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Top 4 Mobile Aviation Apps

for blogAirlines are one of the biggest investors in technology. With thousands of flights being operated daily under stringent safety norms, keeping up with competition and staying profitable is a challenging task. Millions are spent every year on technology as deriving maximum benefits is critical for streamlined Continue reading “Top 4 Mobile Aviation Apps” »

Be unique on Google Maps


for blogIn its cartographic service Google Maps lets the customers create their own maps. According to the website services information it was the cause of Google Maps Engine function updating and improving.

Google Maps Engine function appeared in February, but only some representatives of companies and organizations could create personal maps. Now the Google Maps Engine is renamed to Google Maps Continue reading “Be unique on Google Maps” »

Sky safety: a chance to land

for blogTel Aviv is a rather dangerous place to fly into, these days. Should Canadian, American and European airlines avoid this place, or should they continue flying there? There is a problem of safety. Commercial aircrafts have a real risk; the cause of it is the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians along the Gaza-Israel.
But what to do? To fly or not to fly? How much is risk? A spokesman for American Airways was quoted as Continue reading “Sky safety: a chance to land” »

Aircraft Inspection Forms – Mobile App Benefits

for blogWhat is the most important component of our life? No one will argue that is about people’s safety. It doesn’t matter what business you are in – you have a responsibility to provide safe and sound solutions for your customers and your employees.  Transportation businesses, such as airlines, are tasked with more challenges than most when it comes to managing compliance to safety requirements. Continue reading “Aircraft Inspection Forms – Mobile App Benefits” »

Mobile Way of Airlines Development

for blogIt is early days for mobile technology in airlines yet, but every person involved in the industry, whether a passenger or an employee, would agree that promising mobile future for airlines has already started and moreover there is plenty more to come.

According to SITA (one of the world’s leading  providers of IT and telecommunication solutions to the air transport industry), utilization of smart phones by people using global grew from just 28 per cent in 2010 to 70 per cent in 2012. Continue reading “Mobile Way of Airlines Development” »

Airlines Keep Going Mobile

for blogAirlines industry is one of the largest investors in technology solutions. Keeping up with huge amounts of flights performed and airlines operations conducted daily is a serious challenge that obliges companies to spend millions on information technology. Still, with rapid development of mobile industry, devices and applications, mobile solutions turned out to be a technology panacea.

The history of airlines utilizing mobile solutions is not really new: with passenger, airport workers and cargo spread over huge airport territories, having up-to-date information has always been essential. Continue reading “Airlines Keep Going Mobile” »

Mobile Apps Ensure Aircrafts Safety

for blogHave you ever heard a story of the pilot, who, instead of saying “Goodbye” to his passengers as soon as they landed, said: “The safest part of your trip is now over”? That wasn’t a joke, but the truth most of us take for granted, though everything from the plane seats to the cabin air, from a single airplane part to the course and altitude of the flight, come after the careful consideration of its impact on safety and after numerous and detailed aircraft maintenance inspections.

Aircraft maintenance inspection is a very complex, multistage, time-consuming, accurate and important process, designed to maintain an aircraft in the best possible condition. Automating this process through a mobile app offers virtually limitless opportunities and affords efficient, detailed, professional and effective data collection and reporting. Regularly scheduled inspections, reports prepared by mechanics, pilots or crew flying an aircraft, airframe and engine inspections – all that can be performed within a single application.

Continue reading “Mobile Apps Ensure Aircrafts Safety” »

How Airplanes Crews Can Benefit From Mobile Applications

for blogIn our previous blog devoted to airlines industry we discussed mobilizing pilot cockpits with applications. Today, we’ll continue investigating the topic.

When talking about mobile mobile business apps for airlines, the first thing that crosses our minds is airlines and airports information, booking tickets and hotels in the area, transportation information, access to travel itineraries, flight delay details and so on. Thus, we imagine some customer-side mobile application all major airlines have today. Such an app is designed to make lives of people traveling by airplanes easier and much more comfortable allowing them to take all the advantages of mobile devices comparing with computers and even ticket offices. So, customers should feel quite satisfied with mobile airlines services. But what about those, who work in the airlines industry and do not really need booking and buying tickets? Let’s view the problem from the side of pilots, flight attendants and other crew members. Continue reading “How Airplanes Crews Can Benefit From Mobile Applications” »

Hanno, Layover Navigator App

I am a professional pilot for a major airline and not a professional programmer. It’s an easy to use Interface. Very nice support. It´s an easy way to develop your own App.
You can build it 24/7 wherever you want.
The customer service is awesome. They try to fix everything within 1 day and they are very friendly at all time.

Airline Cockpits Begin the Ascent toward Fully Mobilized Pilot Operations

for blogIn today’s vastly competitive air travel arena, airlines always seem to be “one-upping” the competition. Offering planes that are larger, faster, more luxurious, less expensive, and every other amenity, or lack thereof, they can imagine. Many, if not most, have also come on board with consumer-side mobile mobile business apps offering airline information, and personalized access to travel itineraries, booking information, flight delay details and more. But what still plagues the airlines, as is true for so many other industries, is the massive amount of internal paper-based operations. Everything from human resources and maintenance, to flight attendant activities and pilot operations is hampered by inordinate amounts of paper. Now American Airlines has announced it is the first in the industry to completely mobilize the cockpit with mobile business apps delivered on the iPad.
Continue reading “Airline Cockpits Begin the Ascent toward Fully Mobilized Pilot Operations” »

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