3 Reasons Why Everyone on the Team Needs an App

3 Reasons Why Everyone on the Team Needs an App

Construction is coordinating an orchestra with heavy machinery and spare hands.  The person that works on the electricity often doesn’t know how the plumbing works, and the same can be said for most elements that go into making any structure. However, you need to keep everyone updated at the same rate.

The problem is that the way we do this, usually by logs and forms, are primitive. Dragging a pen and paper out into a dirt field with rubble everywhere is asking for it to get damaged. Those papers then have to get transported to an office at the end of the day, where the information has to be put into a database that (hopefully) everyone in the crew can access. It’s a cumbersome process, with a lot of room for error on many different parties.

And yes, there’s mobile devices like phones and tablets. But those are almost useless in the workplace without an app. Software is what makes a computer into a tool, but creating that for a phone can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Accumulating a crew of coders and programmers, delivering your requirements and hoping they create something that you can actually use – it all turns into a gamble.

Snappii, a mobile app shop, aims to provide apps to it’s users by utilizing it’s proprietary platform to create apps. This allows Snappii developers to go through the app and quickly adjust it’s parameters, ensuring that the user is always up to the company’s requirements. Minuscule changes can take as little as minutes to adjust, and the most a major one will take is a week. Contact our sales team today or check one of our apps out in the app store.

The biggest reason you want everyone on the team using an app is obvious – communication is key. Having access to instant communication to anyone in the company can instantly clear up a lot of downtime most operations face. Here are some other reasons everyone on the team should have a mobile app:

Automatically save your work

One benefit of having a mobile app is that any reports sent through the app get recorded onto the Snappii website. Backing it up digitally means you can’t lose your work if you ever need it, and it’s much easier to find. You can implement tags so that you can find past reports by date or name.

This also eliminates the need to transfer the data from point A to point B so that it can be entered into a database. Since the information is being inputted digitally the first time, there’s no need to do it again.

Share work with other workers

As long as everyone’s using the same app, it’s extremely easy to show a user your own work. It gives a clean medium where the workers can collaborate and make notations on schematics without running the risk of ruining the original.


Works on All Platforms

With all the different operating systems floating around nowadays, it can be difficult to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We have Apple offering an operating system on both phones and desktops, and now even Windows is trying to join the forray with their proprietary devices and app store.

Because all of Snappii’s apps are generated right on their platform, it’s easy to push the apps as either Android, Apple or even HTML5 formats. And because it works on every system, you can make sure that every employee is looking at the same exact piece of software. This can help in a multitude of ways, including actually teaching your employees to use the software – a learning hurdle that every company has to go through when adopting these apps.


There’s many ways Snappii can help out your business with a mobile app. Even if you’re looking to use it more for marketing rather than actual functionality for your business, having a form can increase your productivity tenfold. To order a custom form through Snappii, click here. If you would like to enter the Snappii lab and try to make a form yourself, click here.

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