Custom Sign-In Guestbook Apps For Less!

Custom Sign-In Guestbook Apps For Less!


In a sort-of recent article by the Chicago Tribune, it stated that American’s much prefer typing rather than talking. A generation that grew up in the age of technology is now finding that speaking to people can sometimes be more difficult then simply writing out a sentence. Sometimes reading cannot express sarcasm or feeling, but it has not stopped newer generations from hiding behind monitors.

Guestbook apps have grown in popularity in recent years as the standard for gathering information from potential clients. When considering that American’s like to type more than speaking, it makes sense. Would you rather tell the store attendant your complicated email, or quickly write it out on an iPad they handed you? Small businesses can use Guestbook apps to capture data from their clients as they are purchasing, allowing them to re-market to those clients without having to worry about the awkward “Can we have your email?” question. For entrepreneurs that are visiting trade-shows where potential business partners run around in abundance, a guestbook app could help to capture some of those clients name tags, and even sometime about them.

Snappii has taken this functionality to the next level. Using our lightning-fast platform, we can create a customized Guestbook app for a fraction of what it would cost to build it natively.

What exactly comes included in a custom guestbook app? Glad you asked.


Building an app from scratch requires that even minute details go through a intensive programming procedure, and one that often has to be repeated multiple times throughout the app. In the programming world, nothing is easy, and all of those nuances are going to rack up the cost, fast.

Slight variations in design can also amount to a lot, especially if it’s a necessary feature that needs to be implemented quickly. Hiring native developers is already expensive, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same team you got last time so that they can pick up where they left off.

Snappii platform makes this obstacle much easier to deal with. Simply send the requirements to the developers, we quote how long it will take (we quote by hour, not days or weeks), and development will start as soon as we receive payment.

Custom Data

Because Snappii maintains such a close relationship with it’s clients once development has started, any small changes to the app that are necessary before production can be implemented without much push-back. The ultimate goal is to make your life easier, and we want the app to reflect that once it’s finally in your hands and in use.

This data, however, is not any good unless it fits with your system. If you have a template or some skeleton that you are used to working with, there’s a good possibility we can export the data captured in the device into the file type you’re looking for. Spreadsheets and PDF’s are easy, but we’ve been known to do some other file types as well.


There’s no doubt that you are looking into creating a Guestbook app because a certain degree of prestige that comes from being able to give your potential partner an iPad with your name, logo, and questions on it. For small businesses, it eliminates the need to awkwardly ask for their information while the dialogue fumbles from a decent sales pitch to a rising regret. By giving them the tablet, you are giving them the power to say no without interrupting the flow of the normal interaction, thus helping you improve the experience for them, while gathering much needed data for you.

Snappii works (almost) day and night to assure that all apps are working properly, and that you have someone to rely on if they aren’t. Any minor changes you want to make to a form, or even if you just want to change the font, are all possible when utilizing the platform. Best of all, Snappii has the best prices in the industry, and is ready to meet your needs. Contact us at, or, for a quote on your very own Sign-In Guestbook App.

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