Construction Equipment Inspection Mobile App

Construction Equipment Inspection Mobile App

app icon,Construction Equipment InspectionConstruction Equipment Inspectors! Wouldn’t it be cool to have all your paper forms on mobile devices?
Finally there is a mobile app to collect lots of valuable data without having to drag your laptop and camera. Instantly enable data collecting with any mobile device. Switch to mobile forms.

Construction Equipment Inspection app will allow its users to:

– sync collected data across multiple devices
– easily and quickly inspect construction and shop equipment
– generate custom PDF and Excel reports
– keep all captured data on your own device
– instantly add and edit data anytime from anywhere
– work in offline and online modes
– share data
– eliminate paper

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built form solution, you can upload your own PDF form and 100% customize it to meet your specific business needs.
Moreover, you can:

– upload any PDF form or document from local storage or cloud drives
– add your own fields to existing forms including datetime, text, numeric, location, signature, picture, radio, checkbox
– fill in your PDF forms
– print forms
– share forms via email and messages
– upload forms to cloud drives
– save and view generated reports on your device

Download Construction Equipment Inspection app for iOS here and for Android here. Take a look at the Infographic below to learn more.


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