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Tips to Use While Performing Workplace Safety Measures

Tips to Use While Performing Workplace Safety MeasuresSafety always comes first

Regardless of industry or field of activity, workplace safety should always be a priority. It’s about keeping employees healthy and workable as well as avoidance of legal risks. Many business owners and safety managers are looking for new and updated ideas and tips to keep daily workplace safety. Here are some of them.

– First-aid training with visual demonstration. Do not limit employees to one theory. Let them see with their own eyes and try basic first-aid activities. Also, remember to check and restock the first-aid kit regularly.

– Keeping tidiness and cleanliness. It is not only a matter of convenience and pleasantness of work but also a part of safety. For example, littering and cluttering a space can restrict access to emergency exits or firefighting equipment. Also, slippery, dirty, or sticky floors can contribute to injuries.

– Special attention to storage and labeling of hazardous materials. This goes for various combustible and volatile materials, chemicals, solvents, products, paints, and more. This is often overlooked. However, even a small leak can cause a serious problem.

– Use of appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). Each hazardous activity must be performed exclusively in equipment designed specifically for it. Moreover, the PPE should be checked regularly for signs of wear or damage and instantly replaced if necessary.

– Use of special safety inspection apps. Such apps simplify and accelerate inspections of firefighting equipment and safety precautions’ compliance. Also, this is a great opportunity to get rid of paperwork in this task.

Add Fire Inspection app to your safety tools

The ready-made Fire Inspection app from Snappii is an excellent tool to perform instant inspections and capture required data using a mobile device. Ensure that the premises have all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. No more time-consuming paperwork and unreliable inspection paper-based forms. Fill in the pre-made mobile form in a few clicks. Also, users can capture handwritten signatures and attach photos. The completed inspection form can be generated to the PDF or Excel report, shared, and stored on the device. Watch this video to learn more about the Fire Inspection app. Download the app in Apple App Store or Google Play.

Never settle for less! If you are not completely satisfied with the Fire Inspection app’s functionality, Snappii is ready to customize it for you. Send us your requirements here and let’s discuss them.

How to Implement Mobile Solutions into the Well-established and Familiar Way of Field Inspections

How to Implement Mobile Solutions into the Well-established and Familiar Way of Field InspectionsWhy innovations can be a headache

The field inspection industry has been rather hesitant in embracing mobile technology and did not have the opportunity to reveal its full potential. The main reasons were the difficulties with transition to a new method of work, the compelled rejection of the usual inspection forms, and poor compliance with the specific needs of a company. Keeping in mind these points, Snappii has created a solution to provide companies dealing with field inspections the opportunity to keep the familiar and time-tested basics of their work and add great advantages of modern mobile solutions.

No more stress and consent for less

Today thanks to Snappii’s powerful and smart Form Converter, anyone can convert the existing PDF forms to their mobile analog – mobile forms to fill in on a mobile device. You no longer need to give up the familiar and useful forms that you have been using for a long time and that suit your work. You just improve them and make them more convenient to use in the field. Mobile inspection forms allow users to collect various data faster, instantly process it, and share it with anyone. It contributes to a more efficient and optimized inspection process. Also, you can generate professional reports based on completed mobile inspection forms. Elimination of paperwork accelerates inspections and increases productivity.

Recently developed Optical Field Recognition system has made Snappii’s Form Converter even more powerful and convenient. Users simply upload a photo of the form or a PDF file or scan it. Artificial Intelligence will do almost all the work for them. Learn the process in more detail here.

If you don’t have extra time and you just want to get a finished product, Snappii’s team will convert any forms for you. Just send us your forms and requirements here.

Fire Inspections Apps for Beginners

There’s apps for everything nowadays. To even think that computers once needed CD’s to get software seems like a foreign concept. We’ve gotten used to having a problem, going into the app store, and within seconds having a solution. So maybe you own a Fire Inspection business, and you’re looking for ways to maximize every hour of everyday. You want solution that’ll allow you to pull up any invoice, even ones from years ago, right in your pocket. The ability to pull up literally any form in your repertoire, right in the palm of your hand. You probably found this article by typing in “Fire Inspection apps”, but a lot of apps are very similar when it comes to any sort of inspections. They usually work the same. A user logs into the app, then clicks into a form. The form is a direct reflection of the normal form used in inspections, so most employees will already know how to navigate through it. You can also save time by using small shortcuts like drop-downs and radio buttons. You complete the form, send it off to the boss (or whoever) and you’re done.

We do the same thing now with pen and paper. It just takes way longer, requires the individual to carry around multiple documents (sometimes folders full) and runs the risk of being damaged. 15 years it ago, it was understandable why it was out of arm’s reach to make software for your business. But Snappii has been working since 2012 to change that notion.

Fire Inspection Apps

One of the features that Snappii offers is the ability to test-drive apps without spending so much as a penny on our platform. By going to the app store (both iTunes and Google Play), and looking up the Snappii catalog, you can download demo apps for virtually all the functions that Snappii can do.

For Fire Inspections, the app features a generic form. This form can be modified to fit your needs, and we can even make it resemble the form your business already uses. Just email a copy of the form, and we can get you a quote in as little as 48 hours.

Getting your app customized also gives you a few other benefits, such as the opportunity to add your own logo and branding. You can also make user types to restrict access to certain parts of the app. There’s even ways to capture where the form was filled out, without informing the person that’s filling it out. No uncertainty about employees missing their shifts, and peace of mind that every employee accurately filled out all the information for each and every log.


Fire Inspections just scratch the surface on what Snappii is capable of. We have apps for all sorts of business’s. If you want more information about what sort of apps we cover, see for yourself in our catalog. Remember all apps are available in both Android and iOS.


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