Snappii :: What Benefits Can Be Achieved With Ski Resort App Made By Snappii?

What Benefits Can Be Achieved With Ski Resort App Made By Snappii?

What Benefits Can Be Achieved With Ski Resort App Made By Snappii?

In summer most people have holidays, some prefer to spend them lying in the sun in hot countries, other on the contrary travel to mountains to have an active rest there. If you are in tourist business you know for sure how many competitors are ready to take your potential prospects from you. Let your business be searchable for clients. If they don”t find you they will find your competitor. Users visit  Appstore and Google Play approximately as often as they search something in Google. They don’t always have access to PC’s or laptops. However if they own a Smartphone it’s always with them, why not make it easy for them to find you.

The most useful way to make your business known for a lot of people around is to create a iPhone/iPad and Android app which will be downloaded frequently and tell your potential clients a good way more than they can figure out without having it. With the help of your app users can get the following:

– provide directions to your facility – provide map of the mountain
– direct dial to first aid hut in the event of an emergency
– know times and types of ski lessons offered
– call – email – access to website
– buy your yearly pass – or individual tickets
– customers can provide feedback helping you to improve your business
– winter carnival – kids ski for free – half price day
– local restaurants – bars – lodging
– will keep customers always updated with the latest news using Push notification
– take pictures and share them immediately with friends
– get discounts by scanning QR code coupons
– and many other cool features

You can easily get such an app by filling out the Request Form on Our Site. The ski community is huge – give them a reason to come to your mountain instead of the mountain next door. Once they download your app – and you keep them informed of what is happening you’ll gain mountain loyalty!

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