Hate paper? So does Snappii.

Hate paper? So does Snappii.

Coming from a business that revolved around paper, and before that being surrounded by papers for college, I welcomed Snappii’s resolution to eliminate business’s paper needs across the country. Every day, they continue to impress me with how much they can reduce paper, which has implications from saving your business money, to living a greener life.

While some businesses have wised up to the paper trail, there’s still some that think there are too many barriers in the way of being paperless. But with technology in the rapid app development field continuing to advance, these business’s may have to reevaluate mobile forms and apps. Forms have numerous benefits, including easier data entry for your employees on the field, quicker results and even in-depth analytics for all the information submitted. And that’s before they’ll start saving you on the cost of paper.

How much does paper cost?

Paper is probably the easiest way to cut cost that companies overlook. It’s also an expense that will continue to grow as your company grows. The sooner you get rid of it and digitize all of your documents, the more you’ll save.

Let me give you an example.

  • The average U.S worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper a year. That’s about 20 reams or about $160 per employee.
  • Using paper to send information can cost up to 31 times what it originally costs due to things like printing, copying, postage, storage, etc…
  • Cabinets are inefficient and hard to index.

There’s a good chance papers costing you more than you think. The best part about mobile forms is that it doesn’t reduce those cost, it eliminates them.

How to clean up the paper

Most paper floating around businesses are usually copies of the same paper. What I mean is, most of the paperwork your business probably has to file is a form. That’s because, most of the time at least, businesses revolve around recording information. Whether you’re a pool-cleaning business, or you work on the field, the only time the pen meets paper is when something is being recorded to view later. We can take the middle man out of this process by making our forms into mobile forms.

Are mobile forms expensive? Smartphone apps are usually expensive, and take a lot of time to produce. Hiring a coder or programmer to make things from scratch could cost a small fortune, even more so if you ever have to update a form.

That’s why Snappii developed a platform specifically for creating mobile forms. Using our Express form editor, a user can recreate any form and turn it into a mobile app in a fraction of the time it would take to make things from scratch. Snappii simplified the process into just a few steps.

  1. Re-create your form on our drag-and-drop form editor
  2. Set where you would like finished mobile forms to go
  3. Download Snappii’s preview app and login with your credentials
  4. Fill the form as you would normally and click send!

If you use a PDF, you can also upload a PDF directly into our form editor.

If creating your own mobile form still sounds like a difficult task, Snappii is offering to convert your first form absolutely free. Snappii has also worked with countless businesses and has put together a catalog of templates that you can try out at no cost. The templates can also be customized to fit your business needs. Try our editor out today!

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