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Business Managers Are Deploying Enterprise Apps in Days With SnAPPii® ReadyApps™

Snappii® ReadyApps™ pre-built mobile business apps make it possible to publish 100% customizable, cross-platform, enterprise-grade mobile business apps in days, not months. 

 Dover, NH November 07, 2013

The Snappii Mobile Platform is closing the gap between organizations’ mobile app strategies and resource reality. By starting with a Snappii ReadyApp ready-made-app, business managers can now quickly deliver multiple mobile mobile business apps in succession with far fewer resources.

Snappii ReadyApps are pre-built, cloud based, mobile applications that include enterprise-grade features to kick-start delivery of industry specific mobile mobile business apps. Business managers and developers can browse and download full versions of Snappii ReadyApps for free. Unlike app store mobile business apps or SDK templates, Snappii ReadyApps are 100% customizable. Users can add their own logos, and easily extend the online forms and mobile data collection features using a simple drag-and-drop web-based interface. With Snappii’s build once, deploy anywhere technology, business managers can publish their app to iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet users with a single click of a button.

Snappii ReadyApps can evolve to meet your changing business needs and requirements by making necessary changes and publishing updates instantly. With the Snappii Mobile Platform, ReadyApps can be integrated with your existing back-end systems using robust data connectors and APIs. New enterprise-grade features can be added and updated on your timetable, not some on-size-fits-all development release schedule. The platform also offers scalable, high-performance cloud-hosting services for your mobile mobile business apps including user management, security and encryption, notification database services and online/offline capabilities.

“The end result of deploying mobile mobile business apps is an enhanced customer experience, increased revenues and/or significant reduction in operating costs through productivity gains,” said John P. Murgo, CEO of Snappii. “Once a marketer or business manager gets a chance to use the platform, they are astounded at how easy it is to improve the efficiency, connectivity, and productivity of their organization. They become hooked on Snappii.”

You can browse and download ready-made enterprise mobile business apps at business apps.

Snappii ReadyApps are available for industries including field service, transportation and logistics, public safety, oil and gas, healthcare and many others and have been leveraged to quickly deploy thousands of industry mobile mobile business apps.

The Snappii Mobile Platform is an open, cloud-based mobile app creation framework that enables programmers and non-programmers alike to design, create, integrate, publish, manage and evolve enterprise-grade mobile business mobile business apps in days versus months. Using the Snappii flexible Visual Drag and Drop Editor, users can create mobile mobile business apps for all major device platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5, for smartphones and tablets.

As an end-to-end mobility solution, the Snappii Mobile Platform includes Mobile Forms, ReadyApps, Snappii Visualization Cloud™, Snappii App Creation Cloud™, Snappii Integration and Services Cloud™, and the Snappii Management Cloud™.

About Snappii®

Snappii is the first cloud-based Enterprise Mobile Platform (MEAP) that enables the rapid development and implementation of enterprise-grade mobile mobile business apps in days, not months. The Snappii Mobile Platform differs from the traditional app development approach which produces hard-to-change mobile business apps that requires extensive programming resources and takes 6 to 8 months to implement a typical enterprise-grade app. Snappii comes with a growing list of configurable, ReadyApps that can be customized, extended and deployed almost immediately. Apps deployed on the Snappii Mobile Platform are robust, scalable, and securely and easily integrate into back-end systems. Business managers can now be assured of delivering on their mobile app strategy quickly and with far fewer resources. The end result is enhanced customer experience, increase revenues and/or significant reduction in operating costs. The Snappii Platform, while sophisticated in its capabilities, can be used by programmers and non-programmers alike so that managers can fully leverage existing resources.

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