How to Convince Your Subcontractors to Use Technology

How to Convince Your Subcontractors to Use Technology

As a general contractor, the benefits of working on digital equipment come naturally to you. Your team has figured it out, and your secretaries can’t thank you enough for the time saved on the paperwork. It’s made your business take leaps ahead of the curve, and you took the opportunity to make sure you got into the market before it was too late.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, even if the general contractor is on-board with technology, there’s a chance that the subcontractor might not. Even worst, they may simply not understand it.

At Snappii, we’ve made it a point to make things as easy as possible. With things like app templates and custom-made features that you can just add to your apps with the click of a button, we believe in keeping things simple. Check out more about our editor here.

So how do you get your subcontractor to take a step back and see the bigger picture that technology provides? I’m not an expert by any means, but if you remember a couple of these things, I’m sure that you can convince anyone to join the dark(?)-side.

Make the transition as easy as possible

A lot of people, our users included, make the mistake of over-complicating things. Some of the proposals we get for apps seem out-right bananas. It’s as if the more features they cram into the app, the more useful it will be. While true, it also going to be exponentially more difficult to control. Keep everything to a minimum, and it’ll keep your contractors from asking too many questions.

Remember, the point of the app is to make things easier – make sure your subcontractor’s understand that. Many times, people are just accustomed to the way they’ve been doing things and they may feel negatively about trying out new things. Just be persistent and try your best to sell the benefits of using an app. If they know and understand it, they’ll want to use it too.

Provide the gear

Believe it or not, some people still don’t have a smartphone. I can’t blame them too much, with the majority of people having their heads constantly craned down and looking at a screen, I’d be a little tentative to sell my soul away to a piece of digital hardware too.

Jokes aside, there’s an easy way around having subcontractors who don’t have iPhones or Samsungs – supply them with tablets. It might be a heavy initial investment, but word of mouth is a heavy motivator. Another subcontracting firm might catch wind of the fancy contractor who uses iPad’s to make sure all of their employees are 100%, all the time. The good part is with a mobile app, it’s possible for very cheap.

Be helpful

Don’t get distracted by your own work when your first introducing your guys to this digital playground. Make sure your around to answer questions. As a User Interface guy, I can tell you right now that even if you make a perfect app, people will still have questions. Better to be ready for them, and if possible provide your employees with a resource for them to brush up on how to use the app if necessary.

In-case of emergency

And again, even with the perfect app, you’re bound to run into problems. Make sure that the app itself has your firm’s contact information in it, that way there’s no excuse for someone not having your number to let you know if something happened. Including resources directly inside of the app may be effective as well. Make it easy to access, and people will use it.

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