The Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Safety Compliance

The Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Safety Compliance

As companies move towards increased efficiency and cost savings, mobile apps are becoming an invaluable tool for meeting safety compliance requirements. Mobile apps can be used to quickly and easily perform equipment safety inspections, two important practices for staying compliant in the event of an audit or onsite accident. By using mobile forms instead of paper forms, companies can benefit from the availability and accuracy that mobile technology provides.

The first major benefit of using mobile apps for safety compliance is their availability. With mobile forms, companies can fill out safety inspection information anywhere in minutes. This is especially beneficial to those who work in industrial or remote locations that make it difficult to transport paper documents from site to site efficiently and safely. Plus, with the right app, users can even submit their data remotely while they are still on location which saves them time from having to find a secure place to send paperwork.

Another great advantage of using mobile apps is their accuracy level when it comes to filling out the necessary documents related to safety compliance. By eliminating the need for manual data entry transfers between paper forms and electronic databases, companies can reduce the possibility for errors due to handwriting mistakes or misplacement of critical information during transferral processes. Plus, when you get audited your records will already be stored electronically in a folder that you can easily access.

Mobile forms capture all required information as well as:

Mobile forms capture:

– Signatures

– Date/Time stamps

– Photos/Videos

– Geo location

– Voice to text

Using mobile forms and apps instead of paper forms has many benefits when it comes to improving safety compliance standards within any company environment — from increased availability and accuracy levels to reduced costs due to less paperwork associated with audits or accidents onsite. To ensure that your business meets its safety requirements without any hassle, look into utilizing digital solutions like modern-day mobile apps today! Snappii has been helping companies to ditch paperwork while staying compliant.

I just wanted to express how pleasant it has been working with the Snappii team on the development and roll out of our companies safety app. Our employees are responding to the use of technology and your app platform and we are achieving 70% documentation compliance. Previous to the app we achieved 20% compliance. Thank you for all your assistance in this development and roll out period. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to update their health and safety documentation program.

~Linn White, Field Safety Manager, Raulli and Sons Ironworks.

Let Snappii be your digital assistant and help you move from paperwork to mobile forms and apps fast and affordable. Contact us today.


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