Make All Your Paperwork Vanish in 15 Minutes

Make All Your Paperwork Vanish in 15 Minutes

Paperwork is usually the last thing you want to see after a day of the office. Unfortunately, for a lot of businesses, logging a report at the end of the day is almost always a part of the job. Daily Reports usually consist of a form, or some sort of format, of information pertaining to what that person did for the day. Although they are sometimes sent through emails, the majority of them are kept on paper, which are then stashed away in a box where it hopes it never has to be seen again.

In industries like construction and inspection, it’s extremely common to have to complete these daily forms at the end of the day. This paperwork can sometimes take up a huge chunk of time, and scarcely are they ever used. None the less, it’s imperative that they’re kept in case of an emergency.

Modern technology can help to alleviate the burden created by using paper to jot down an individuals daily log. While effective in that it’s accessible, platforms created by companies like Snappii work to put the power of apps in everyone’s hands. Using the Snappii platform, forms can be quickly generated and mapped to resemble a PDF output. This makes it easy to complete the form on a phone, but retains the same output as if it were done by paper. You could call it the best of both worlds.

Changing Your Form into an App

Snappii has been around since 2012 trying to perfect the formula. Our platform has been enabling all types of people, from all sorts of occupations, to make apps that have saved them countless hours and dollars.

It starts with a user uploading, or creating, their own form. It could be a form that is used often in the company, or a user can make a brand-new form using Snappii’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Both methods are effective in creating a form. If you’re uploading, the editor automatically generates fields based on what the fill-able fields on the PDF are. If you are making it from scratch, it will automatically generate a PDF upon completion of the mobile form.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once the mobile form has been created, it’s only one more small step to getting it to run on your phone. Saving the form will populate a dialog that shows you where to download the Snappii preview app. The Preview app allows you to pull up apps created on your account so that you can test them out.

Despite the fact that we’ve made countless apps in the past, even we sometimes make mistakes. The inclusion of the Snappii preview app allows you to test out the mobile form you created. It will give you a perfect simulation of what it is like to use the app, and will help you realize areas that could need working on.

Invite the Whole Company If You Want To

The platform also features an invite dialog that allows you to easily recruit other people to test your app out. All you need is their email address – the rest is handled by our automated system.

No matter if the user is using Android or Apple, Snappii’s platform will work. After years of effort, we also have the ability to run the app on a computer as a web-app, something exclusive to Snappii’s offerings.


Snappii has been making apps for both large and small companies since 2012. Throughout the years, we’ve learned about what it takes to make a successful app that is going to change your business. It isn’t about making the most functional app – it’s about understanding the needs of the job. Snappii’s platform stands out in that it is highly adjustable, and can create apps faster than the time it takes for most companies to map out a quote.

If you have any questions about Snappii platform, feel free to contact support at If you would like a free quote on a possible app, contact



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