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Top 3 Reasons to Utilize Mobile Forms and the Best Ways to Go Mobile

Top 3 Reasons to Utilize Mobile Forms and the Best Ways to Go MobileHave you ever thought about how much is paper actually costing you? Industry research firm Gartner, Inc., estimates that as much as 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper, printing, filing, and the costs to store and maintain files of information. Until recently alternatives to paper forms were either unavailable or too expensive. However, now everything has changed dramatically and a company of any size and revenue can turn to a paperless workflow with smart, agile, and powerful digital solutions.

Here are the top 3 reasons to replace paper forms with digital forms.

Time saving and increase in productivity

Paperwork results in a loss of productivity. For companies with employees who work in the field, this means they have to constantly get back to the office for data processing and reporting. Also, paper forms take a long time to complete. These are a waste of time. The pre-made mobile forms require a few minutes to be filled in anywhere and at any time. Mobile apps with mobile forms instantly put data into your office employees’ and managers’ hands. This significantly saves time, increases efficiency and productivity.

Data reliability and elimination of errors

Paper forms are filled in by hand, increasing the chance of human error. They contain illegible handwriting, missed fields, and inaccuracies. Moreover, paper forms are unreliable and can be easily damaged, and lost. Mobile forms with pre-made fields can be filled in in a few clicks which virtually eliminates errors. Completed forms can be safely stored in the app, in the cloud, etc.

Decline of COVID-19 infection risks

We continue to live in the COVID-19 pandemic. The infection is primarily spread from person to person by small droplets, but also by contacting contaminated surfaces. This way, work with paper documents causes significant risk. People constantly transfer paper files that may contain the virus as well as they have to visit offices and contact face to face. Using mobile apps and mobile forms reduces these risks. It helps maintain the safety and health of employees, customers, and keep businesses open.

The best ways to go mobile from Snappii

If you are still drowning in paper, Snappii is your saving chance. We offer the fastest and easiest way to go digital without a huge investment of money. The Snappii Mobile Forms app already contains 100+ pre-made mobile form templates for plenty of activities. All you need is just download the app in Apple App Store or Google Play and start using the forms.

If you have your own forms that you have been using for a long time and you are not ready to abandon them, Snappii offers to convert your existing forms to their mobile analog. You can do it in a snap with Snappii Form Converter and Optical Field Recognition system. Learn more about it here. Also, the Snappii team is ready to do it for you. Just send us your forms and requirements.

It’s time to say goodbye to paper and step into a new era of unique solutions and prosperity.

How to Improve and Streamline Incident Reporting on Construction Sites

How to Improve and Streamline Incident Reporting on Construction SitesConstruction is well-known as a hazardous industry. The good news is that construction accidents are declining. According to OSHA, workplace fatalities have decreased by more than 65%, and occupational injury and illness rates have declined by 67%. However, still, plenty of accidents happen on construction sites and it is important to report about them instantly.

What is an incident report?

An incident report is usually used to capture injuries and accidents, near misses, health and safety issues, property and equipment damage, and more. It is a document that includes the root cause and corrective actions and it should be created at the time an incident occurs. Incident reports should be properly kept and provided when requested. Incident reports help improve the safety of the working environment and legally secure employees and a company.

The new digital format of incident reports

The completion of incident reports can be a real difficulty for workers in the field. The paper-based form of such reports is inconvenient and requires much time to fill in. Today, more and more construction companies turn to mobile solutions to streamline the completion and record-keeping of incident reports.

Nowadays, mobile devices are what everyone has in their pocket. Workers can instantly fill in pre-made mobile forms and generate them to the PDF reports to share with managers and any other specialists without leaving the site. Such an approach contributes to more timely and accurate data. Mobile incident reports can be added by photos and electronic signatures. Also, digital reports are always at hand and provide constant access.

The unique and affordable solutions from Snappii

Snappii has already managed to prove itself worthily in the market of mobile solutions. Besides the ready-made business feature-rich apps, we offer a form conversion solution. Thanks to the Optical Field Recognition system, anyone can convert the existing form or report to its mobile analog. All you need is just upload a photo of the form or a PDF file or scan it. You can find more detailed information about this simple process here. Moreover, the Snappii team can do it for you. Just send us your forms and requirements. This way, construction companies can use their existing incident reports but in a convenient and more efficient digital format.


Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection by Eliminating Paperwork

Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection by Eliminating PaperworkHow paper-based documentation spread the infection

For over half a year we have to live and work in a pandemic of COVID-19. Many safeguards are already in place and continue to be implemented in workflows to keep the businesses open. The infection is primarily spread person to person by small droplets, or by contacting contaminated surfaces. Social distancing, personal hygiene, and personal protective equipment reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Most businesses are forced to work with documents and this causes the risk in several directions at once. People constantly transfer paper files that may contain the virus as well as they have to visit offices and contact face to face. However, it can be easily avoided by switching to the digital format of documents.

The benefits of mobile forms

Snappii offers a breakthrough solution to convert already existing PDF forms and reports to their digital analog to use them on any mobile device. Optical Field Recognition system allows anyone to do this in a few minutes. It is a great way to go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money. This is especially relevant in the current situation of the spread of COVID-19. Businesses can easily and quickly provide additional safety to their employees and get rid of face-to-face interaction as well as using and transferring of paper. The pre-made mobile forms can be filled in and generated to professional reports to submit anytime and anywhere. This is also a perfect opportunity to increase the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Some more things

There are 100+ ready-to-use mobile form templates already available in the Snappii Mobile Forms app. They cover plenty of industries and fields of activity. These mobile forms can be modified to meet any specific needs. Also, the Snappii team can convert and create forms for its users. All that is required is to send us the forms and requirements.

How to Increase Efficiency in the Workplace

How to Increase Efficiency in the WorkplaceIt is obvious, that if the employees of any business are happy, their productivity increases, and this is exactly what helps the business grow. Improving efficiency in the workplace starts from enabling employees to work smarter, not harder, as well as from maintaining and developing of such important factors as work environment, job satisfaction, effective leadership, right tools and equipment and more. The tips below will help find and implement the strategies of boosting employee engagement and increasing the efficiency of the workflow.


Delegation may provide some risk, however it increases responsibility of employees, what is important for improving the morale. This contributes to a sense of achievement and development in their careers. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to identify new talents and strengths of the team.

Flexible work hours and remote work

Flexible work hours may let employees work more efficient. Also it is worth considering the possibility of making some part or the entire team remote, or offering more work from home days. “Buffer, Edgar, Zapier and Groove are among many companies that run on fully remote teams. It’s more than just a trend. According to reports, using remote teams improves workplace productivity by 13 percent,” according to Entrepreneur.

Comfortable workplace conditions

Workplace should be not just safe but also comfortable for employees. Inconvenient environment distracts from concentration, and employees will spend more time trying to improve their conditions. Ensure both heating and air-conditioning systems are in working order, the workplace is clean, all equipment and tools are in good condition and in place, lighting complies with standards, etc.

Automation of tedious activities

There are some monotonous, laborious and time consuming tasks, which may not be related to immediate work activities. For example, paperwork. This tires employees and reduces their interest in progress and in increasing the efficiency of the workflow. Try to automate such operations. There are many technologies, which significantly excelled in this direction. Special mobile apps allow businesses almost completely eliminate paperwork and work with all documentation using mobile devices. This contributes to more fast, optimized and reliable work with various data, as well as provides a positive effect on the efficiency of all operations.

Why you should turn to Snappii

Snappii is an expert in transferring to paperless business. We offer unique solutions of developing custom apps for businesses and converting existing paper documents to their digital analogue. Learn more about DIY form conversion here and try it yourself. Also, Snappii team is ready to do it for you. Send us your forms and requirements here. Need a complete custom app for your business? You can send us your requirements to discuss.

The Key Steps of Form Conversion with Snappii’s Optical Field Recognition System

The Key Steps of Form Conversion with Snappii's Optical Field Recognition SystemPaper is undoubtedly outdated. It is difficult to access, costly, time-consuming, unreliable, etc. Mobile forms have become more and more important in our daily lives and in business. Most of advanced businesses in various industries have already realized that implementing mobile forms into their business processes significantly improves data quality and workflow. Nowadays Snappii allows companies of all sizes to go digital without huge effort and investment.

Optical Field Recognition system or the time to turn to Artificial Intelligence for mobile form creation

Most businesses already have their own forms they want to continue using. However, it takes time to create a mobile form from scratch. With Snappii’s Optical Field Recognition system, there is an opportunity to easily and quickly convert already existing forms to their mobile analogue. Here are the steps:

– Choose do it yourself option. You are able to convert your form from Apple mobile device, as well as from your computer/laptop.

– There are 3 ways to get your mobile form. We will consider the second one.

– Upload your PDF or image file. You can choose the way of creating your mobile form: Automatically (Artificial Intelligence) or Manually. Let’s choose the first one.

– You can edit the resulting form. Watch this video to learn how to work with Snappii Mobile Form Converter.

– You can also edit the PDF report of the form.

– Preview your mobile form and PDF report.

– Install Snappii Mobile Forms app to use your mobile form.

“Today we welcome all users to try our brand new Optical Field Recognition, – Alex Bakman, Snappii CEO says. “A process that used to take 2 to 3 hours to do manually, now with optical field recognition can be done in seconds. This means that any company using forms and creating PDF reports can now go digital instantly without huge investment of time and money! This is the key point that differentiates Snappii from its competition. If you are a regular user of Snappii, here’s a great opportunity to help us make the next release the best ever.”

Snappii team is always able to convert your forms for you. Send us your forms and requirements here. Contact Snappii support team at with any questions.

How to Reduce Paper Consumption in Business

How to Reduce Paper Consumption in BusinessPaper is our life

Paper has many different uses in our daily routines. From tissues and books to package products. The world produces 300 million tons of paper every year. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, printing and writing papers typically found in a school or office environment comprise the largest category of paper product consumption and landfill waste.

It’s time to reduce paper consumption

Paper production requires a lot of natural resources. This is not only wood, but also water, for example. The U.S. uses approximately 68 million trees each year to produce paper and paper products. Besides the impact that paper has on the environment, it also has a significant impact on companies’ financial part. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day. The costs also include printing, copying, archiving, storage, etc.  Also all of these are time-consuming.

Digital solution

Modern mobile solutions empower companies to reduce their paper consumption. First of all, using digital forms and mobile apps is a huge plus for the environment. Also when your office goes paperless you don’t have to worry about losing documents. Digital documentation makes it easy to access your documents from anywhere. It allows you to work remotely. Let’s not forget about the financial benefits of using mobile forms and mobile apps. You are able to reduce costs of document printing, copying, storage and more.

Paperless future with Snappii

Snappii is your reliable assistant on the way to reduction of paper consumption. We will convert all your documentation to mobile solutions. Save environment, time and money with powerful mobile apps and smart mobile forms. We provide convenient and easy form conversion for Do-It-Yourself users. Snappii’s Optical Field Recognition system will automatically convert your existing forms to mobile apps in seconds. Try it here. Also our professional team can do it for you. Send us your forms and requirements here.

Digital Transformation: a New Way of Legal Department Operation

Digital Transformation: a New Way of Legal Department OperationDigitalization changes the dynamic

Nowadays industries are under a digital transformation that reshapes usual business processes. This provides tremendous opportunity for innovation, competitive advantage and business growth. Gartner notes that 87% of senior business leaders identify digitalization as a key priority. However, some businesses still concern about risks associated with digital initiatives. Mostly it concerns legal departments. They accustomed old manner business operations with paperwork to have a paper confirmation of any process. This can represent a critical gap in the whole workflow.

Digital readiness pushes forward legal departments

According to Gartner, legal departments that successfully achieve digital readiness can increase on-time project delivery by 63%. “When legal departments successfully achieve digital readiness, it can better support business agility while maintaining rigorous governance.” Let’s consider in the details how it works.

A step to the digital future: the benefits for businesses

Saying “digital transformation”, we mean mobile solutions. And their main focus is data and communication. Mobile data is more safe and subjected to better control. It contributes to more organized and accurate data work. Modern companies should consider digitalization as a convenient way to legally save their employees and the business itself. One mobile business app can contain all work documentation in a convenient mobile format at the fingertips. Legal departments can replace huge amounts of paper files with just one app and avoid losses, mess, and other issues, which can lead to serious consequences. This way, digital solutions provide significant benefit when it comes to legal-specific data security. Thanks to mobile technology, legal departments are able to work timely with any decisions, regulations and changes in decrees, track regulatory requirements compliance and get any reports for further provision to higher authorities. The reporting requirements continue to advance, so mobile apps are the best solution for acceleration and optimization of this process.

A step to the digital future: a strong assistant

To realize the full potential of digitalization, companies and especially legal departments should start by keeping current on technology and embracing new ways of working. Snappii deals with mobile business solutions about 10 years. We help businesses of various industries streamline and automate tasks and processes, and in turn reduce costs and increase productivity. Our focus is a close interaction and consideration of specific requirements of a separate company. “Thanks to Snappii we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it,” says Steven Koski from Harold Brothers Mechanical.

Thanks to Snappii codeless conversion platform, anyone can generate mobile form app without special skills or big bucks. Our brand new AI powered solution allows users to upload a PDF file or image with form and get a converted mobile form. Also our team can convert and customize any form for you.

Strengthen your legal department practices with powerful mobile solutions, develop stronger business strategies, minimize legally regulation risks and better deliver services. Contact us for free consultation at


Tradesmen: Work Smarter but not Harder with Mobile Apps

Many tradesmen use technology every day to build their business, make it more straightforward and efficient. Nowadays the mobile technology is exactly the thing that is coming to the fore. Professionals can use their phone or tablet to automate routine tasks and save valuable time and energy. Let’s consider this benefit in more details.

No one likes having tons of paperwork. In addition to waste of time, paperwork is an absolutely unreliable process. Paper files can be lost or spoiled, and writing by hand always entails typos and errors. Moreover, tradesmen often work in the field and don’t have access to their PCs or laptops and work with paper in such conditions is impossible.

There is one small but smart solution for all these challenges. Special mobile apps can easily replace all paperwork and make various operations faster. Users can have all documents right in their smartphone in convenient and powerful digital format. Mobile forms eliminate paper, file cabinets and long processing of data. What took several hours now can be done in a few minutes.

Streamline workflow and increase productivity with management apps

Tradesmen can manage all operations on the move. Mobile management apps provide constant communication channel with all employees. It contributes to better and faster decision-making and workflow optimization. Moreover, management apps can be a good tracking tool. Managers can track work hours, the workflow, the progress of each project, and keep clients in the know. It’s a great opportunity to increase the productivity.

Make instant invoices on a spot with invoicing apps

Invoicing is an extremely important process for tradesmen. With special invoicing apps, there is no need to make customers wait for a quote. Tradesmen can instantly create invoices on a smartphone, send them and keep a database of completed invoices. Invoicing apps are the best replacement of paper-based invoices. It’s a great saving of tradesmen and clients’ time. Moreover, such mobile invoicing provides the beneficial effect to the company image.

Inspect anything fast and easy with just your phone and inspection apps

Various inspection apps can be a perfect component of successful business. Regardless the industry, tradesmen should conduct inspections, whether it’s safety inspection or equipment inspection. Inspection apps turn this task into a lightning fast and easy process. Such apps allow users to collect accurate data in the field, process it, generate reports and safely store them. A mobile form can be filled out in a snap and even with just your voice.

Tradesmen: apps and mobile forms to improve your business

Snappii, a mobile business app development company, offers a plenty of powerful apps, configured for tradesmen and provide a huge number of benefits. The main goal is to free users from paper, save time and money. Snappii is able to customize any app specifically for your company and your clients. We are proud to create apps in weeks, not months. Moreover, we offer unique mobile form conversion. Anyone can transform their own paper forms into mobile form app. For example, now any of your invoice or inspection form can be filled out at your smartphone. No special skills required to create such a mobile form. Snappii support team is always ready to help with this process. Make a step to the digital future and increase the revenue with Snappii.

Snappii vs Adobe: Why Snappii Mobile Forms App Wins in the Market

Completing a PDF on a mobile device is helpful for business but impractical for a person. Static PDF means users have to scroll up and down, left to right, zoom in and out to fill it out. It’s time consuming and inconvenient for workflow and for work in the field. That’s why, Snappii has developed a solution to convert any PDF to mobile form. Snappii Form Converter allows users to generate mobile forms and Snappii Mobile Forms App makes it possible to instantly fill them out on a smartphone. You simply fill out the fields and the app will generate and complete your PDF.

Just imagine how much time it can save. What took 2-3 hours each day, now can be done in several minutes. As we know, time is money, so Snappii Form Converter and Forms App also save money and contribute to cut general expenses.

Why Snappii Mobile Forms App

We have made Snappii Mobile Forms app even more powerful by adding some special features. If you don’t have your own PDF forms, Snappii App comes with 100+ ready-to-use form templates for general business, construction, various inspections, transportation and logistics, warehousing, etc. Fill out any form once, and the Forms App remembers your answers, so the next time you can just pick previous answer or autofill the entire form. Save a plenty of time! Hate typing or work in gloves? The forms can be filled out with just your voice. Tap the microphone and just speak. Snappii App converts your speech to text. Some fields are filled in automatically, for example user location.

You can find more unique benefits trying Snappii Form Converter and Snappii Mobile Forms app free. No special skills needed, it is available to anyone. See for yourself that filling out PDFs on mobile device can be fast and convenient. And below you can find a comparison table why Snappii mobile form solutions are better and win in the market.

Snappii vs Adobe

Adobe Snappii
Take unlimited pictures v
Annotate on pictures v
Vertical field layout v
Easy to fill out on smartphone v
Put a signature v v
Calculated fields v
Numeric and text fields v v
Capture audio v
Capture video v
Drop down v
Barcodes and QR codes v
Automatically determine location v
Autofill form with one touch v
Autofill any field with one touch v
Voice to text conversion v
Pre-made form templates v
Previously saved versions v
Information saved to a database v
Consolidated reporting v
Ability to fill forms in a group v


3 Ways to Accelerate Operations and Increase Efficiency with Management Apps

3 Ways to Accelerate Operations and Increase Efficiency with Management AppsOne of the main responsibilities of managers is to ensure the productive and efficient workflow. Today managers no longer need heavy laptops and piles of files to write tasks, various notes, generate reports, timesheets, etc. Thanks to modern mobile solutions, all they need for efficient management is just their smartphone.

Time is money, and for managers this phrase is particularly significant. Mobile management apps provide convenience, as well as great time saving. Here are some ways mobile solutions can help managers take back their time, accelerate operations and increase efficiency.

Optimize communication with management apps

Management apps are the best way to communicate information. Push notifications and various sync features allow employees from different job sites to get necessary information instantly and always be aware of important matters. It saves a lot of time on task assigning. Managers can do it in a few clicks at a smartphone, as well as track them, add comments and changes. Also, it contributes acceleration of decision-making process.

Snappii, a business app development company, has designed a smart and multifunctional Task Manager app specifically for management operations in the field. Managers can create a database of employees, add and assign tasks, track and update tasks’ statuses and generate reports. This universal management app can replace piles of paper forms, constant movement between office and work site and complex and inconvenient PC programs. Task Manager app eliminates many unnecessary operations and allows managers to spend this time with benefit. One unique feature of Snappii apps is their 100% customization. Anyone can contact us with specific requirements and we will modify the app according to them.

Avoid troubleshooting and get accurate data with mobile forms

When work with a lot of various data on a daily basis, an error or a data discrepancy require extra time and efforts. Troubleshooting decrease productivity of the workforce. Mobile forms increase data accuracy and allow managers to optimize their work with data. Filling out data directly into the mobile form avoids errors from difficult-to-read handwriting and different inaccuracies.

Snappii offers more than just mobile forms. Recently we have presented the unique and powerful Form Converter, which provides anyone the opportunity to convert any existing paper form to a complete mobile form. Users can utilize their own PDFs or choose from the gallery of pre-made forms for a plenty of industries. Moreover, Snappii has designed the universal Mobile Forms App to fill out generated form right on a smartphone. It also has the gallery of ready-made form templates for instant usage. Anyone can try Form Converter and Snappii Mobile Forms App for free and no special skills needed. What took 2–3 hours, now can be done in a few minutes. It can bring management to the next level.

Simplify and accelerate reporting process

Reporting is a quite important part of management. It allows tracking the progress of work and make necessary changes in time to get more profit. Managers should compile all the different data that’s been collected manually, enter it into PC or laptop, process it and generate the report. However, modern management apps can drastically simplify and accelerate this process. Some apps, for example Snappii apps, allow users to generate complete reports right at a smartphone and share them. It can be done in a few minutes, using collected data anywhere and at any time. Moreover, these reports can be safely and conveniently stored to have constant access to them.

Contact Snappii with any questions and improve your management system right today.

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