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Mobile Way of Airlines Development

for blogIt is early days for mobile technology in airlines yet, but every person involved in the industry, whether a passenger or an employee, would agree that promising mobile future for airlines has already started and moreover there is plenty more to come.

According to SITA (one of the world’s leading  providers of IT and telecommunication solutions to the air transport industry), utilization of smart phones by people using global grew from just 28 per cent in 2010 to 70 per cent in 2012. Continue reading “Mobile Way of Airlines Development” »

Mobile Apps Ensure Aircrafts Safety

for blogHave you ever heard a story of the pilot, who, instead of saying “Goodbye” to his passengers as soon as they landed, said: “The safest part of your trip is now over”? That wasn’t a joke, but the truth most of us take for granted, though everything from the plane seats to the cabin air, from a single airplane part to the course and altitude of the flight, come after the careful consideration of its impact on safety and after numerous and detailed aircraft maintenance inspections.

Aircraft maintenance inspection is a very complex, multistage, time-consuming, accurate and important process, designed to maintain an aircraft in the best possible condition. Automating this process through a mobile app offers virtually limitless opportunities and affords efficient, detailed, professional and effective data collection and reporting. Regularly scheduled inspections, reports prepared by mechanics, pilots or crew flying an aircraft, airframe and engine inspections – all that can be performed within a single application.

Continue reading “Mobile Apps Ensure Aircrafts Safety” »

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