the crisis has been navigated, companies should consider what they’ve changed and learned. Mobile business apps can continue to provide tangible benefits. This way, now is the best time to move to mobile business solutions. And Snappii is the best assistant in this field. Contact us with any questions.

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