Snappii :: Company’s with Field Service Personnel Will Benefit Greatly from the Snappii 2.0 Release

Company’s with Field Service Personnel Will Benefit Greatly from the Snappii 2.0 Release

Company’s with Field Service Personnel Will Benefit Greatly from the Snappii 2.0 Release

for blogSnappii’s new enhancements in version 2.0 became available last week. With Snappii 2.0, your field staff will have a completely mobile office at their fingertips.  These up-to-date features allow your Snappii mobile business apps to access a variety of data types  and output valuable data, like those needed for service calls, so other personnel can begin processing the data to meet the customer need with industry setting speeds. These enhancements make Snappii 2.0 a leader in the mobile development enterprise and will make your business more productive, deliver more cost-effective services, and ensure you always deliver world-class customer services.. New features are available for use by both Snappii’s DIY(Do It Yourself) users and Snappii’s Full Service customers. Moreover using data sources doesn”t require special programming knowledge.  Apps in Snappii 2.0 can be created by any employee. and will make your field representatives fully equipped to complete every sales opportunity and solve any customer concern.

The rhythm of modern life is so rapid that businesses and individuals are always looking for the latest way to fulfill their tasks more quickly so that even more can be accomplished productively. Mobile devices have become a truly indispensable tool in today’s business world. New Snappii technologies in version 2.0 will assist field workers who traditionally have to do a lot of paper work and are mobile. Field employees will be able to eliminate paperwork, improve service response time, while companies will be able to maintain better control of inventory and significantly improve order processing and delivery times. Snappii enhancements provide a great number of crazy app entry features including:

– Create forms collecting diverse types of data including text, date, time, locations, images, numeric, calculators, digital signatures and drawings
– Save data inside the iPhone or iPad app (will businesses want to data is kept on user device?
– Save data only on of value to the device user to the Local database, unless it is of value for every Global app user
– Submit forms to any email address or a server side location
– Fill out the form when no Internet connection is available and submit automatically when WiFi is available.
– Post to Twitter and Facebook accounts on demand.
– Use the SMS button to send messages to any corporate SMS Gateways.

Every new feature in Snappii 2.0 will enable any field worker to complete large volumes of customer work without problems and instantly. If you have staff working in the field, you will be excited to implement a powerful app with the functionalityof Snappii 2.0.  Your business can save additional expenditures by implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) best practices by significantly reducing the need to purchase and maintain duplicate field service equipment. It will save time for your team and significantly reduce your time and money spent per transaction. Try the Snappii WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor out today and build your own app without needing to hire any programmers. The Snappii app development solution is 10 times less expensive than hiring developers and your app is completed in hours rather than days and weeks. High quality mobile business apps don”t have to be expensiveness. Choose Snappii for your mobil app development and we’ll help you create an app that will make you stand out from the competition and raise the morale and productivity of your entire staff.

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