Save an Hour a Day with Snappii

Save an Hour a Day with Snappii


Technology can be scary.

And I know that. While I was in college, I worked at a retail store that sold computers to customers day in and day out. I would often get approached by people saying that I was some sort of computer wiz for knowing so much about computers. The complaint was often that I was born in the age of computers, and all the people that used to live the day to day without them never really got a full grip before the rocket took off and they were left covered in dirt and questions.

To me, it never seemed like a big deal. When I was applying for the job, I didn’t even think I knew so much about computers. But the market proved me wrong. The vast majority of my customers, even ones close to my age, knew little to nothing about what makes a computer function. That also meant they were skeptical about spending money on something they didn’t understand.

So I get it, technology can be scary.

But it can also help you immensely. I couldn’t imagine what writing blogs would be like if I didn’t have a work processor. I also can’t imagine what researching something in a library would be like since I’ve had Google practically my entire life.

In the same way that it helps me with my job, technology can help you with yours. Snappii, a mobile app development company, aims to put the power of technology in everyones hands using a tool most people already use on their daily – their smartphone. If you’ve kept up with my other blogs, you’d know that mobile apps can help, not only on a personal level, but your business as well. Here’s some reasons why:

No more paper

The hardest time to get me to do something is at the end of the day. With all the correspondence I handle in the morning and afternoon, asking me to write a log at the end of the day that details everything I’ve done is tedious, and often times I neglect to do it despite being asked multiple times. Somehow, I have a feeling I’m not the only one like this.

Take, for example, individuals that have to fill out a daily log at the end of the day. Construction workers sure as hell do a lot more work than punching buttons on the other side of the screen. At the end of the day, the last thing on their mind is the fact that they have to fill out a log – the prospect of going straight home to crash on the sofa sounds much more appealing.

Mobile apps can help alleviate this burden by making the process go by much faster. Using a Construction Daily Log app, a user has multiple options for inputing data. Most of the fields in a mobile form can be input with radio buttons that just have to be pressed once so that no typing is necessary. There’s also voice recorders that will allow a user to click a button and just talk. When you’re done, send the form off – it’s that easy.

Have everything in your pocket

Carrying around a bag full of loose papers is asking for trouble. Not only can they easily get ruined, they’re a pain to find in a pinch. A construction site probably isn’t the best place to keep things safe, so walking around with important documents shouldn’t even be an option in most cases.

A mobile app will help by sorting everything out for you. Finding a specific document is as easy as going into the app, pressing the search bar, and typing something that’s relevant to the document whether it be date, name or anything else. This indexed catalog of all your documents is readily available whether it’s from your own mobile device, or the computers in the office.

On top of that, you’ll never lose another document. When things are digital, not even lighting the building on fire would destroy them. It streamlines the whole process, and cuts time that you’ll use later to find it.

Snappii has been hard at work for years to improve their already solid rapid app development system. Every day, we find new ways to improve and take our customers experience to the next level. If you want to try Snappii out yourself, visit our website for more information about how this one tool can save you a whole hour everyday.

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