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Disinfection as a Means of Keeping Workplace Safe and Healthy

Disinfection as a Means of Keeping Workplace Safe and HealthyThe basis of a safe and healthy workplace

Unfortunately, contrary to expectation, the COVID-19 infection is not declining. To keep staff and customers comfortable and safe, businesses have to follow special guidance included information on sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace.

The virus can persist on hard surfaces from minutes to hours, increasing the opportunity for it to transfer. This way, the issue of disinfection and its inspection must be approached especially carefully. Cleaning teams should perform large-scale cleaning procedures at least once per shift and disinfect high contact areas as often as possible.

Disinfection Checklist app

To make the disinfection process more efficient and organized, Snappii offers the Disinfection Checklist app. The app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines and helps individuals and businesses perform 38 checks to ensure proper disinfection. It also contains a list of products that have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens and can be used during the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The pre-made inspection form can be supplemented with photos, signatures, and dates. Moreover, the completed inspection form can be generated into the PDF report. The app users are able to instantly share the report via email or other means. Here is a short video to show how the app works.

Download the Disinfection Checklist app in Apple App Store or Google Play and instantly use it for your daily activity to keep a safe and healthy work environment. If you already have inspection forms and want to continue using them, the Snappii team can customize the Disinfection Checklist app for you and add your existing forms. Send the forms and requirements here to discuss.

Stay safe and remember that simple measures can help protect you, your closers, and everyone else’s. Please don’t ignore these measures.

Vital Tips of Proper Disinfection and Keeping the COVID-19 Out of Your Life

Vital Tips of Proper Disinfection and Keeping the COVID-19 Out of Your LifeCleaning and disinfecting are critical parts of all services nowadays. The goal is not to completely sterilize the environment, but rather to decrease the transmission of the COVID-19. We know this virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person and touching surfaces contaminated with the virus. The important note is that rather simple and proper disinfection actions can kill it. Here are some cleaning, disinfection and hygiene tips to protect against the Coronavirus.

Personal hygiene

– Regular thoroughly wash your hands

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

– Keep the distance

– Wear a mask in public

Cleaning and disinfection of premises

– Regularity and thoroughness

– Follow cleaning product instructions and take special attention to precautions

– Make a list of common high-touch surfaces and follow it while cleaning and disinfecting

– Mark the time of cleaning and disinfection and observe the time interval

Useful assistant for daily disinfection practices

Snappii offers special mobile app to help you with the disinfection process. Disinfection Checklist app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines and will help individuals and organizations perform 38 checks to ensure proper disinfection. Moreover this app collects photos, signatures and dates, and submits the inspection report into a convenient PDF file that can be shared with anyone via email or other means available on your device. Disinfection Checklist app also contains a list of products that have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens and can be used during the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (only for Apple version). Anyone is able to try the Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app at no cost by downloading it from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play. And here is the video to show you how the app works.

These days disinfection should be an integral part of your daily routine. Snappii tries to support and improve this process. However if you have any suggestions or requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss. Stay safe and prosperous!

Ensure Stable Work of Heavy Equipment with Snappii’s Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Ensure Stable Work of Heavy EquipmentToday we can see the increasing growth in industrialization and urbanization all around the world. This trend is not going to slow down. Heavy equipment is used in a plenty of industries, which are impacted by this growth. From construction to mining and utility services. Ensuring availability of the equipment, safety and proper condition requires a regular cycle of inspection and maintenance.

Heavy equipment inspection is no longer a tedious task

We at Snappii understand that field inspections can be a difficult and inconvenient task, especially when it comes to heavy equipment. One complete inspection report may require a lot of workforce and time. However, thanks to technological advancements there is a solution to optimize and significantly simplify this process.

Add Heavy Equipment Inspection app to your set of tools

Snappii offers Heavy Equipment Inspection app to conduct detailed field inspections, covering each major system and component of heavy equipment. The app provides both mechanical and visual checkpoints. Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance. Notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required. As soon as the inspection form is completed, it gets saved locally on device and there is a PDF and an Excel file generated. The report can be instantly sent by the email or any other service.

Instead of manually filling in hundreds of paper sheets and spending hours, you will need just a smartphone or mobile tablet. Utilizing Heavy Equipment Inspection app, you will forget paper forms and reports forever. Moreover, Heavy Equipment Inspection app allows users to ensure safety of heavy equipment as well as the employees. Accurate, timely and fast data contributes to immediate response and helps avoid accidents.

Some more opportunities

Heavy Equipment Inspection app has the ability to be configured in order to meet your specific needs. Snappii team is able to go beyond the generalized template. We will add your own forms and make necessary changes. Contact us here to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

Learn how Heavy Equipment Inspection app works from this short video. Try the app right now: iOS version, Android version.

The Top Benefits of Digital Transformation and Mobile Business Apps

Mobile Business Apps

Our business life is dictated by the latest technologies. Dynamically developing industries require improvement of workflow process efficiency for field staff. Also they are searching for the opportunities to achieve competitive advantage by embracing the new digital tools. Special mobile apps offer the opportunity to revolutionize the operations completely and make business more demanded and attractive. We’ve identified some benefits of digital transformation and optimization of business.

Increase business agility

Most companies have malleable processes and field staff should operate on the go. This is primarily associated with data work. Mobile business apps allow workers to make various manipulations with different data using a smartphone or tablet. Increase of business agility can contribute to its better productivity.

Streamline data entry and improve its accuracy

Mobile business apps and mobile forms reduce errors and omissions during data collection. Instead of unreliable paper forms and hand-writing, mobile forms contain pre-made fields, formulas, and layouts to ensure an efficient and accurate data capture process in a few clicks. Mobile apps contribute to more accurate and timely data.

Centralize and optimize data storage

Ensuring data security, safe storage, and availability is vital for every organization in the current regulatory environment. Outdated or insecure systems can lead to data loss and damage. Mobile business apps allow users to safely store various data right on mobile devices and have constant access. Any report or document can be presented when necessary. No need to contain and maintain file cabinets.

Automate notifications

Leverage push notifications in the workflow to improve operational efficiency and customer service. Mobile business apps allow managers to notify field staff about any changes, emergencies, etc. It’s the most convenient and streamlined way. Avoid extra work, delays, mistakes and more with instant push notifications.

This is just a part of the benefits of mobile business apps. Any business can get even more advantages. Snappii is a top provider of custom mobile solutions for various industries. We offer a set of powerful and multifunctional ready-made apps. Most of them are customizable to any specific needs. Get the full range of benefits right today. Visit the app gallery. Also Snappii is able to create a custom app from scratch according to your personal requirements. Just send them to us and get a free quote.

Advance Your Welding Inspections

Welding inspection includes examine the connections and various characteristics of welds and bonds between metals as well as a checking of all base and consumable materials and equipment. Moreover, inspectors need to be sure that all welding activities are conducted in accordance with all safety regulation. All of these is a huge amount of data. In addition to working in the field, welding inspectors spend time in an office setting compiling regular reports.

Paperless inspections are already here

For a long time paperwork was an integral part of welding inspections. Each detail had to be recorded manually and then entered into a PC. It’s obvious that such process is time-consuming, unreliable and requires extra efforts. Welding companies and departments have started actively resort to a help of mobile technologies to avoid loss of productivity, quality of work and revenue. This way, a unique solution has appeared.

The process of a few clicks

Special mobile form apps allow businesses to eliminate paper-based forms and documents. Nowadays any inspection data can be easily and quickly entered in pre-made fields of mobile forms. Just a few clicks can completely replace paperwork. Of course, it is not the only benefit of mobile form apps.

Timeliness and accuracy

Accuracy of current data influences the whole workflow. This is a guarantee of right decisions and successful business development. Mobile form apps can help avoid inaccuracies and mistakes, which are not a rarity in manual filling of paper forms.

Reliability and security

As we mentioned previously, all welding activities should be conducted in accordance with local, state and federal regulation, in addition to complying with all company safety rules. Any company must be ready for visits of higher authorities. It’s extremely important to store all documentation in a proper order, be sure in its accuracy and also be able to instantly provide any data. Mobile form apps allow businesses to avoid file cabinets with their problematic management and maintenance. All data can be safely stored right at mobile devices or in the cloud. It provides 24/7 availability in case of any inspections.

Meet your best pocket assistant

Snappii, a leading business apps provider, offers powerful ready-made apps for more than 30 industries. What about welding activities, we provide the app with all primary features for quick and qualified inspections in this field. Welding Environment Inspection app includes checklists for WHMIS standards, oxy/fuel systems, electrical and abrasive equipment, hand tools and more. Get detailed information at anytime and anywhere, store data locally, synch collected data across multiple devices, work online and offline, communicate with other specialists in community forum, generate professional reports and send them. Download the app and try even more features yourself. This inspection app can help increase efficiency of the workflow, improve data accuracy, avoid incidents, cut extra costs and time. All Snappii apps are 100% customizable to meet any specific needs. For example, your personal inspection forms can be instantly converted to Welding Environment Inspection app. All you need is just contact us here and send your requirements.

Small Businesses Need This to Stay Afloat!

Small businesses often face the problem of thinking too small. They fall into the trap of using the most available method of solving problems – a learned behavior most likely from when the business was starting, and the going was rough. As a result, many businesses, even in our modern world, end up sticking to the same methods for years, sometimes decades, before they wise up to the fact that there’s always an easier way.

I’ll give you an example – we recently made an app for a small Surf shop based in California. They had been around since the 90’s, and the pen/paper was just too easy to let up. At the same time, it caused them massive headaches. Missing pages, illegible text on other ones and an innumerable amount that seem to simply vanish altogether. Not to mention the filing cabinets that were quickly turning the quaint backroom office into a law-firm of paper.

Snappii specializes with businesses just like this. By intergrating what the business already uses to create an entirely new, and far superior, form, businesses can spend less time on the formalities and more time getting to know your customer base – something that will ultimately pay dividends in the future.

How does Snappii work to provide apps at such quick speeds for such low rates? The proof is in the pudding:

One-on-One with Developers

There’s a reason why we believe in small businesses – because Snappii’s a small business too! While we do have offices all over the world, we believe that smaller, more intimate settings are where real creativity happens. We’re strong believers that the size of our teams is a big proponent of our success, and we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses realize the same dream.

Because we’re on the smaller side, it’s much easier to communicate changes when needed. Support can talk directly to the customer, and then turn around to flip the language into dev talk for the developers. This means that you constantly have access to changes you want to make to your app, allowing you to refine it until it’s the perfect little machine you need for your business.

Lightning Fast Platform

Changes can be made to apps with relative ease. Because of the architecture of Snappii’s apps, developers can utilize a platform (which they themselves built) to put together apps faster than any native developer can ever hope to achieve.

From start to finish, we make sure that the finished product is exactly what you were intending to receive when purchasing an app. We found that some app shops, especially ones that build natively, would often miss the mark when creating apps. However, once everything is paid for, app shops tend to put their older projects on the back-burner to keep their sites set on newer projects.

Snappii is the opposite. Even after the app is delivered and in your device, Snappii is still there to help you with any questions, training, and of course, improvements.

Full Support, All the Time

While we aren’t 24/7, we’re pretty close. Our support team is constantly checking their emails to make sure that there are no customers in dire emergencies. We know that once you automate, you don’t go back. When apps malfunction, as all things sometimes do, we want to assure you that the problem is going to be solved quickly, and efficiently.

If you want to look up some more information about Snappii and what it can bring to your business, check out our website at

For inquiries, send your requirements to for a free quote!

The Easiest Sign-In Guestbook App

Day by day, digital solutions seem to replace paper. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, given the vast amount of benefits digital solutions provide. At the rate that digital solutions are being adopted, we’ll be using iPods as napkins.

Personally, I find it difficult to write on paper after getting used to years and years of writing on a keyboard. Pen’s sometimes feel foreign to me, to the point that it’s surprising to go to doctor’s office and be given a clipboard. Imagine being able to greet your patients (and potential patients) with a tablet designed to capture their information, and send it back to whoever needs it – including themselves. The computer automatically files it away, and no middle-man is needed to enter the information into the waiting list. Putting together a list of guest will also take a few seconds – another perk of having a digital directory.

Snappii, an app creation company, has been around since 2012 creating apps for all sorts of problems. The process usually goes like this: a company runs into a problem and approaches Snappii. Our support team then creates a solution for them using an app. They submit this idea to the developers who return an estimation of the amount of time it will take. Based on that, the support and sales team can provide a quote to the user.

Because Snappii has apps on the market that already resemble the apps we can develop on our platform, users can utilize these apps to get a good idea of how we work. Furthermore, users can customize these apps. They serve as a sort-of barebone kit that a user can build off of. “Template” apps are usually updated to reflect other similar apps in the industry, so you can rely on them to show you the most popular way to complete tasks.

Guestbook Sign-in apps are usually pretty similar. Some may differ in that they require a badge to be printed out in the end, or maybe the form that the guest fills out ask for a specific field that only that company asks for. Either way, the majority is the same. Guest walks in, picks the tablet up, enters information, hands the tablet back and sits down.

Perks of using the Snappii platform

One of the best parts about the Snappii platform is that using our system makes it easy to make changes later on down the line. Let’s say, for example, you finally recieve the app that you’ve paid for. Everything’s fine with it, but there’s a few details that need to be switched around. Because the entire app was built on our platform, small changes can be made with ridiculously fast turn-around times.

This allows a user to optimize their form. In a guest sign-in situation, questions can be added and omitted on the fly, and updates can be made in as little as 48 hours.

Automatic Back-up

One of the greatest benefits of working with digital forms is that information is automatically saved when it is entered in. With traditional paper methods, information has to be entered in twice: once when the client recieves the form to fill out, and once when the employee is filling out the information in the computer. As I mentioned before, the form takes out the middle man, and allows the client to directly communicate with the computer that is hold all of the information.

And this process happens seamlessly. There’s no extra steps that need to be taken – as long as the user has internet connection, everything will be backed up. Even if they don’t have an internet connection, the app will queue itself until it regains connectivity, then continue to function as normal.

Customized Output

Depending on what your current systems use, different format’s may be required when it comes time to look up old guest that have visited. The app can be customized to output in a few different formats, such as Excel and PDF. Don’t be afraid to try both and drop the one you end up not needing!

If you already have a printed-out form that you use for your systems, we can also make the information output onto a desired PDF. This allows you to change your background processes while retaining the part that most people end up seeing.


Snappii has helped business both small and large make thousands of apps over the years. We know what it takes to make a successful piece of software that will benefit you for years. If you would like our developers to build a custom app for you, please contact our sales team at If you would like to try building the editor yourself, please contact






Fastest Way to Build an App Without Coding


Creating apps from scratch is expensive. With the cost of hiring software developers at an all time high, building a custom app for your company may not even seem worth it. If you don’t have a team of onboard tech-geeks to create it, outsourcing the work can be even more costly, and you may ultimately end up with something you were not expecting. In the world of mobile apps, that could be a very expensive mistake.

Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, solves this problem by developing an online DIY mobile app editor. Using the editor, a user can simply click the features they would like to see in their app, and the program will create, submit and deploy it to either the Google Play store or the iTunes market. If it seems too good to be true, try it out for yourself!

Aside from the trouble associated with developing a mobile app from scratch, there are also some other benefits to using the editor.

Apps are difficult to change

When a developer creates an app from scratch, all the code is that person’s (or teams) original recipe. In the future, if the company ever needs to update the app, they are going to rely on that developer’s code making sense to the future developers. This can easily turn into a mess, with different developers arguing the best way to implement certain features. The more people touch it, the more complicated it gets.

Using an online editor eliminates this problem by making YOU the artist, developer and manager. Because the mobile app is created in an online editor environment, it’s only a matter of loading the app into the program and disabling features you don’t need. The same can be said about adding features – especially new ones that Snappii comes up with in the future.

Time is money

The other reason to use an online mobile app developer is the amount of time needed to fully deploy an app. Hiring a team of developers to code the “dream app” is going to cost well above a 5-digit number. What’s worst, every time there needs to be an update to the app (whether it’s big or small), it’s going to cost weeks of development time and money.  There’s also the stress involved with dealing with a team, and trying to incorporate all of their ideas into one cohesive structure.

Mobile app editors, like Snappii, can deploy an app in as little as minutes without the help of a tech-guru. Say there’s a new feature that you saw in a competitor’s mobile app that you would like to add to your own. Normally, the process would involve hiring a team to figure out how the process works, and then how to implement this feature into the mobile app. But with Snappii, it’s just a matter of a few clicks. Even after molding the app in the editor, it’s a short jump to the deployment screen where Snappii walks you through the app store process, eventually deploying your app in the public domain.

The next evolution in development is building by configuring

While there are many resources to learn how to code on various websites across the internet, learning a new skill takes time, and even a master needs the help of a team to put together a viable product. That’s why Snappii’s intuitive editor is based on building blocks rather than the blueprints. By utilizing drag-and-drop techniques, the user simply has to see what they want, click it, and they’re on their way to completing a mobile app. Later, the user can configure the settings of each individual feature to their own specifications.

Creating an app through an online mobile platform adds a list of advantages to the traditional method of building apps. Hiring a team of developers is a costly endeavor, and can sometimes result in a product you didn’t want, or that does not meet your requirements. It also leaves room for error due to misinterpretation or lack of resources that force developers to cut corners. The costs associated with creating an app can be crippling for some businesses, and if they don’t end up with what they want it could be an expensive waste.

With Snappii’s online editor, you’re the boss. No one knows what they want their app to look like better then you. By putting the power of the design, functionality and deployment in your hands, you can create your own mobile app toolbox that fits directly with what your business needs. Try Snappii out today for a free trial, and see why creating your mobile app is so easy, it’s fun.

Got forms? Turn them into Mobile Apps


I used to work at a law-firm where paper was king. I was a copy room “technician”, a fresh out of high-school grunt hired to make copies for entitled lawyers. Every Wednesday, I would have to haul 110 boxes of paper (each containing 5,000 sheets each) up to the 60th floor of a building in the dead center of humid Downtown Miami. It wasn’t the best job. I did, however, gain a newfound respect for businesses that operate with paper, sometimes having to make copies of binders that were literally thousands of pages long. At one point, I had grown calluses on the tip of my fingers where I was likely to get a paper cut from having sliced myself one too many times.

What does that have to do with turning forms into mobile apps? The truth is, most of the documents that I was making copies of day-in and day-out were just that – forms. Pieces of paper intended to retain information just long enough to be viewed by the person that needed to see it, then it was filed away in an endless library somewhere between the 58th and 59th floor.

The good news is that those pieces of paper can easily be converted into a mobile form. Mobile forms can be accessed from any smart device too, so if the user is more comfortable viewing their information on a tablet, it’s a seemless transition. Mobile forms make all the difference when it comes to efficiency, and with Snappii’s online app builder, you can recreate any paper form into a mobile app. As of two days ago, you can even upload a PDF and edit it right on our industry-leading Form Editor. Try out Snappii’s app building platform today and see how easy it is to transform paper into digital.

Why am I so crazy about paper? There’s a lot of reasons.

Saving Paper

Mobile forms save paper by cutting the need to write things down. Say you work construction, for example, and you’re doing an inspection on the scaffolding that is going to be used for a project. Carrying around a clipboard to check off your work can be bulky. A smartphone would not only give you a cleaner interface, but it can be maneuvered with one hand. Mobile forms also give you the flexibility to use the phones features. Like putting a “capture photo” field, which inputs a picture to your mobile form.

Even in the office, mobile forms can help alleviate some headaches. If you’re constantly looking around to piles of paper littering your workspace, there’s more than likely a way to consolidate that information into a mobile form. Don’t just keep buying filing cabinets that are going to hold documents for ages before they’re actually useful. Replace the mess with a smart device – any tablet or phone will do – and free up some space in your head.

Another reason to cut out the paper may be so obvious you never thought of it. Paper is perishable. If your work is contingent on receiving papers at the end of the day in one piece, a mobile form can literally save your job. Think of it as eliminating the barriers of communication between you and your employees. They fill out the form on their own smart device, and it gets sent right to your email as soon as they have an internet connection. It works the same way if your employees need to communicate with each other with regards to a job.


Have Everything In Your Smart Device

Field workers tend to have their hands in many baskets. If you inspect one thing, there’s a good chance that you inspect other things as well. What if you could have all of your inspection forms in your pocket, without ever having to worry if you had the right one? Digitizing your forms, which can take as little as a few minutes, can help improve efficiency tenfold. At the same time, everything gets archived so that if the inspector ever has to look up a past inspection, or send a copy to their boss, it’s as easy as typing in the title and date on their smart device.

I say smart device for a reason. With Snappii, at least, the platform is not limited to one or the other market. We’ve constructed it in such a way that if the form is made on the mobile app editor, it will be available on both Android and Apple without any extra steps. This goes for both tablets and smartphones. All you need is some sort of internet connection and your login information.


With Snappii’s online editor, we put you in charge. Recreating your forms into a mobile form has never been easier with our industry leading form-editor. As of two days ago, you can now instantly convert your PDF’s into a mobile app as well. We enable you to design and deploy your mobile app with absolutely no coding knowledge, and at a fraction of the cost it would take if you bought a mobile app outright. Try Snappii’s free trial today.

If building a mobile form seems like it would be difficult, we can also make you a custom app with our platform for a lot less than you think. Click here to find out more.

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