Small Businesses Need This to Stay Afloat!

Small Businesses Need This to Stay Afloat!

Small businesses often face the problem of thinking too small. They fall into the trap of using the most available method of solving problems – a learned behavior most likely from when the business was starting, and the going was rough. As a result, many businesses, even in our modern world, end up sticking to the same methods for years, sometimes decades, before they wise up to the fact that there’s always an easier way.

I’ll give you an example – we recently made an app for a small Surf shop based in California. They had been around since the 90’s, and the pen/paper was just too easy to let up. At the same time, it caused them massive headaches. Missing pages, illegible text on other ones and an innumerable amount that seem to simply vanish altogether. Not to mention the filing cabinets that were quickly turning the quaint backroom office into a law-firm of paper.

Snappii specializes with businesses just like this. By intergrating what the business already uses to create an entirely new, and far superior, form, businesses can spend less time on the formalities and more time getting to know your customer base – something that will ultimately pay dividends in the future.

How does Snappii work to provide apps at such quick speeds for such low rates? The proof is in the pudding:

One-on-One with Developers

There’s a reason why we believe in small businesses – because Snappii’s a small business too! While we do have offices all over the world, we believe that smaller, more intimate settings are where real creativity happens. We’re strong believers that the size of our teams is a big proponent of our success, and we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses realize the same dream.

Because we’re on the smaller side, it’s much easier to communicate changes when needed. Support can talk directly to the customer, and then turn around to flip the language into dev talk for the developers. This means that you constantly have access to changes you want to make to your app, allowing you to refine it until it’s the perfect little machine you need for your business.

Lightning Fast Platform

Changes can be made to apps with relative ease. Because of the architecture of Snappii’s apps, developers can utilize a platform (which they themselves built) to put together apps faster than any native developer can ever hope to achieve.

From start to finish, we make sure that the finished product is exactly what you were intending to receive when purchasing an app. We found that some app shops, especially ones that build natively, would often miss the mark when creating apps. However, once everything is paid for, app shops tend to put their older projects on the back-burner to keep their sites set on newer projects.

Snappii is the opposite. Even after the app is delivered and in your device, Snappii is still there to help you with any questions, training, and of course, improvements.

Full Support, All the Time

While we aren’t 24/7, we’re pretty close. Our support team is constantly checking their emails to make sure that there are no customers in dire emergencies. We know that once you automate, you don’t go back. When apps malfunction, as all things sometimes do, we want to assure you that the problem is going to be solved quickly, and efficiently.

If you want to look up some more information about Snappii and what it can bring to your business, check out our website at

For inquiries, send your requirements to for a free quote!

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