The Easiest Sign-In Guestbook App

The Easiest Sign-In Guestbook App

Day by day, digital solutions seem to replace paper. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, given the vast amount of benefits digital solutions provide. At the rate that digital solutions are being adopted, we’ll be using iPods as napkins.

Personally, I find it difficult to write on paper after getting used to years and years of writing on a keyboard. Pen’s sometimes feel foreign to me, to the point that it’s surprising to go to doctor’s office and be given a clipboard. Imagine being able to greet your patients (and potential patients) with a tablet designed to capture their information, and send it back to whoever needs it – including themselves. The computer automatically files it away, and no middle-man is needed to enter the information into the waiting list. Putting together a list of guest will also take a few seconds – another perk of having a digital directory.

Snappii, an app creation company, has been around since 2012 creating apps for all sorts of problems. The process usually goes like this: a company runs into a problem and approaches Snappii. Our support team then creates a solution for them using an app. They submit this idea to the developers who return an estimation of the amount of time it will take. Based on that, the support and sales team can provide a quote to the user.

Because Snappii has apps on the market that already resemble the apps we can develop on our platform, users can utilize these apps to get a good idea of how we work. Furthermore, users can customize these apps. They serve as a sort-of barebone kit that a user can build off of. “Template” apps are usually updated to reflect other similar apps in the industry, so you can rely on them to show you the most popular way to complete tasks.

Guestbook Sign-in apps are usually pretty similar. Some may differ in that they require a badge to be printed out in the end, or maybe the form that the guest fills out ask for a specific field that only that company asks for. Either way, the majority is the same. Guest walks in, picks the tablet up, enters information, hands the tablet back and sits down.

Perks of using the Snappii platform

One of the best parts about the Snappii platform is that using our system makes it easy to make changes later on down the line. Let’s say, for example, you finally recieve the app that you’ve paid for. Everything’s fine with it, but there’s a few details that need to be switched around. Because the entire app was built on our platform, small changes can be made with ridiculously fast turn-around times.

This allows a user to optimize their form. In a guest sign-in situation, questions can be added and omitted on the fly, and updates can be made in as little as 48 hours.

Automatic Back-up

One of the greatest benefits of working with digital forms is that information is automatically saved when it is entered in. With traditional paper methods, information has to be entered in twice: once when the client recieves the form to fill out, and once when the employee is filling out the information in the computer. As I mentioned before, the form takes out the middle man, and allows the client to directly communicate with the computer that is hold all of the information.

And this process happens seamlessly. There’s no extra steps that need to be taken – as long as the user has internet connection, everything will be backed up. Even if they don’t have an internet connection, the app will queue itself until it regains connectivity, then continue to function as normal.

Customized Output

Depending on what your current systems use, different format’s may be required when it comes time to look up old guest that have visited. The app can be customized to output in a few different formats, such as Excel and PDF. Don’t be afraid to try both and drop the one you end up not needing!

If you already have a printed-out form that you use for your systems, we can also make the information output onto a desired PDF. This allows you to change your background processes while retaining the part that most people end up seeing.


Snappii has helped business both small and large make thousands of apps over the years. We know what it takes to make a successful piece of software that will benefit you for years. If you would like our developers to build a custom app for you, please contact our sales team at If you would like to try building the editor yourself, please contact






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